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In the 2013 draft, the Oakland Raiders took the lower corner guard D.J. Hayden (D.J. Hayden) with twelfth. Hayden this season by foot injuries from the offseason has been sidelined for 5 consecutive months. On Wednesday, Hayden finally returned to the training ground. According to the insider, as long as Hayden is able to pass the physical fitness test, he will have the opportunity to be included in the list of the games this week. last season Hayden played 350 games, but struggled. The Raiders hope that he can reverse his decline after his comeback and make a match. At present, the number of Raiders' loss of loss code is eleventh in the league, but only 2 copies have been completed since the season. The team believes Hayden's return can further strengthen the defensive strength of the second line. raid on Hayden's favorite obvious to people, in the 2013 draft, the Raiders use the original No. 3 overall trading down, only No. 12 overall and a two round pick a swap with Hayden to succeed. The Raiders hop cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e Hayden can find his way as soon as possible, becoming the team's key guard in the remaining 11 games of the season.The official website of NFL | Coughlin hesitate to miss the challenge score | Rugby kick-off La fast In the week night match Indiana Colts away New York Giants game, Colts quarterback Andrew Clark (Andrew Luck) conducted a lightning attack, the giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) ready to challenge the kick-off and get a touchdown. had just finished Iraq and proximal winger Kobe (Coby Fleener) - frini pass, there is considerable controversy on the ball, throw the ball are hesitant to challenge the red flag Coughlin completed. But lark is very smart to see that the giants coaching team is considering whether to challenge. He quickly lined up offensive team players and quickly kicked the ball to Frisoni again, and Frisoni just ran out of a long distance route (Corner Route) to complete the touchdown. The first time the ball back to see frency, referees on the field is the ball penalty. But because the coaching group still hesitate to defense giants waiting for the coach to throw red stockings from the red flag out she was ready to throw on the ground, did not expect the action a little slow, the Colts that opened the ball. After , Coughlin should think about putting the red flag in his pocket instead of turning his waist out of his socks.The official website of NFL | dolphins fired defensive coordinator general | Rugby became a Miami dolphin temporary coach a few days later, and Campbell readjusted the Dan Campbell, which seemed to end the adjustment of dolphin coaching team. obviously, he hasn't finished yet. Four days after Campbell's appointment, the dolphins announced the dismissal of the difficult defensive coordinator, Kevin Colyer (Kevin Coyle). The decision was made by Campbell, who was allowed to change the coaching team after being a temporary manager on Monday. Defender cornerback Lou Anak Rumohr (Lou Anarumo) will take over the position of Colyer. Colyer has been a defensive coordinator for the dolphin since 2012, before he had been the ten - year defender coach in the Cincinnati tigers. In the team game defeat to New York jets, dolphins defensive group in the total number of defense ranked third in terms of reciprocal alliance. Colyer's defensive team was unable to meet the expectations of the people. Many of 's expectations are placed on Damm Suh Ndamukong. The contradiction between him and Colyer has reached the point where Sue did not wear sneakers to participate in training to protest. Sue and other dolphins defensive players held a closed door meeting at the weekend to discuss general dissatisfaction with the defense system. Campbell wanted to change the situation in which the United States was still notified by the new England patriots, so he made a change through his own power.The official website of NFL | jet will talk about the former coach in Bill: This is very interesting | football After 's nightmare season, the New York jets and the coach Rex Lane (Rex Ryan) split their ways. Ryan then chose to join the same zone rival Buffalo Bill as the team's new coach. Despite the bad performance of the jets this season, there are still many players who have chosen to publicly support the boss. The defensive end front Sheldon Richardson (Sheldon Richardson) is one of them. Richardson was still in support of Ryan after twelfth weeks' 3-38 defeat to Bill. but as Ryan joined Bill, Richardson's attitude has changed accordingly: it's interesting. Can we play with him 2 times a season? I can't wait. Richardson has always been a bad player, and he said he was very sorry for his dismissal. A few days later, he said he was very excited about the arrival of the new manager, Todd - Bless (Todd Bowles). we believe that the jet and Bill will have a good defense with the new coach coming up. Richardson's progress in recent years is obvious to all. As he said, the jet will play 2 times with Ryan in the new season. Both sides hope to defeat their opponents and prove themselves.

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