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NFL came to the ninth week, Sunday night Saiyoupizibao Steelers against the same district home court rivals Baltimore team before the crow, anxious Midland District 4 team 5 wins, so the game of the playoffs will have a crucial layout. Crow team rely on long transmission array flao turn from a guest into a host Xianshengduoren, stand firm and the Steelers rely on two ball defense conversion by big finish 2 touchdowns counter ultra score, Wallace continued good momentum on a field, in the second, fourth quarter of each completed 3 touchdowns, eventually led the Steelers defeated the crow team 43 to 23. The opening of the second wave of attack , crow team by flao found wide receiver turn from a guest into a host, Torre Smith completed a 35 yard long message array ahead. But then the two teams did not attack from the other tough defense group who find any opportunity, the scene was relatively quiet. At the beginning of second, crow team defense group three line 2 minutes flying, big crow team safety Matt Eelam, defensive end and outside line cheap nfl jerseys free shipping backer Loti Kazakhstan - n'gatta Elvis xhumo, 3 consecutive sacks. But the crow attack group team did not grasp the opportunity, 2 minutes after the No. three running back Lorenzo Terry Yafeiluo dropped the ball in the first half, the Steelers Mccain grabbed the ball after running 26 yards to the team before the red crow. After all, Wallace took the opportunity to attack a veteran in battle, and find the running back Baer's 5 yard touchdown pass in the end zone before the Steelers equalised. Half a minute later, is still the Steelers defense group, outside linebacker Jason Wolierzi intercepted a pass and return flao, to crow team red, Wallace found rookie wide receiver Bryant Strike while the iron is hot., completed 19 yard touchdowns and the Steelers counter ultra score. Before the end of the first half, the crow Weifu Seth team to rely on to run for 24 yards to get a free kick shot and score. Which houses in less than 1 minutes from the 20 yards in 5 consecutive passes, and ultimately by the wide receiver Marcos Heaton completed 47 yard touchdown catch, and the secret service group 2 successful conversion, the Steelers 22 to 10 at halftime. Start in the second half is still both the defense of the world, both from the 3 round all failed. The sustained high intensity shock has a great impact on both sides of the offensive team, crow Terrell Saggers and Elvis Ndume Weil were fined because of illegal hit 15 yards. at the beginning of the fourth quarter in less than 1 minutes, while the crow defender missed, a long pass found the team's leading receiver Antonio Brown, the latter completed a 54 yard touchdown catch, the Steelers lead. Crow team back into the hands of Jacoby not resigned to playing second fiddle, Jones tee electro-optical flint completed 108 yard touchdown return, crow team than the 17 to reduce the score of 29. The Steelers made a comeback, Ben continued playing slaughter pony feel, 4 minutes from the 29 yards by 4 successful passes again with the rookie receiver Bryant connection is successful, Bryant also completed his second of the game to catch a touchdown. 2 minutes later, Big Ben dropped the ball at half time, and the crow grabbed the ball. Fraco planning 〉The Josh - Norman (Josh Norman) fracture of the ribs was not as serious as the outside world had previously suspected. recently announced that the Washington Redskins his injury is can recover within a week, obviously the team coming bye Zhou Zhen is good news. Norman walked away from the stadium in the first half of the match against the Kansas chieftain in the week night match, and Jay Gruden told coach ESPN that Norman might be absent for weeks. on Tuesday U.S. time, injury news Norman updates obviously for red is good news, with the team for fifth weeks is the bye week Norman may not be absent in any game. red skin sixth weeks of competition is the 49 in San Francisco.Baltimore Raven Steve Steve Smith recently announced its withdrawal from twitter. Steve found a good reason for her withdrawal by clever analogy. Smith said on the crow's official website on Thursday local time: "the debate on the Internet is like a 2 (Cover 2) defensive tactic as a corner guard. It is as if the safetys stand behind you, you will feel very good, but if you have to face 1 to 1 of the situation, you have to step back. That's what I think of twitter now. " Smith said one of the reasons for his withdrawal was that there were many meaningless accusations and even abuses on tweet. These statements are not only on the physical level, but also for people. Smith had always been unscrupulous in rebutting these criticisms, but his wife told him that he should set a good example for the children. This also makes Smith determined to stay away from the dispute and withdraw from twitter. "On twitter, I always want to kill them on twitter," Smith said. So now I decided to quit. "NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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