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The official website of NFL | left Jiefeng crow Monroe in the injured reserve list | football is about to Baltimore injuries almost destroy the crow lineup. coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) team, linebacker Terrell Saggers (Terrell Suggs), and Smith (Steve Smith Steve), ran Wei Justin Forsythe (Justin Forsett) and four Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco) are already in the injured reserve list. On Saturday, Jiefeng left Eugene Monroe (Eugene Monroe) joined them. Monroe has not been trained for the last three weeks since his shoulder injury to the Saint Louis rams in the eleventh week. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported this week that Monroe has recovered from injury after injury, which led him to be placed in the list of injuries. has been unable to keep fit since the crow signed a $37 million 500 thousand - $37 million 500 thousand - 5 - year contract with Monroe before the 2014 season. He has missed 12 games in 30 games since signing the contract. Monroe wil cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l be 29 at the start of the next season. The crow may find new options in the free player market or in the draft.Atlanta falcons Rudi Roddy (Roddy White) was once considered to be one of the best foreign players in the league. He completed 1150 consecutive seasons in 83 consecutive seasons in the 2007-2012 season, and handed out 49 touchdown. but now he has to get a headache in order to find a job in NFL. in March this year, he was the Falcon termination, he left his team only to stay, but he did not return to the Falcon plan, because he said the last season he played very hard, he said: "for me was released and is not a bad thing, because I do not wish to accept this kind of arrangement, I can not to be destroyed, if you still like to play that season, I will be crazy for me, this is so sad." White's chance of was severely compressed last season. He only completed the 43 catch. His job was to do more blocking. Obviously, he didn't like this kind of work because he had not been told such a change before. White finally said, "we have many opportunities to win, but we put me in the wrong place. I feel that if those games give me the ball, we can win. If we do this, maybe we will enter the playoffs."NFL????|???-???????????6???????????|????? Tim (Tim Tebow) - Seth Tibbott may not be the starting quarterback, but he is still the hearts of fans of NO.1 NFL. because of the unswerving support of the fans, the Philadelphia hawk's jersey sales continued to be the sixteenth ranking League in June for third times. The New York giants wide receiver Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) rankings, behind his 4 quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita respectively (Marcus Mariota), Tom Brady (Tom Brady), Colin Capet (Nick Colin Kaepernick) and a long - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers). and our Thibault ranked sixteenth, he is in front of Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant), Russell (Russell Wilson), Werwilson Jie Winston (Jameis Winston) Gomes De Marco Murray (DeMarco Murray) - rob Sikorski (Rob Gronkowski), Marcus Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning). JJ w (J.J.Watt), Andrew (Andrew Luck), and Derek - Carle (Derek Carr).The official website of NFL | historical knowledge: who invented the American football? | football in the United States where people said the football should be called (Gridiron Football), a football because the sport venue is formatted as a grill. The end of American football 19 came from the inter collegiate competition in North America (mainly the US), which is closely related to two English sports football and rugby football. 1869 Princeton and Rutgers beat history in the first game of college football game (football), is a similar to the London association football competition rules. After 1870s, some other elite universities in Northeast China began to play football. Harvard used the rules of football and rugby union, called Boston Game. In May 1874, Harvard played the rules of the other's rugby like when he was playing McGill University in Montreal. In the first game of the first American College Football in 1875, both Harvard and Yale adopted rugby, the Rugby rule. , and the main driver of American football from British rule to modern style is Voight Camp (Walter Camp). He is called the father of American football. From 1876 to 1881, he was a graduate student in Yale University and undergraduate in medical school. He was also the team leader and coach of the team. More importantly, he is the most appealing person of the newly established IFA Rules Committee. His two biggest innovations in this sport are the introduction of different ways of kick-off with rugby, and the introduction of the concept of files (within the prescribed number of times, to advance the prescribed distance or lose the right to ball). Other innovations include the number of 11 people, the quarterback, the kick-off line, the offensive tactical call, and the modern system. As coach Camp was 67-2 from 1888 to 1892, and at this stage his main business was an executive of a watch production company.

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