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Bowling | seventh Beijing sports conference bowling tournament ended seventh Beijing sports conference bowling competition was held in the East environmental protection age ball hall in Beijing in October 11, 2015. This event is hosted by the Beijing Sports Federation and the Beijing Bowling Association. There are 47 teams. The game uses "three Beck" game, the first day, each team in one lane on the 4 game, scores of the top sixteen teams in the finals of the tournament, the first against sixteenth; second against fifteenth, and so on. Against the two teams in the cross - track race, the 2 game ended with the winner and the winner went through. The 1/4 finals, semifinals and finals are all used in this system. was a very warm match. At the end of the match, 3 teams had a total of 706 points and were ranked fifteenth. According to the rules of the game, the 3 teams are going to have a "penalty kick"! The order of two teams: pitching one pitch to hit, all the team wins, such as a whole or not it, then continue to pitch until a winner. but when the enroller found a team has early exit, only abstained. The remainder of the two teams' penalty kick 'is a decision. The "penalty kick" match is the YXSH team and the new metropolitan bowling club two teams. The 1 and 2 players of both teams didn't play the whole cheap nfl jerseys free shipping game. Then the 3 player of the YXSH team came on the road, up the road, stepped, swinging arms and pitching, a beautiful arc ball. All in it! Most of the new bowling club team two No. 3 player is a veteran, a bowling contest for master. The people present are all absorbed and stare at the fairway... Bowling a standard curve, snap! 9 ball bottles fall down... The 16 teams, such as , have been identified as the teams who have entered the 1/8 final. passes the 1/8 final, the 1/4 final, the semifinals, and the final, and the final result is ---- Title: Yi square garden two team runner up: the new metropolitan bowling club two team third: Yi square garden team, Beijing diplomatic service bureau of two team 5 to 8: most of the new bowling club team four, most of the new bowling club six team, 50 teams, two teams after the Nan Xin Yuan 9 to 16: Dongcheng 3D Bowling Club, a team of Beijing the Imperial Palace Museum, Dongcheng 3D bowling club three, China Civil Aviation Bureau, National Weather Bureau, Beijing diplomatic service bureau, long distance and YXSH team. this game makes the bowling enthusiasts learn the skills and enhance the friendship! Everyone will meet next year's next competition. The official website of NFL | Panthers coach adopted | football tactical advice from the mother Ron Rivera, the coach of the carrona panther, was unbelievable at a press conference. was asked when his coach's tactical strategy came from a conference. He said he was from his mother. He called his mother the harshest critic. now the Black Panther is 12 to 0, believing that Rivera's mother must be proud to hang 12, 0 minus marks on her fridge, but she still sees the shortage of the team. Rivera said, "now my mother thinks it's not a matter of continuing to win, but how to make the team go further. I see a lot of video after the mother said, we carried out regional defense too much, should use more tactical surprise quarterback. Rivera is likely to have the opportunity to win the best coach's honor second times this season. related news: Stephen Currie: the warrior will lose first than the black leopardHandball | State Sports Minister Liu Peng met with South Korean Olympic Committee President | hand Association in Beijing Cleveland June 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Kang Shaohan) the evening of June 12th, the State Sports General Administration, China IOC President Liu Peng in Beijing energy-saving Pavilion met and hosted the visit of the Korea Sports Association, the Korean Olympic Committee President Li Yanze, the two sides had a friendly exchange of common concern. Liu Peng first welcomed President Li Yanze's visit. Liu Peng said, first of all, congratulations on chairman Li's re election as the president of the Korean sports association. He also expressed his thanks to the South Korean government for giving help and support to the Chinese people in the earthquake disaster. Liu Peng said that although China has suffered earthquake disasters, the preparations for the Beijing Olympic Games have not been affected. We have confidence in running a feature high level Olympic Games. We also wish Korean athletes to achieve excellent results in Beijing Olympic Games, and wish Inchon Asian Games 2014 a complete success. Li Yanze thanked director Liu Peng for his warm hospitality. He said that the sports exchanges between Korea and China had a long history. Especially after the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing, the Sino Korean sports relations had been further expanded and expanded, and this expansion and development is not limited to sports. Li Yanze said that after the earthquake in Sichuan, President Lee Myung-bak made a special trip to Dujiangyan to consolate the people in the disaster area. Though Sichuan has been hit by a great earthquake, we can see that the Chinese people are more united than before. I believe that the 2008 Olympic Games will be a successful Olympic Games, and I believe that the Chinese delegation will win the gold medal first. Liu Peng said that President Lee Myung-bak went to the disaster area to visit the affected people, all China people are very touched. During his visit to China, President Lee Myung-bak also signed a joint statement with Chinese leaders on Sino ROK cooperation. I believe that the sports meetings between the two countries will cooperate well within the framework of the joint declaration. As for the chairman Li mentioned Chinese gold medal first, Liu Peng said with a smile, we never win the gold medal, the first second of the plan, because we are the host, our most important responsibility is to make the Olympic Games from all countries and regions of the friends feel satisfied. Only to do this, the Beijing Olympic Games will be successful. The whole talks have been carried out in a relaxed and active atmosphere. The South Korean Ministry of culture and Tourism Minister Shen Zaimin and other South Korean guests present at the meeting. (finished)2015-16 new Barcelona goalkeeper jersey will soon be released, but 2015-16 days before the main Barcelona Jersey has been officially released by Nike. The 2015-16 Barcelona home court in the team jersey for the first time in history the bar design, which is yellow and orange shirt printed with red stripes behind.

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