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Our new network football equipment Bolivia 2015 Americas cup jerseys for the South American national team brought the classic design. Bolivia will be wearing a new 2015 main stadium shirt in the summer against Mexico, Ecuador and the host of the host Chile.NFL official website, rob Gelon Khodorkovsky no serious back injuries in rugby nest of the new England patriots tight end rob Gelon Khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski) the United States Sunday against New York jets games because of back injury after the end not to return to court. G Ron koves Ki left the field in the first half of the game. It was reported that he had a back problem. He never came back to the court. But according to the news, the back injury is not very serious. It will not affect the next match. it seems that such injurie cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s for the Patriots fans are not what a good thing, because the basic Gelongkefusi season with injury, he does not need to add a new injury. fortunately, the game on the team quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) stable performance to help the team win. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its England patriots in the middle of the way will lose a player, and the league is punished for a defensive cut-off. defensive tackle Alan Blanche (Alan Branch) was told that due to violation of regulations he faces four union doping ban. He will appeal. Blanche, 31 years old and Chris Long, defend the frontline of the team as a veteran. The front line ranks seventeenth in the aspect of ball defense. In the long after the next closest defensive striker is defensive end Jabbar - 27 year old kald (Jabaal Sheard), in front of the other three defensive tackles, only the second grade players Barkam Tim Brown (Malcom Brown) before the season has played experience. patriots have to act immediately, or rely on young players to fill the gap at the end of the regular season. They can only rely on young players if they are 8 - 2 and top of the United States League. But in the rest of the season they have to face with Todd (Todd Gurley) - Karli Losangeles rams and the Miami dolphins face rushed the ball ninth in the league in seventeenth weeks. The Patriots should hope that the appeal can get the result as soon as possible.The official website of NFL | lion star wide receiver Calvin Johnson retired from football | Calvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) might be able to play the heat, but he decided to leave the game. The Detroit lion announced on Tuesday that Johnson had submitted his retirement application after 9 years of career. More than a month ago, made a statement by Johnson saying he was considering his future in NFL. Then set off a field about whether it should be retired or whether the lion will be forced to because of his $24 million salary cap and cut his argument Megatron in Detroit. Johnson has been suffering from a series of injuries during the last five seasons, from his ankle to his fingers. Johnson decided to retire more at the age of 30 due to injuries rather than money or winning records. whatever the reason, Johnson's retirement is familiar to many Detroit people. In 1999, hall of fame Barry Sanders (Barry Sanders) is still one of the league's top runner, and may break the record of the history of the ball, then suddenly announced the retirement. Now the 30 year old Johnson retired male fans opened a scar. Johnson is retired in the history of the lion took over number one outside, completed a total of 731 catches for 11619 yards and 83 touchdowns made. In 2012, he set the record of the NFL season's number of hits at 1964 yards. He had made a single game more than 2 receiving yards (329 yards). In just nine seasons, though he had been at the early stage of his career and had some bad quarterback and suffered from injuries later, Johnson still had six consecutive seasons. He played 86.1 yards on the field, the highest in NFL history.

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