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The official website of NFL | before the first show pony running back not travel to away competition | football backs Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson) had insisted that he cold-shouldered in the American League semi-final will not happen again. However, he did not follow his pony teammates to new England to challenge patriots in the United States league championships. The team's official website reported that Richardson did not go to the stadium for personal reasons. It is not known for the reason that the former first round run guard was absent from the most important game of the season. Richardson's performance has never been improved this season, and his role in the team has been greatly weakened. He in the wild card playoff game in 1 weeks only file playing time and the game did not enter the play list. Some people think that Richardson's bad performance and the loss of the playing time are due to weight. This week the runner denied the rumours. No matter what the reason why he will be absent from the next match, for this stubborn and insisting that he will turn around the running guard in the team's situation, this is just the latest in a series of failures. little horse will rely on Daniel Herron Daniel Herron as their main runner, and Zurlon Tipton will be a substitute runner. Heron has proved that he is more suitable for the pony attack. In 2 playoff games in the 35 time he rushed for a 119 yard ball (each rushed the ball 3.4 yards) and 2 touchdowns. He has 18 times to catch 117 yards. Heron is a tough runner with cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the explosive force of a number of large numbers of flushing balls. His progress in passing attack -- from shielding the quarterback and catching the ball to two aspects -- has lessened the burden of Andrew Luck for four weeks in the past few weeks.NFL's official website, do not know Biliqieke Falcon has entered the Super Bowl in football in the American League finals nest Pittsburgh Steelers and new England patriots after exposed a surprising news, Billy Cheik patriots coach Bill (Bill Belichick) in the American League before the start of the final do not know Atlanta falcons beat the Green Bay Packers into the super bowl. no, I didn't know they won. He said by the team after the game that we didn't look at the first game of the day. Obviously, they are a great team, or they won't be in the NBA finals. They were excellent all year. this is an accepted fact because Biliqieke and his colleagues out of the ordinary coaches. This almost crazy concentration can sometimes bring a little bit of weakness, and perhaps it is not to notice anything that has nothing to do with the current game. But we really believe that no one in his football think-tank in the United States, the afternoon after the packers Falcon victory, Matt began to study Ryan (Matt Ryan), Julio Jones (Julio Jones) and Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan)? patriots began a simple celebration after Sunday night's night race, so preparing for the falcons hasn't really started yet. When asked about the falcons, Danny Amendola Danny Amendola simply replied, "I will go to some videos, but we will catch up. I'm sure they'll do it. Although this kind of conjecture many years ago has been proved otherwise, but Biliqieke recruit everyone is so focused on their own task at hand 53 person team is really admirable. They, like him, receive only the information they need from the side of the year, and then go on to work. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.???????10??24?????????8:30??NFL??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3?3???????????????? The two teams met in the regular season last season, each taking a victory at the other side of the game. At present, a game the Seahawks record of 4 wins and 1 losses, while the National League runner up last season the Cardinals 3 wins and 3 losses. The first possession, quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) cross found wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) with 17 yards, but they had to punt in midfield. Then the two teams alternating out of gear. The Cardinals into the Seahawks half, Palmer third was killed, the Cardinals had to punt again. Seahawks offensive team the first half only contributed three out of three, after the game into the second quarter. , return Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson) with 13 punt return yards, kick into the range. Kicker Chandler Katan Salo (Chandler Catanzaro) try a 39 yard free kick, Seahawks Bobby Wagner (Bobby Wagner) over the Cardinals long open players, will be shot blocked. After the Seahawks scored the game in their first attack, once again quickly punt. The Cardinals running back David Johnson (David Johnson) with short 15 yards, then they are a way to promote to the Seahawks 46 yard free kick in the first half, a Cartan Saluo the firmly hit, cardinals 3:0 opener. Seahawks punt again. The first half of the game there is a minute and a half, the Cardinals through short distance passing into the Seahawks proximal half, Feng Yifeini - MoMA (Ifeanyi Momah) with 23 yards passing. However, before the end of the first half of 17 seconds, the Cardinals quarterback Palmer by Seahawks defensive end Frank - Clark (Frank Clark) captured and killed, had used up the suspension of the Cardinals didn't have enough time to send football on the hand, then the end of the game the first half. The team entered the second half with the score of 3:0. The Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham (Jimmy Graham) with quarterback Russell (Russell Wilson) - Wilson passes for 14 yards, then the Seahawks had to punt again. The way forward to the Seahawks half the Cardinals 19 yard line, four stalls and 1 yards, the Cardinals running back David Johnson ball, four speed did not change the success. The Seahawks once again out of gear. The Cardinals wide receiver J.J. Nielsen (J.J. Nelson) won the ball 24 yards, but the Cardinals could not continue to advance, in a free kick out of range punt. game in the fourth quarter, the two sides alternately three out. The Cardinals punter Ryan Quigley (Ryan Quigley) blocked the punt. The Seahawks got the ball in the first half the Cardinals 22 yard line. Kicker Stephen hauska (St〉as the Seattle Seahawks offensive core, running back Sean ma - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) on the pitch convincing field is controversial. He was fined by the alliance successively for refusing to interview and making an uncivilized gesture after the array. As a coach, Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) this week on your love expressed support, at the same time, he also said, I hope Lynch can be seen in the super bowl, the game can be carried out smoothly. Carol said: "Ma Sean is a special player. He has a personality, a life and a way of working." We understand him very much, so we will support him fully in the scope of our ability. " This season, Lynch's importance has become more and more obvious as the season goes in. In the first 6 games, he got more than 20 shots in 2 games. Until seventh weeks, his field was only 18.5 times. In the second half of the season, he proved that he was still an indispensable core of the offensive in the team. In last week's National League final, Lynch made 157 yards of the ball and was the top player in the team's reversal. Carol said, "I have never talked to him about anything related to Sean, but anyway, I hope he will have an excellent week. The super bowl will begin soon, I hope he will be on the pitch, the presence can be carried out smoothly. We all know that he cherished the time as the Seahawks players, he cherish every game, every time to cherish and team cooperation. That's why we love him so much. "

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