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cam - Newton (Cam Newton) will eventually need to undergo surgery. , the Carolina Panther quarterback, will receive surgical treatment for some of the torn right shoulder gyrator in March 30th. He was injured in the fourteenth week of the game in San Diego against lightning. Newton is expected to be able to recover and take part in training at the start of the training camp. although the Panther had not been in the playoffs at the time, Newton did not miss any of the games after the injury, Panther chief trainer Ryan Vermillion (Ryan Vermillion) said that the current plan is for Newton to start passing the training in 16 weeks after the surgery, this time should be in mid July. before the Panthers coach Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) said that Newton does not require surgery and for him in the offseason's physical condition gives positive evaluation. But eventually Newton accepted the operation. Newton and F Miley Don said in the recovery of the offseason is less than expected, which led him to have surgery. Newton has been suffering from a shoulder injury in the second half of last season, wh cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ich limits his time for training. Last season Newton was sacked 36 times, ranked ninth in the league. In addition, he had only 90 shots, a new low in his career. He was impacted by his opponent, and shoulder injury at the end of the season obviously affected his poor pass precision. This is why Rivera was injured throughout the offseason are talking about him to see the offensive group changed to avoid being hit too many times Newton. To this end, the Panther will reduce Newton's tactics. The protection of Newton in passing attack also let Matt Jiefeng Panther left Lille card (Matt Kalil) a big contract. Before had any changes on the field, Newton had to get well first.The official website of NFL | [] count those who retire early NFL | rugby player at NFL, early retirement seems to have become a trend in the alliance. Patrick - Willis (Patrick Willis), Jack Rock (Jake Locker), Jason Wolierzi (Jason Worilds) in the offseason started soon announced his retirement, surprising. Now, the 24 year old 49 team line guard Chris Poland Borland also chose to retire. , of course, Poland will not be the first and not the last one. Let's take a look at the players who have retired early. Barry Saunders (Barry Sanders) Saunders's career is 10 years, not too short or too long. In spite of this, he is considered one of the greatest running guards of all time. During the 10 years, Saunders had played for the Detroit lions and had never missed any professional bowl. When he retired, he was only 30 years old, and the total running data was only 1457 yards less than the first Walter Payton (Walter Payton) in the history of the time. In 2004, Saunders was elected to the hall of fame. Jack Rock (Jake Locker) Rock had a bleak career and no season was available, but his early retirement was even more shocking. When Rock was still at the University of Washington, people gave him a high expectation that he should be the top player in the 2011 draft. In fact, the Tennessee Titan team selected Rock at eighth. Now, he retired because he felt that he had no pursuit of victory, just to play. Jimmy Brown (Jim Brown) some people think Brown is the greatest professional player of all time. He has all entered the professional bowl in his 9 year career, of which the 8 year season is the first in the league. When he retired, 12312 yards and 126 touchdowns all broke the record NFL. Robert Smith (Robert Smith) Smith played 8 years from 1993 to 2000 in the Minnesota Vikings. He went to the two career bowl and left the top of his career.The club's new stripe design traditional red and yellow jersey home court has a dynamic and its inspiration from the history of the club legend Metin Oktay · (Metin Oktay) once wore jersey. These graphics created a combination of speed and dynamic scenes, represents the "lion (one of the Galatasaray Club proud symbol of honor)". The shirt also has a red V collar and a yellow cuff.The official website of NFL | chief careful running back and linebacker Charles Houston | Rugby the two best player of the Kansas City chief was recovering from the knee cruciate ligament injury and the team treated two people carefully. chief coach Andy Reid (Andy Reid) said outside linebacker Justin Houston (Justin Houston) and Jamal Charles (running back Jamaal Charles) restore good progress, but Houston is certainly not at the start of training camp ready to participate in the training, as Charles would slowly increase the amount of training in training camp. didn't receive the knee anterior cruciate ligament surgery until February. Houston looked good and felt good, but maybe it would take him a few months to really play the game. , when you are around him, you will be optimistic that he will return in a short time, but actually it will take a little longer. Houston said when he talked about it. There's nothing wrong with that. We have other people who will fill it up and fill him up before he comes back. The important thing is that he can return and restore health and you won't be anxious to make him return to some stupid things. Charles participated in some personal training in the mini training camp, but Reid said the team told him to relax and not to overtrain. Charles should be able to play in the first week, and Houston may need more time to recover. But for the two, the chief's plan is to come out until they are completely restored.

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