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Pittsburgh Steelers hope to have the opportunity ninth times to enter the Super Bowl in the next season, but in the absence of external Weiss Bryant took over Mata (Martavis Bryant) under the condition to do this will become more difficult. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Saturday, according to people familiar with the matter, the foreign player was banned for violating NFL drug abuse regulations. The alliance has not yet been formally punished, but if he is banned, Bryant will be appealed. , according to Bryant's agent, said Bryant planned to be evaluated and treated for depression. And this may be the cause of his violation. According to the agent, Bryant missed a number of drug tests. He had been suspended, at the beginning of the season because he repeatedly violated the provisions of the alliance doping and was banned for 4 matches. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in the two season total scored 17 touchdowns in the Bryant case, it is hard for the Steelers easy replacement value. We can look at Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) and Marcus (Markus Wheaton) - Wylton after the second grade wide receiver Sami (Sammie Coates) and coats's veteran Darius Haywood - Tony (Darrius Heyward-Bey) can play a more important role. Before the introduction of the new San Diego lightning proximal front pull - Green (Ladarius Green) darys can also help, but Bryant's amazing athletic ability is irreplaceable.The rumors of Colin Capet Nick (Coin Kaepernick) have subsided. Robert Griffin Sans (Robert Griffin III) has signed a contract with Cleveland Brown. Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) still stays in the quarterback list of Denver wild horse. then how to win the next Super Bowl champion of the wild horse? if the wild horses were not determined to get Capet Nick, they should turn their goals elsewhere. The latest news is that wild horse may choose Josh McKoen (Josh McCown) or Blaine Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer) of Dezhou is also one of the choices. Because of the arrival of Griffin, McCain and Bullock became a backup quarterback, Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) reported that Heuer lost the first. 36 year old McCain in the past three seasons starting 24 games, finished with 36 touchdowns and 19 steals. Heuer, 30, finished 22 times in the past 2 years and completed 20 copies of the 31. so far, so far, he has always believed that his defensive team can be relied on. But can they really rely on the defensive team to win the next super bowl?NFL on Saturday test camp, John Ross III (John Ross III) has been officially 4.22 seconds in the 40 yard dash project, broke the Chris - Johnson (Chris Johnson) in 2008 hit a record of 4.24 seconds. , the University of Washington's foreign hand injured after this sprint. He told reporters that he felt uncomfortable in his calf muscles and would not participate in other projects, including second 40 yards sprint. when asked if he could not win the record breaking Adidas's promise to record the island he did not wear Adidas shoes, Ross replied, "I am not really good at swimming. I don't have a boat, so you know, I have to wear Nike. " In an interview with on Friday, Ross did not boldly predict he could break Johnson's record, but he did say he expected to be able to enter 4.3 seconds. although Ross until the 2016 season was a breakthrough performance, his speed on the famous early. About a year ago he was in the University's measured 40 yards sprint 4.25 seconds out. Ross last season finished 81 ball 1150 yards and 17 touchdowns, is to take one of the frequently expected to be selected in the first round of the 3 international.ESPN reported that the Baltimore team took over the crow Torre Smith said Sunday against Clif Browns game may be his last game in crow team. He will be a free agent in March next year, and the crow will probably not use a privilege label for him, because the big date costs 12 million dollars. said: "this season is likely to be a good season for the playoffs, and I feel very bad about it. I think I'm not going to stay in the crow next year. But I'm not worried. I'll still try to win the last game. Smith took the first 1000 yards of the ball in the last season, but had a big step back this season. The 15 games took only 45 of the 86 passes and took 684 yards to create a new low, but the 10 is the last. crow team need to beat Brown and San Diego team lightning team lost to the Kansas City Chiefs to enter the playoffs.

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