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Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Ma Lynch) exhibit the classic animal model once again against the packers in the opener, the 20 red ball 110 yards and 2 touchdowns. Lynch's teammates, Michael Bennet (Michael Bennett), saw the wonderful performance of the runner on the sidelines. Bennet felt the packers defensive players do not want to go grab the Seahawks star running back. "obviously at both ends we are more willing to physical team," Bennet told reporters at the Seahawks after winning. "I see some players who should be the highest level of the league do not want to catch Sean - Lynch." He said later. "Of course, some people will say something about this, but I see some players who failed to finish the tackle that he could only get him 2 yards. They should be the best players. We have to prove that we are the best defensive teams. " has no doubt that Lynch is in full fire. In his second rushing touchdowns, when on the road to the touchdown zone will not be lowered h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is head and he looked disappointed when someone broke down. ESPN reported that Lynch had 94 yards in 110 yards to break through the capture, the highest number since the start of the last season. The animal model wants physical contact. In Bennet's view, the packers don't want it.The Seattle Seahawks the next few weeks may lose their safety Earl - Thomas (Earl Thomas). is reported that Thomas is now suffering from a first-degree leg tendon injury. The United States Monday Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) told reporters: "we will see what happens next, such injury is generally 10-14 days of recovery time, we can only wait for it all." Since came to the Seahawks after Thomas had not missed a game, he has completed 106 games for the Seahawks, but Carol believes his safety is not good in physical conditions required to play. Carol said, "he is smart. If he can play, he will play. We only need to confirm with him. We can only get the final answer this weekend. the Seahawks did need a healthy Thomas to help them in the playoffs, Thomas is important for the Seahawks is a huge defensive line. ? Bullock - Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler)'s first season in Houston's Dezhou was not the way it was imagined. Although is currently in Dezhou 3 wins and 2 losses, but Oswald vhailor individual failed to achieve the expected performance, it is reported that in the week a team meeting, and coach Bill - Obrien Wheeler (Bill O'Brien) between the strained relations. , a reporter, said: Oswald objected to the decision of the coach's partial tactical password when he watched the video of the fifth week competition at the team meeting. (Obrien took over the site's offensive tactics arrangement several weeks ago). There was a loud dispute between the two people. , now for the $72 million contract if vhailor is still too early to discuss, but we did find some problems on the offensive tactics in the game in Dezhou.The official website of NFL | Pierre Paul and the giants signed a one-year contract | football Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) returned to the New York giant. less than a year after the amputation of the right index finger and other fingers was caused by a pyrotechnic accident, Pierre Paul returned to a place he never wanted to leave. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported on Tuesday that Pierre Paul would stay with a giant in a one-year contract. According to reports at , Pierre Paul rejected the other team high price. JPP???????????Wy?????Y????????????????? He may not want to accept a contract with a low salary at the beginning for only 8 games in full health and only 1 escapement. He did not want to leave New York, and it had become another home for him. Pierre and Paul were the first round of the giants in 2010. Pierre Paul was 27 years old, although he will never be able to copy in 2011 16.5 sacks, he showed himself is one of the league's top defensive player to punch the ball and defensive end position of the real appearance of the choice of all three. will be fun for Pierre and Paul next year. In the year of the 2014 contract, he got 53 escapement for 12.5 times. He did not sign a giant's privileged label contract before the accident, and in the end he had to get only a shrinking contract because of the accident. now, he's going to face a key season again. In addition to a few exceptions, the giant General Manager Jerry Rees (Jerry Reese) does not usually offer a high price for second contracts for the players selected by the team. this decision can make defensive coordinator Steve (Steve Spagnuolo) Genuoluo spa in the next few weeks of the free agent market in a little easier. The giant needs to make up for the bad defensive frontline of the last season. J Pagano Lo's creativity has made the team brilliant in several games, but he may prefer to have more good players in the next season.

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