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Tennessee Titan put the back of the injured Aaron - Wallace (Aaron Wallace) on the list of injuries on Wednesday. Accordingly, the outside hand Zach Pascale (Zach Pascal) was promoted from the training line to the 53 people's list. Wallace fought the first two games and finished a grappling. He was the seven round 2016 show, 10 games in the last season, 14 grappling and 1 escapement. Pascale failed to enter the red skin list this summer and then signed into the Titan training squad.Philadelphia in the early this month will run the team, Murray De Wei (DeMarco Murray) traded to the Tennessee Titans, the end of this period is not too good marriage. The day before the Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) revealed to the media, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the possibility of the deal before the Cowboys had considered the star running back to Dallas. Garrett said in an interview: "as for NFL, any possibility is to be taken into consideration. Our management has thought about many players in the league. It is always right to sign more players. Sometimes we tend to be more inclined to recruit players who have worked together because we are familiar with these players. So, we will never reject players have signed out if there is a chance." Murray was chosen by cowboys in 2011. He spent the first four seasons of his career in Dallas. In 2015, he became a free agent and decided to join the Philadelphia hawks in the same area. He signed a contract of 5 years and 40 million dollars. But the 2014 season's best offensive player has been in a great decline in the 2015 season. He has never been able to adapt to the hawk's attack system. His total season data has also been reduced from 2014 yards to 1845 yards in the 2014 season. This situation also makes both sides unwilling to proceed, it also once gave the opportunity to cowboy obscenity. Mr added: "Murray is a very good player, he will be reborn in Tennessee. Mike - Muraki (Mike Mularkey, Titan boss) is an outstanding coach, and his attack system will be well suited to Murray's style. I think the deal is a win-win for Murray and Titan. "Hugh earlier this season, the Panthers tight end Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) have expressed hope that the new contract will, but the Panthers looks just want him to add material in the existing contract. According to , the Panther added an extra $2 million incentive bonus to the Olsen contract. Olsen is expected to get a $6 million 500 thousand salary this season, and another 250 thousand bonus. Olsen, the rest of the season, said, "business is a reflection of output." The incentive bonus is also closely related to output, but it shouldn't be a problem for Olsen. He averaged 80.5 times a year in the past three years and got 1061 yards. if Olsen gets all the incentive bonuses, he will be able to pay $8 million 750 thousand this season, and it is close to the Union's close - end wage.interrupted his at the New York giants 210 consecutive starts later this week, Eli Manning (Eli Manning) back to the starting position. ??????????????-??????John Mara??????????????????????|3????????????????????????????????????? Marla agreed with the idea and did not reject the blame for himself. team during a game last week lost to the Oakland Raiders, Smith started 34 games in 21, 212 yards, scored 1 touchdowns. At the same time, the two time he dropped the ball over the ball, and was sacked three times. Smith's performance was not much different from Manning this season after a broken attack front, without enough support and support from the outside. in the re start with Manning, the team won't attempt to evaluate the young quarterback. The giant might try to get Smith or Webb to play in Manning's struggle or after the game is in the garbage.

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