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tiger news July 16th quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) to get a second chance at the NFL is still very small, however, although since the 2015 season has not played in the game, the former Heisman winner Nick Capet - apparently Bikelin (Colin Kaepernick) to get more interest in the team. Mansel said Saturday that he has some NFL teams and discussed a comeback. In March this year, it was reported that Manzel and the New Orleans saints manager Sean Payton (Sean Payton) were discussing the return of the super bowl during the weekend. "I know what I'm going to do," Manzel said. "I know I've been absent for a long time, and obviously I know the mistakes I made. Now, I'm full of hope. I'm really full of hope. I think I have made some progress in the return of this. But we wait and see. Whenever I get the phone call from the team, I will try my best to make good use of the opportunity. Manzel played 2 seasons for Cleveland Brown, 2 wins and 6 losses record, he completed a total of 57% passes, 1675 yards and 7 touchdowns 7 passes by steals. He was in the summer of last year due to violation of the provisions of the use of drug and the League was suspended for 4 games but was laid off after Brown in his entire season without the ball can hit. but Manzel is no longer the focus of the news while he is training, and he hopes it will convince the NFL team to deserve a second chance. "I think what I realized in the past year cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and what I realized when I was away from the court was the day you really missed playing," Manzel said. "This is what I have known for a long time. This is what I like to do. It's hard to play without a ball. At the off-season training in the team doing nothing then ready to participate in the training camp but not in feel bad. But at the same time, I am really optimistic that I can get a chance again. This is the real idea I have every day. "bear's recent poor state, 50% winning record has been in the line ups and downs in the National League North championship has lagged behind rivals packers and lions, this situation, many teams expressed their views on the legend. The team and legendary coach Mike - Dietrich (Mike Ditka) card that the team leaders lack of cohesion, the bears played more than 10 years all star linebacker Blaine Elake (Brian Urlacher) is the core team at quarterback to play their own worth. "From the point of view of the amount of the contract, Jay (Cutler, Jay Cutler) is undoubtedly the top ranking alliance, but the actual performance is not enough to match. If you take the salary of the elite quarterback, you will have to play the elite quarterback. " "you look like Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Bracey, every year to win so many games, even in the side without a good catcher or offensive attack case, and Jay Arshin (now Geoffrey, Alshon Jeffery), Brandon (Ma Shaoer, Matt, Forti (Brandon Marshall), Matt Matruh J (Bennet Forte), Martellus, Bennett), there is a good line, he has no reason not to do the best. In fact, every year we are talking about how talented Jay is. It's full of talent, but what we need is the winner. It's our ultimate goal. " for Cutler, what we need to do now is to reduce the morale influence of losing the ball to the team, unite the team and win the game, so that we can give him one hundred and twenty-seven million of the huge contract.The official website of NFL | fourth Thursday night race Preview: Crow @ | Steelers Rugby , one of the famous dead enemies in North American sports and the civil war in the north of the United States, is one of the reservations of the alliance signboard. However, the game was a little fellow sufferers showdown that came to the Heinz stadium in the crow (0-3) for the first time in team history to start the season losing streak at the bottom of the partition, the Steelers (2-1) is just lost the core quarterback ben. Look at the underdog who can win the duel? X factor: Michael - Vick (MichaelVick) last week against Wallace left knee ligament injury due to ram, an old acquaintance played 5 in 6 Vic fire 38 yards of law-abiding, he will serve as the starting quarterback position of the game. Forced to change horses in midstream always taboo, not to mention the Thursday night games only three days to prepare for the time. So play for Vic is now the weak strong defensive attack is crucial for the steelers. crow group vs group Steelers defensive attack seems to crow had a string of a Domino chain reaction, offensive coordinator by Kubiak replaced Treisman after a significant decline in quality. Zuo Jiefeng Monroe is injured only in the opener played 6 stalls, the other line except for ten years like a day - by Marshall Yanda which ran in a complete mess, veteran guard Forsythe 3 games a total of only 124 yards size 3.2, the team also only 1 rushing touchdowns. The proximal front hip injury seems to be not a pita, Torre Smith to show Perryman the first round of the bay area, serious illness without minor injuries, Fraco (JoeFlacco) is probably the end of the season after retired veteran Steve - Smith (SteveSmith) and the second grade proximal to the old and the young Dow Gilmore two is reliable the ball point. Fortunately, the game face the Steelers is no longer the first ten years of this century, the predator defense group, this game is enemy battle, crow attack group is an indisputable need Bo Steamed Buns Zhengkou momentum. as the defensive coordinator coach Dick Loeb to Titan, Polamalu, AIKE Taylor and Kaiser three veterans and the main outside linebacker Liz Waugh retired from, Steelers defensive group ushered in a large area of new old alternate. University of Notre Dame, the second grade defensive end which ushered in the outbreak, 3 games scored 2.5 sacks, he and Cameron - Haywood's partner will bring a lot of difficulties to the crow attack attack. The first round of two outside linebacker Jarvis show - Jones and Budd Dupree, with partner Jones Arthur's first mautz but also 27 years old, only left the team veteran James - Harrison will give three young people experience guidance. The inside Wei has all star Timmons in the first round last year, eye-catching performance of the show Ryan Sharzer may be injured. The defense also has three veteran, cornerback Gaye, will Alan and Yu Wei Qiang Wei, Mitchell, and 90 teenager Antoine - Blake may be the weakest link. if the draft convention starts today, then Penn State University's running guard Kuang Barkley (Saquon Barkley) will be chosen by Cleveland Brown in the first place. Barkley showed the dominating performance in many projects. Plus, he averaged 1000 yards per season in 3 seasons and the last 43 years in the last 2 years. , if Brown chooses Barkley in the first place, they will probably choose a quarterback in fourth place. Now it is reported that Brown is inclined to choose Baker Mayfield in Oklahoma. According to the NFL draft history, since 1995, Cincinnati tigers in the No. 1 pick selected running back since, no team use the No. 1 Selection running back, running back in this position have been devalued, if Barkley is selected, then his annual salary will reach 8 million 200 thousand dollars, he will become a member of the alliance before running back pay three.

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