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Pittsburgh Steelers plan in the offseason to reinforce the defense. After coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) and the new defensive coordinator Keith Butler (Keith Butler), team president Duarte - Rooney (Art Rooney) this week again, the number one goal is to strengthen the team's ability to transmit at. Rooney said: "we need to keep pressure on the quarterback. From the defensive point of view, we need more capture. This will be our focus in the offseason, must think of ways to improve." As the Steelers coach and team management said, the team rushed pass ability in the past 2 Seasons continued to decline. Poor at transmission capability to rivals more opportunities to directly challenge the Steelers second tier, which further exposes the problems existing defensive team. This season, the Steelers finished only 33 sacks, the team number is the lowest in 25 years, out of the twenty-sixth union. Last season, the Steelers finished only 34 sacks, twenty-fifth. is worse, the Steelers season for rivals quarterback pressure number plummeted to 103, compared with 151 last season, show a decline of 32%. Rooney said the team first needed to leave the current number one, the Jason Worilds. But the team is clear that they need more good hands. On the other hand, the Steelers also hope that veteran James - Harrison (James Harrison) can delay the pace of his retirement.The official website of NFL | Seahawks cheap nfl jerseys free shipping offensive coordinator: we want to make good use of every second | football the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl in the last attack will choose in the future for a long time by the fans and the media talk. When the game with 26 seconds left, the Seahawks touchdown distance only 1 yards away. But they did not choose to run Wei Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) at the ball, but the arrangement of external hand card - (Ricardo Lockette) as the ball Lockett, ran out of a medial tilt line. Unfortunately, the Patriot Malcolm - Butler (Malcolm Butler) copied the ball to help the Patriots win the game 28-24. after the game, the Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrel Baiweier (Darrell Bevell) said that the team is only want to make good use of every second: we are very concerned about how much time left in the game, we want to use the rest of every second. It's just not the way we expected. To tell you the truth, I now wish I had made a different decision at the time. I now think I have at least 20 ways to solve that problem. But I also have to point out that even if we choose to play the ball, it doesn't guarantee that we can score. Seahawk coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said he chose this tactic, and said the coach group is based on the new England patriots defensive decision: I made a decision. I tell you that we should pass the ball. I think it's a pity that this tactic had a chance to help us score. According to the media, the hawk thought the patriots would fully defend Lynch, so the team decided to use the passing tactics. In this regard, Carol denied that the ground attack could help us win the game, but not in that attack. I don't think it must be right to wash the ball. We are very firm in making decisions. It's a pity that the opponent is doing so well.The official website of NFL | lion victory over the Vikings in reverse, behind the North | top football last week, the male lion hit 34 points at home, defeated the visiting Tampa Bay pirates, and the Vikings killed the New York jet fleet in overtime. The two teams are very morale, and the lions will seize the chance to get the top of the game, and the Vikings still have the theoretical hope of getting into the playoffs. the first section of the game, the lion began to attack, but the lion attack today do not seem to find the feeling, for three times the Vikings first strikeout, advancing 16 yards only. The Viking attack to find the feeling a bit in the adjustment, from the first day in the game with 17 seconds, completed a 84 yard touchdown run forward, and finally by the guard Matt Asif atta (Matt Asiata) completed 2 yards rushing touchdowns. In this advance, the Viking quarterback, teddy Bridge Voight (Teddy Bridgewater) passed the 7 pass 6 times, extremely efficient. The second quarter, the Vikings once again prevented the lion's attack, the offensive end completed a 75 yard touchdown in advance, the red zone, Bridge Voight a quick pass, pass to the receivers, Greg - Jennings (Greg Jennings), the latter was running after the ball 8 yards, end into array. Viking 14:0 is a temporary lead. At this time the Vikings team morale is enough, defensive end stop lion done in one vigorous effort, fifth attack, five lions 32 yards forward only. When the Vikings again pushed to the lions after half-time, Bridge Voight's pass attempts to find wide receiver Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson), but the lion safety Glover Quin (Glover Quin) steals, which return to the Vikings 11 yards. When the lion seized the opportunity, quarterback Matthew - Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford) threw the ball to receiver Gordon Tate (Golden Tate). After Tate received the ball, 7 yards of running finished the array. At this time, the lion guard, shawntae Daliusi - Weasley (Darius Slay) again intercepted a Bridge Voight pass, lions kicker Matt Platt by homeopathy (Matt Prater) to finish shooting. At 10:14, the male lion fell behind.The official website of NFL | Seahawks outside over Baldwin: do not worry about the renewal of | football although Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) in the performance of the 2015 season touchdown catch break number tied for first in the league, he is no longer in the highest salary Seattle Seahawks receiver. , his teammate Jermaine Kors (Jermaine Kearse) signed a contract worth 13 million 500 thousand dollars over the past three years, which is more than Baldwin's 3 year 13 million dollar contract in the spring of 2014. has already become the first pass goal of quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) in Baldwin. When he enters the contract year, we naturally doubt that his renewal is near. I haven't had any negotiations yet, Baldwin said on Wednesday. To be honest, I'm not too worried about it. I'm enjoying the fun of playing. I enjoyed the time and I enjoyed the time, Baldwin said. So whatever happens, I'll let God decide that he will lead me to any direction I need to go. The NFL team will usually wait until the free player market opens and the draft will end with the renewal of the contract. Indeed, players who have contracts now cannot be the top negotiant. In any order, Pete Carroll, the team leader, explained to the media in February. We really do our best to keep the team intact. This will always be the way we deal with the renewal of the contract. last season quarterback to Baldwin pass score is the highest League (142.8) and Baldwin in the last six games of the regular season scoring 11 touchdowns in 43 games before he can add up to only get so touchdowns. , as an offensive star in the rise, his next contract should be a priority for the team in the draft and training camp.

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