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The official website of NFL | America tiger signed former Broncos tight end Thomas | football The Jacksonville Jaguar team finally got a big fish in the free agent market. NFL media insider Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported Monday, former Denver Broncos tight end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) on Tuesday signed a contract with the jaguars. Thomas, the previous 4 seasons played in the Broncos, to become Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) in third and reliable target red zone. Thomas in the past two seasons were scored 24 touchdowns, becoming one of the red artifact of the league's best. His arrival will be the second grade quarterback Blake bottos (Blake Bortles) to provide a reliable pass cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ing target. 26 year old Thomas this time has been in frequent contact with the jaguars, and Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks are associated with him. Although the Mustang team tried to leave Thomas, it was restricted by the salary cap and it was put into the free agent market after the use of the privilege tag by de Marius Thomas (Demaryius Thomas).Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) is going to be a free agent, but recently he has said he wants to stay in the New York jet next season. though he threw 3 copies in the last match against buffalo Bill, but in the season, he did a good job and finished 31 passes. coach Todd - brilliant (Todd Bowles) said: "obviously, let Patrick return to the team has priority, he is the quarterback, this season of great help to us, we need him back. If he comes back then he will be the first. " Fitz Patrick said: "this is my hope, I don't want to live in that, but this year has been very happy, the locker room friends are very good, I hope I can return to help the team continue to move forward." news: seventeenth week review: jet lost playoff hopesearlier this week, the Seattle Seahawks defensive end Bennet Michael (Michael Bennett) said he thought the quarterback had been hit too many complaints and mediocre but get too big contract. now he was asked to pay a bit of his salary. , according to the alliance sources, Bennet was fined 17363 dollars for hitting the head and neck of Alex Smith (Alex Smith) in the last pre-season match. The impact took place in the chief's first attack, and after the attack, Bennet was punished for a foul on the pass. he will have an opportunity to appeal to overthrow the penalty.The official website of NFL | Mark - Sanchez will be a starter | football game Eagle , due to last week's injuries to Tampa Bay pirates, Philadelphia hawk will be replaced by Mark Mark (Mark Sanchez) instead of Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) for the next match. It is reported that had to miss the game last week off Bradford concussion and left shoulder injury, and coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) said very trust Sanchez, the 8 year veteran of the occupation career. In addition to the quarterback, the next game will be the lack of running back Ryan Mathews (Ryan Mathews) and Jason - Peters left Jiefeng (Jason Peters). last season was almost the same time Sanchez replaced the first quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) of the last season. Sanchez said after a news interview that you have a chance to take a good chance. the injury is Bradford 6 years of occupation career to fourth injuries absent, he only played 16 games in his rookie season. the 4 - 5 Hawk is likely to replace the 5 - 5 New York giants to become the first of the National League. related news: Eagle running guard Mathews is absent from the brain concussion

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