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Beijing time, December 2nd, the NFL regular season thirteenth weeks ushered in the eastern part of the United States Civil War. In the end, the Miami dolphin, who was a guest in New York, defeated the New York jet at 16:13 with a fourth quarter final free kick. After the opening of , the jet propelling the ball to the half court with a solid road surface. But Geno Smith failed to pass the two row in a row, and it could only be concluded by the discard kick. The dolphin is rapidly being "three strikes". The jet that takes back the ball is continuing to attack on the basis of the road surface. Finally, the Greg Greg Salas uses the outer hand reverse stroke strategy to complete the 20 yard ball to reach the goal, and the jet 7-0 takes the lead in scoring. The dolphins played 10 offensive 57 yards in the next wave of offensive, but eventually kicker Caleb Sturgis (Caleb Sturgis) - 43 yard free kick misses. second, the jet with the ball is played 10 offensive, but in the short three yards failed, only kicker Nick Falk (Nick Folk) kicked 40 yard free kick, leading 10-0 jets. The dolphin is still in a state of sluggish attack and plunged into the 123 - gear kick again. The jet went to the free kick range again after a subsequent attack, but Falk's 48 yards free kick missed the attack, and the attack group's 14 shift and 64 yards' efforts failed. In the last 3 minutes of the first half, the dolphins managed to organize an effective attack, Ryan Tanneixier (Ryan Tannehill) continuous line more than receivers, help Sturgis hit a 43 yard free kick in the last 4 seconds, the first half score for dolphins and 3-10 jet. In section third of , the first to hold the ball in midfield dolphin cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s after adjustment, pass and move, but the jets defense group completed three defense in the red edge, the dolphins again hit the 44 yard free kick, score close to 6-10. Jet Road Attack step, but failed again in the three short code, Falk do a 45 yard free kick, jet 13-6. The third section is then caught in a tug of war, the first 13 years of the dolphin show Bangyan Duhem - Jordan (Dion Jordan) blocked the jet's punt, but a Taer Sill in passing by the impact, running back Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller) to take the low pass, but become a Volleyball Setter. Is the jets cornerback Darin Walls (Darrin Walls) steals. But the jet didn't catch the chance. In the third section, each side hit 1 free kicks, and the jet was 13-6 ahead of the fourth. in determining the outcome of the fourth quarter, both sides played more and more anxious, the dolphins offensive team finally recovered, the jets defense group also figured out today to run the basic ball attack gate. The dolphin was first made by the runner Miller to finish 4 yards of the ball. The jet also came to the free kick with a foul on the dolphin, but Falk was in a bad state today and missed another 45 - yard free kick. 〉D.J. Wei (D.J. Swearinger), ringer Houston playing Dezhou time is over. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) on Monday, according to informed sources reported that the team has notified the safetys he will not stay in the team. Then many media reports that the team has cut him off. J Vee Lingle said goodbye to Houston on his Instagram account. Dezhou people have been trying to deal with J Vee Lingle for a few weeks, but they have failed. Rapoport said last year that Houston had announced that the backup quarterback T.J. Yates (T.J. Yates) would be laid off. Then they finally traded Yates to Atlanta falcons before they officially announced the news. J Vee Lingle started 22 games in his first two seasons, but it was very bad. Occupation Football Focus Network in 2014 to his score ranked Seventy-eighth in all 87 score safetys, and in 2013 was ranked seventy-first in 86 in safety. J Vee Lingle is the two round show on 2013. His departure makes over Germany Andre Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins) has become the people of Dezhou the draft can only make steady contribution to the team player. He Wei Ringer's leave, the people of Dezhou the 2013 draft players only 44% remain in the team (9 players, 4 people left the team), according to the ESPN data in the League third low play switch auto play emirate 24-10 winning lightning strikes 3 consecutive wins are loading... Tencent sports news Beijing time October 2nd, NFL2017 season most of the four weeks of the game will be officially opened. Remove the participation in the Thursday night game of the National League North rival Green Bay Packers and the Chicago bears, as well as in Monday night's Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs, the League of the remaining 28 teams will begin their fourth game in Beijing on Monday. Tencent sports will again give you the London bowl match of the New Orleans saints against the Miami dolphins at 21:30 on Sunday night after last week. Monday morning at 8:30, the Tencent sports will also bring you a taste of a Sunday night match Indiana Colts at vianet center of the Seattle Seahawks game challenge. So, what are the highlights of the 12 games this week? Can the Atlanta falcons win their four consecutive winning season? The tigers, Brown, the giants, the lightning and the 49 people, which teams are able to reap the first victory of the season? Please let Xiaobian give you one by one. (Note: the visiting team is first, the opening time is Beijing time) buffalo Bill vs Atlanta Falcon kick-off time: at 1 a.m. on Monday : if looking at second weeks off and the Panthers last time, Bill scored four points and Taylor Rhodes - Wei Tai outside Karzai - Jones completed a touchdown over the line, then the current record of Bill team will be 3 wins and 0 losses. After three games, the Atlanta falcons were ranked first in the NFL strength list unbeaten, with a total of 14 higher than the 2 - 1 Bill team (15). Therefore, this game will reflect the true ability of the Bill team. In the past three games, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had met with Bill coach Sean - Mcdermott thought as the core of the Panthers defense group, however, Ryan in the three games in the pass rate reached 78%, completed 7 touchdowns, only one interceptions, quarterback score up to 131.1 points. Because Bill is the team with the lowest score in every league match (12.3 points), Mcdermott needs to prove that his defense can limit Ryan. Atlanta falcons did not show their strongest strength yet, however, that could not stop them from winning 3 consecutive wins. Although Bill has averaged 12.3 points per game and has not yet passed the pass to the opponents, they haven't encountered any attack groups such as falcons. To recover from a back injury in the first ball outside the top Falcon over Julio - Jones will likely cut off the new season in the game touchdown; running back Coleman and Feng de tweng Twin Tower - Freeman teamed up in single game ran out of more than 200 yards in the game, won 7 wins and 0 losses record, they will give Bill's violent "The official website of NFL | cowboy President: the new season pays attention to run in order to protect the health | by football Dallas Cowboys season plagued by injuries, especially the core quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) of the long time absence led directly to cowboy only in dismal record end. So the new season cowboy everyone let Romo deeply aware of the importance of maintaining health, cowboy Jones - executive vice president Stephen (Stephen Jones) in a recent interview with special emphasis on this point. Jones said in an interview: in any case, the most important is always guaranteed Romo health, we must also keep him healthy. We chose this really talented izeh Kiel - Elliot, his arrival is of great help to our team, not only helps to run, he is still a very threatening backcourt ball point, and his passing protection is also very good, he has provided the help will be greatly reduced by the burden. Let us go back to two years ago the offensive and control the ball long time to win the game. We are very excited about the status of the team. Jones continued: it's clear that running is our main heart. On the other hand, the experienced quarterback like Romo, in turn, will help Elliot. When we put Elliot in the backcourt, plus our offensive attack, the defenders have to pay attention to the anti run, they will not be able to use five points (five second tier players defensive formation) and tenth formation (six defensive players, second tier) which will greatly change the defense strategy.

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