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recently in the union of the transaction is not forthcoming, but it may be the Seattle Seahawks trading veteran wide receiver Jermaine kerth (Jermaine Kearse) the message will attract the attention of many people. The since 2012 to join the Seahawks, finished 69 games for the team, his best event is the 2015 season, finished 49 catches for 685 yards and 5 touchdowns. is currently the Seahawks a list of 12 receivers, including Doug - Baldwin (Doug Baldwin), Paul Richardson (Paul Richardson), Taylor Locket (Tyler Lockett) will be the team's first choice, so the greater the probability of trading. , the 6 - year veteran of his career, is still in his second year of his contract. He signed the team for 3 years in March 2016, worth $13 million 500 thousand.The official website of NFL | Cowboys owner that will return | football next week by the in a loss to the Arizona Cardinals in the game, the Dallas Cowboys offensive group loose performance to make people aware of the hitherto unknown Toni Romo (Tony Romo) on the value of the team. It seems that roo will not be out too long, and it is reported that he will cheap nfl jerseys free shipping be back in the London game of Jacksonville Jaguar next week. we bet Luo Mo will return next Monday, cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after the game, if we think that he can not play, then he will not be with us to great britain. The cowboy's official website has been encouraged and forwarded to twitter, which is coming back to Luo Mo. It may also mean that the day has not yet collapsed for the cowboys who lost the league's top position due to losing the ball. for today's 6 - 3 - negative cowboy, they must strive for every victory in the future to stand out in the fierce playoff competition. However, want to rely on a start quarterback Brandon Vuitton (Brandon Weeden) led the team to win even a victory is very difficult.The 1992 season playoffs Bill Houston reversed oil wild card game called "The Comeback", is the biggest difference is the reversal of the history of the NFL. Houston oil had a 35:3 lead at one time and was finally defeated by Bill in the Bill overtime. Houston oil led by quarterback Warren Moon, called the Run and Shoot is playing the offensive style, the attacking style emphasizes the quarterback Rollout, wide receiver according to their own encountered defense to change their running routes, once the quarterback and wide receiver understanding reached, will be like Houston college quarterback Klingler single game 700+ code 11 touchdowns, season 9400 yards 90+ touchdowns as metamorphosis. buffalo Bill's style is the quick attack of the quotient. In 1989, Sam Wyche's Tigers came to the playoffs in the playoffs. Bill, who was led by Marv Levy, used the strategy of fast attack without the group players. Bill's defender had to pretend to be injured to get a breathing space. After the game, Levy violently attacked Wyche's No huddle attack morally, and began to use the method on a large scale in the next season. Compared to the inventor of Sam Wyche's tiger, Bill of Levy is the first team to use this kind of quick attack on a large scale. however, Bill's reversal of success is mainly related to the shortcomings of the oil people, not related to their own style of business. Because there is no poly business mainly rely on Jim Bill Kelly, so called "K-Gun", but the regular season finale, the opponent is also Houston oil, quarterback Jim Kelly went off with a knee injury, backup quarterback Frank Reich temporary replacement, finally oil to a 27:3 victory. After two weeks of , the two teams meet again in the wild card race. Kelly continued to miss, Warren Moon faced the Bill defense team led by Bruce Smith, in the first half of the 22 pass 19, easy to push 220 yards. At the end of the half, the score was 28-3, and it was a one - sided game to see. And the second half came back to the oil again, the score came to the 35:3, 32 points difference. Houston's local radio said, "the stadium can completely turn off the lights on Bill's side, because it's a complete performance of the oil people." The turning point of the game was on the start of the game. Kicker before kick-off a second, just scratched a gust of evil wind will kick off the ball on the shelf to blow crooked. The kicker is not playing ball, let the original conventional high kick-off play has become a low ball. The Bill team got the chance to kick the ball at 50 yards and hit the score after the 10 offense. Next to Bill's short kick, the kicker Christie himself grabbed the ball. Bill gets a good place to kick off the ball, "Hu Bilun" Q〉{"averagePoints":5.6,"playerId":11439,"percentChange":0.5,"averageDraftPosition":69,"percentOwned":41.9,"fullName":"Pierre Garcon","lastPoints":0,"pointsSEASON":90,"seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"Garcon joins the 49ers this year after arguably the best season of his career. He caught a career-high 71 percent of his targets (16th best) and posted a 9.4 yards per target (11th) in Washington last year. Garcon's biggest statistical issue has been touchdowns. In nine years, he has yet to find the end zone more than six times in a season. Since 2009, he ranks eighth in the NFL in targets (902) but 20th in end zone targets (65). Garcon has finished a season better than 23rd among receivers in fantasy points only once (11th in 2013) and required an NFL-high 176 targets to get there. Garcon is now 30 years old but sports sure hands (three drops in three years) and won't be short on targets as the 49ers' top wideout. He's in the WR3 discussion, especially in PPR.","seasonId":2017,"date":"Fri May 19"},"positionRank":75,"totalPoints":90}

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