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Seattle Seahawks recently suffered from frequent injuries, coach Pete Carol (Pete Carroll) announced that the game main center Marx - Angell (Max Unger) and Blaine - Walters return (Bryan Walters) and the main cornerback Byron Maxwell - (Byron Maxwell) will miss Sunday's game. center Angell has been injured for fifth weeks in the Washington Red Skin competition, and has been absent for two weeks. Carol hopes Angell can resume training next week. Walters is troubled by concussion. He has been restricted training this week. If he can't play, he will take part in Doug's Doug (Baldwin Baldwin) and Paul Richardson (Paul Richardson). Cornerback Maxwell leg in the sixth week and the Dallas Cowboys game injury for supplementary - Simon (Tharold Simon sarraude Wei) in this field will replace Maxwell again before a war. another main line guard Bobby Wagner (Bobby Wagner) and the near end Zach Mick (Zach Miller) also had injuries. This week, we suspected that the all defensive Derek Coleman (Derrick Coleman) will miss the next six weeks after completing foot surgery.The official website of NFL | pirates signed defensive tackle Henry Melton rugby | NFL, th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) on Thursday reported that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and defensive tackle Henry Melton (Henry Melton) signed a one-year contract, followed by Melton's agent on twitter confirmed this news. Melton had previously played for the Chicago bear team for three seasons, of which 29 played 15.5 times. Melton once ripped up the anterior cruciate ligament of her knee in the 2013 season. He only played three games, and the season was reimbursed. Last season it changed to the main rotation of the defensive front line, and the 16 games started 3 games. After the regular season, the knee bone contusion was placed on the injury reserve list. After joining the pirates, he will probably be the main rotation of the Gerrard - Mccoy (Gerald McCoy) and Clinton - Macdonald (Clinton McDonald). coach Smith levy Pirates (Lovie Smith) is constantly recruited his year in Chicago bears the old men, after the pirates have signed former bears cornerback Chris Conti (Chris Conte).Beijing time 8:30 on October 30th, Pittsburgh Steelers away Detroit lions. first quarter, Steelers first offense. Leviant - two Baer road to punch the ball for Steelers won the first attack, but then the Steelers can not get a new first attack, but fortunately kicker Chris Boswell shot trustworthy, just 3-0 people leading! In turn, although the lion failed to reach the end, but fortunately to play hand range, Platt firmly scored 3 points, 3-3 lions equaliser. Then both attempts ended in failure. In section second of , the first lion shot points. Then an attack, "quarterback Ben decided to make full use of the hands of two big kill, by Antonio Brown and Baer leviant - a way to kill the other end, eventually Baer with a signature style run road with 10-6 leading the Steelers issued array! but before the end of the half, the lion accelerated the pace of the attack, two times in a row, the end of the final half, and the 12-10 lead of the Detroit lion. In section third of , the first is to rely on the Steelers Chris Boswell shot counter ultra score, then the performance of young person took over Zhu Zhu Smith Schuster terrible. The location of the slot array Smith Schuster go past defenders through the middle deep region, over two tackles, completing a 97 yard touchdown! The ball after the Steelers 20-12 lead. at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the lions rely on Gordon Tate to promote the ball 4 yards in the Steelers end. However, males chose three to punch the ball hard let lions defensive road Steelers can get 3 points. 15-20, the lion shrunk the difference to 5. this time the Steelers only slowly forward is good, but the receiver made concentration problems, the difficulty is not high several times the ball did not become, quickly put the ball back to the lion. However, most rely on the lion took over Gordon Tate made a incomprehensible mistake, after the ball, the ball to the very strange situation from his hands off, by the Steelers safety Michel control, the Steelers in a dramatic way to get the ball back. to get the ball back. Steelers want to use the road attack time, but the lion high quality defensive position more and more let the Steelers back. Return the ball, woke to taste the lion began with a pass to create opportunities, tight end Zach did not live up to the expectations of the team, bloom, a long distance to promote the Steelers red zone. But the red area of the lion is still sensitive. Third choice inexplicable to punch the ball four strong tactics was nearly completely unsuccessful steals. finally, Wallace a short throw road won the first attack, three times on end game time. Pittsburgh Steelers won 20-15 win in the United States, North Union first.In 2015 the Suzhou hurricanes one Bowling for eighth weeks Wu Hailin won | Bowling Tournament 2015 Suzhou hurricane, bowling eighth week season number G1 G2 G3 G4, the name of the fairway bare points week plus week minus score sharing ranked 1 lucky name 13--1 Wu Hailin 266200247210923923 Wu Hailin 2 Lu Rongming 231893 1 12--1 237183203183806806 202681 second 3 183193224201801801 200651 Lu Rongming 16--1 Gao Yongxiang third high Yongxiang 4 14--1 Wang Yulong 196195193209793793 198743 fourth 5 224194192181791791 198 Wang Yulong 13--2 single high Xue Xue Jinlong Jinlong 6 11--1 196182186212776776 194 lucky Mianren Xiao Xiao Mianren 7 15--1 Ma sueyoshi 18219117120374720 lucky four Ma Ji 727187 To celebrate the 8 11--2 19415418720173610 726184 lucky three active bear bear active 9 15--2 131203156192682682 171 Xie Jianwen lucky two Xie Jianwen champion Wu Hailin runner up Lu Rongming season Gao Yongxiang

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