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Cornelius Green Rada (Ladarius Green) at the end of the Pittsburgh Steelers. on Thursday announced the Steelers since Green failed to pass a medical examination, they cut the proximal front. Green last year with the Steelers signed a $20 million contract for 4 years, he was cut before earning $6 million. Cut off the 26 year old Green let the Steelers to consume $3 million 500 thousand salary cap space. because Green has been plagued by injuries, the contract did not bring much return to the steelers. Green for a total of Steelers played 6 games, starting 2 games. Only in this season, Green finished 18 catches for 304 yards and 1 touchdowns. the original Steelers signed him hope he would replace the retiring Heath Miller (Heath Miller) a long ball threat. But Green continued to be affected by the concussion of the brain. In his 4 season in San Diego had the effect of lightning had experienced a concussion. He also underwent ankle surgery in March last year. cut Green after the Steelers in the proximal left winger Jesse James (Jesse James), Javier Green (Xavier Grimble) and Bo David - Johnson (David Johnson).The official website of NFL | lion line dimension will usher in the season's firs cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t show at | football de Andre - Levi (DeAndre Levy) will finish the season in the Detroit lions against the Arizona Cardinals game debut. The outside linebacker due to a hip injury missed the first four games of the season, but after the appointment of Levi as the game captain, lions coach Jim - Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) the same in essence that Levi had recovered to play. I think you might be able to assume that, Caldwell said. Levi will automatically start making progress but has strengthened the season first month still bad defense lion. Levi is one of the best anti pass linebacker in the league, but also the best defensive player of the lion. last season to 117 individual Levi sackin led the League 151 times, holds second in the league in total. In 2013, he made 6 copies of the alliance second. He had a four year renewal with the lion in the pre - season. lion with a fourth of the record in the next game, they are the only team to have not won the League team. In the first two weeks in San Diego lightning and the Minnesota Vikings game they difficult to do road anti.Author: James kausar in a little more than a week, I probably know what kind of country is China and how people here treat me. I don't think you can imagine how happy I was here. Don't misunderstand me, my work is not easy. Here I work from 8 in the morning until 10 in the evening. We have done a lot of things, but that's what I want. I want to feel everything I can feel, look at everything I can see, and they just give me the chance. Thank them. comes to China. The first thing I want to say is the office of NFL China. The office is not big and the staff are not much. The president is an American, and one woman is American Asian, and the rest of the staff are Chinese. They are so strict in their work that they have arranged everything in order. in addition, these people have great enthusiasm for rugby, they do great things. They face this extremely difficult challenge: introduce Rugby to a country that is totally unfamiliar with this sport and let the people of this country love rugby. Not to mention cultural differences, especially the different attitudes towards sports. Chinese attitudes towards sports are not like Americans. They look at sports in a very different way. Therefore, it is very difficult to bring a rugby sport to China and make Chinese people have a comprehensive contact with this sport. this means that they must watch the game in order to get up early, or on the way to work with a mobile phone to watch the game; for the same reason, they cannot be on a Sunday afternoon leisurely sitting on the sofa, a game to enjoy football; cannot enjoy football on Sunday evening or a Monday night game. Because of the time difference, Monday and Tuesday morning, they can only watch the ball on the way to work; for them, our Thursday night game is on Friday morning. The regular game time for us is one or four in the morning. NFL Chinese staff are doing incredible things. In fact, they have a lot to do with their work. Now there are about twenty million football fans in the country. About 1 million 500 thousand of them will watch the game every week. It's amazing! Their work is worth unhat. Shanghai is a cool city, the people here are very cool, they all say I can't understand it, they call it "Shanghai dialect". Here, each district has its own dialect. For me, the Shanghai dialect sounds a bit like Japanese. When someone explains to me, I will think, "ah, this thought just seems to have a little meaning"; but if I heard it in the street, it's Japanese for me. people here speak Mandarin, and they are especially cool. The city is so beautiful that it combines the old Shanghai and the cosmopolitan metropolis. If you look down on Shanghai from the sky, you will see the Oriental Pearl Tower, the horizon is not true, especially when you see it. finally, I want to evaluate China?Chris William (Chris Wilhelm) -- fake Andy Reed (Andy Reid). He watched the ball in the stadium during the battle of Kansas chief, defeated by Buffalo Bill. Because of some odd reasons, he became a fan of the chieftain. used to be able to hear people say you see Reed here. Reed was still coaching the Philadelphia hawks to lead them to the super bowl, and his friends were mostly hawk fans. Until Halloween in 2012, his wife suggested that he dress up as Reed, and Chris agreed that Reed was the last year in Philadelphia. was dressed up at the time of fire, especially among the eagles fans. Then Reed went to the Emirates, but whenever the chief came to the home of the hawk Chris would dress up as Cheng Ruide at home. , he said he didn't expect his behavior to have unexpected results. You can imagine Jamal Jamaal (Jamaal Charles) rushing to you. Can you imagine Emmet Thomas (Emmitt Thomas) want to wave your hand?

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