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The official website of NFL, tight end Smith agreed with the reorganization of the contract, rugby Raiders nest August 2nd news, the near end forward Lee - Smith (Lee Smith) is very eager to stay in the Raiders, so he agreed to the restructuring of the contract requirements. according to the original contract, Smith's salary for next season is $2 million 750 thousand. The contract now includes a total of $1 million and a 1 million list of bonuses. Another 1 million dollars is based on the number of kick-off he is involved in, and only 60% or more open balls can make him earn 1 million dollars. but money is not the most important for Smith. boss Mark Davies (from Mark Davis), general manager Reggie Mackenzie (Reggie McKenzie) to coach Jack - Austria (Jack Del Rio) in Delhi at the moment I stepped into the club, gave me meticulous care. Smith said I wanted to be a Raider when I became a free player in 2015, and I still want to stay in the Raider. The attack coordinator Todd - Downing (Todd Downing) and the near - front coach Bobby Johnson (Bobby Johnson) are all my friends. and the friendship of his teammates is more to say, I love all the people in the dressing room, es cheap nfl jerseys free shipping pecially Derek. He was the first to come and celebrate when I saw me finish the ball. The friendship of teammates is the number one reason for me to stay here. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | ray - Rice: never give up the chance to return to NFL | football We all know that ray - Rice (Ray Rice) NFL left a lot of time, but once the Baltimore crow running back never give up the chance to get back on the court. recently said, "I want to play again. I'm not ready to give up yet." 's video of beating his wife in September last year was exposed, and Rice was released from the crow and had to face a court and a series of investigations. but to exclude injuries, Rice's performance in Dallas, Seattle, Buffalo and other teams did not deserve a chance. finally said, "I have a lot of relationships in the league, but it doesn't work." Rice said. I told my agent that if any team really wanted to sign me, let me call it at any time.Stephen Rivers (Stephen Rivers) knows that family ties and his surname may give him the chance, but he tries to discover opportunities in draft. he is San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers lightning (Philip Rivers) brother. But in addition to the two people in the high school is the star quarterback and No. 17 in their most career, the two brothers's career. Philip at the North Carolina State University in the first 51 games, a record number of history records, cis position is selected and in effect during the lightning six time occupation bowl in the 2004 draft fourth. , the 24 year old Stephen, started 9 games in 3 different universities, the last 6 of which were completed for the Northwestern State University, the Northwestern State University. Even the 6 starters were back for him after being derogated as a substitute at the beginning of the season. "obviously my brother's career is very different from my career direction," Stephen said. Stephen took part in the test area NFL camp held in the Arizona Cardinals training base. Here, more than 150 recently graduated students from the University have participated in a whole day's training and testing projects in front of the team scouts. Like his brother, Stephen was a top high school player in Louisiana, and he started choosing Louisiana State University. But in the first year when he became a new member of the red dress, he spent the next two years as a substitute. It meant that he had just played 2 balls in three years. He transferred to Vanderbilt University before the fourth season, hoping to compete in the first quarterback position, but on the contrary he was one of the 4 quarterback players who won the 2014 season. He only passed the ball 65 times and made only 38% of the pass rate. After he got his bachelor's degree, Stephen had a year's qualification, but he thought it was clear that Vanderbilt University needed a young quarterback. In June 2015, Stephen transferred to Northwestern State University. As a graduate student in sports management, he had a quick qualification but lost his starting position in September. He started back in the middle of the season, completing 79.7% passes in the last 4 games, 788 yards and 6 touchdowns 1 passes by steals. , of course, the season was almost over when he finally got the performance. But he was "surprised" to receive an invitation to the NFL players' Union University bowl. In this game he made 17 passes 11 successful 96 yards and 1 touchdowns, is the best quarterback in the field. him for his performance in the test area in the camp feel confident, confidence increased after some of the same and to participate in the draft quarterback training together. Stephen said his weekly and brother chat, also said that Philip had helped from the first day of high school development, school, training and testing for the camp." Stephen knows that self 〉The official website of NFL | Forster is still unable to determine this week could play football | last week, the Dezhou people treated Forster in the same way, and the team eventually chose to keep him off. Previously, linebacker Blaine Cushing (Brian Cushing) and Jed Klauni (Jedeveon Clowney) - viand injuries, the people of Dezhou in their appearance without doubt among them. As a result, Forster's actual probability of playing is far below 5. Forster was injured in a match with the Philadelphia hawks 3 weeks ago. The groin injury was more serious than it was in the imagination, and the team had never been able to give clear injuries, and could not predict the return time. Since the season, Forster has missed 2 games, and Alfred Alfred Blue will continue to play first,

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