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July 8th news when the training camp begins at the end of seven, the competition in some places will become more and more hot. this year one of the most interesting offseason Hugh position competition will be the Denver Broncos quarterback, incumbent starter Trevor Simeon (Trevor Siemian) and will show Paxton Lynch last year in the first round (Paxton Lynch). The competition may continue into the late training camp and the pre - season. But if de Marius Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) is the host, the competition will soon be the result. In an interview with Thomas on Friday, said he hoped the quarterback competition would be able to "get out of the old gold mountain in about a week and a half after the start of the training camp". wild horse will be trained with the 49 people in San Francisco before their second pre - season August 19th match. Thomas's schedule for the two place in the off-season training show flash quarterback means higher expectations. The two people have been praised by Thomas, who especially praised Lynch's progress in training. Thomas also said that the wild horse took over, the quarterback, the near end and the running guard were going to hold a private pass training camp in about a week. Thomas hopes the training will help the two quarterback. Thomas's hope f cheap nfl jerseys free shipping or the quarterback's position will not force the coaching team to make a decision before the two people are clearly divided up and down. But you can understand why Thomas might want to work out as soon as possible who will pass the ball to him in the new season.Author: Elliot Harrison No.1 chief (2-0) = 1 following the opener "shock" wins after the outstanding performance chiefs of the Patriots, continues, although Sunday and hawks fight to the last minute winner, but the chief rushed pass them in the second half of the amazing true: Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) harassed him struggling. Safetys are some confused at first, considering the main general Eric - Berri (Eric Berry) Achilles tendon tear season, this is not surprising. But... At the same time because Wentz desperately trying to escape from the hands of second pass at a hungry tiger at its prey, weak doesn't constitute a big problem. Although it is too early to say, but Justin Houston (Justin Houston) has been a bit of the best defensive player of the year. On the other hand, Terrence Michel (Terrance Mitchell) not to the offensive pass interference foul also very strange, I have a feeling in the attack...... Alshon Jeffery (Alshon) almost gave him a lock throat. No.2 Raiders (2-0) = 2 Oakland's old man Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) returned as a surprise player, but on Sunday he behaved mediocre and even gave him a sense that he could not win the Raiders. Lynch ball 12 times for 45 yards, but he had a touchdown, also performed a dance field. Then you can also Meicici sitting on the sidelines watching Jielun - Richard (Jalen Richard) responsible for the red ball. Oakland in the final 45-20 jets. The raid defender was thought to have dragged the team back, but the performance of the two weeks was quite stable. Look at what they can do when faced with red Kirk - Cousins (Kirk Cousins). No.3 Patriots (1-1) Sunday's win in New Orleans, the most positive signal is rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) - Gelon state return, the first week of the Kansas City Chiefs but his toss me -- rather, Eric Berri's defense let him breathe. I hope the next week suffered a groin injury Gelon can be activated. No.4 Falcon (2-0) = 1 falcons finished the wonderful performance! Even taking into account the packers later in the game the last radiance of the setting sun. I heartily agree with Chris - Collins Voss (Cris Collinsworth) said: Health - David Meyer trufan special (Desmond Trufant) for man to man defense Falcon covering more confident. Collins Voss also points out that the falcons attack group is in the new.on Sunday the Seahawks lost 30-24 Jaguars of the last minute of the game, the Seahawks defensive tackle Quinton Jefferson (Quinton Jefferson) verbally clashed with the audience stands, even at the risk of physical conflict. , according to the video on the scene, Jefferson was deported to the dressing room, where an unknown object flew out of the auditorium and passed Jefferson's helmet. Later, Jefferson took off his helmet and rushed out of the direction of the flight, and had a speech conflict with the nearby fans. In the clash of words, the field side security has climbed into the field to control a certain fan. As Jefferson turned away, the stand fan threw a glass of beer and Jefferson's head. After that, Jefferson rushed back to the area and tried to climb the stand on the sidelines, and he was lucky enough to be stopped by the staff. "I won't let anyone look down on me and don't let anyone screw me up with beer," Jefferson said in a post - match locker room interview. I'm still a man, although I'm playing football. But I am a man, too! " "I just walked well, and I didn't talk to anyone. I was going out, someone threw a beer on me and someone threw a glass of beer. For you, what would you do? " Seahawk coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said: "I don't know what happened, he is a little out of control. Someone poured the beer on his head when he left the field. I told him that it was professional football and they were spending money. Maybe, they just can do what they want. "In the base of | International Olympic Committee: Karate and other five items into the Olympic Baseball Xinhua news agency, Geneva June 1st sports news announced on the official website of 1 International Olympic Committee, International Olympic Committee Executive Committee in support of karate, sport climbing, skateboarding, surfing and baseball as the 5 major sports in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games competition, but also need to be held in Rio De Janeiro in August 129th International Olympic Committee in plenary session after the vote by. was selected by the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee to pack the 5 projects. The 5 item is contemporary youth's sports, including team, individual, indoor and outdoor sports, representing the popularity and importance of emerging sports in urban life, which is in line with the core goal of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. 's proposal to add these 5 projects will be voted on by the plenary of the International Olympic Committee. If the 5 can be passed, the Tokyo Olympic Games will add 18 events and 474 athletes. Among the 5 projects, the number of men and women in each project was the same. (finished)

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