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many NFL veterans enjoy the days of training camps without wearing equipment and helmets. But for the NFL coaches, it's not what they want to see. and this is the new task of now James - Harrison (James Harrison). the Pittsburgh Steelers in 37 year old veteran has been ready for the summer training. It was his first time to slow down his footsteps and stay with the team. His first task was to help the players who were not in the special team. For him, the training field did not have a lot of training tasks to laugh more. but you don't have to misunderstand that Harrison's work is very serious. He was teaching some agile techniques in his sports pants. After training, his clothes were wet with sweat, this is Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) from the trust. looked at by helping the Steelers coach player said: "they deserve this help, especially James thought he would run through these players' mind."NFL official network |NFL classic battle for nearly 50 years: Ice Bowl| Rugby the ice bowl of 1967 is probably the most famous chill in most people's minds. The simplest reason is th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping at on the last day of 1967, the temperature reached 25 degrees below zero on that day. The stadium body temperature even reached intakestartling minus 44 degrees celsius!!! The Town Green Bay's Blaupunkt stadium looks like a giant ice hanging on the eaves of the stadium, blow play can be broken ice, both inside the stadium staff just to clean again, and immediately on ice. , because the Super Bowl at that time competed between the champions of two alliances of NFL and AFL, packers and cowboys needed to compete for NFL Championships, so that they could win a Super Bowl ticket. The two sides of the coach, Tom Landry has great Cowboy (Tom, Landry) -, poker face, he set up a defensive end group, and the first elastic defense system, became the founder of the American team. While the packaging industry has the same great Vince - Lombardi (Vince Lombradi), black rimmed glasses, curly hair, childlike smile, Ron Bardi will sweep rushing offense and carry forward, led the packers six years four crowns, and won the first Super Bowl champion. The origin of Lombardi and Landry is that they both coached with the giant of New York, who was responsible for half of the attack and defense (attack and defense Coordinator). the chill two coach had graceful bearing wrapped up tight, Landry even took off his iconic hat and wear pants. Each of the players also received the welfare of the pellet - a heavy cloak. began as expected, the southern cowboy in cold weather is not fit, packers quickly achieved 14-0 lead, of Bart Starr (Bart Starr) and Boyd (Boyd Dowler) with dowler twice succeeded. But the cowboy quickly launched a counter attack, the doomsday defense team grabbed the ball to complete the array, then shot into the free kick and recovered 10 points. until the fourth quarter, the cowboys used a very deceptive attack, quarterback don Meredith (Don Meredith) retroject pass to running back Dan Reeves (Dan Reeves), the packers mistakenly think that this is an extension of the red ball to the left, which know a cowboy external hand attack packers back, this person is not a star catcher, who won the Olympic 100 meters champion Bob - Hayes (Bob Hayes bullet), but little-known Lance rentzel (Lance Rentzel), running back Reeves's long ball accurately into the hands of rentzel, 50 yard touchdown catch! 17-14 anti super! The wrapper pushed to the side of Wujiang launched a final counter attack, Starr'sin the Miami dolphin 16-20 lost to the Detroit lion last week, the running guard Lamar - Miller (Lamar Miller) only held the ball 4 times. It can not help but reminiscent of whether his shoulder injury has not recovered, or even worse. After a day, the official website reporter gave an optimistic news that Miller was not in a position to be absent from the game this week. Miller in the first ball, he was the lions defensive tackle Damm en Su (Ndamukong Suh) - hole in a crash, and a loss of 2 yards. He took only 10 yards for the whole game. The substitute run guard Daniel - Thomas (Daniel Thomas) got 14 yards for the 5 ball, and also dropped the ball once. New rookie Damien - Williams (Damien Williams) did not bring a surprise. He took 34 yards for the 7 time. this week the dolphins will play against buffalo Bill in Thursday night's night, leaving little time for Miller. Dolphins in the local time on Monday, the former San Francisco defender Michael - James 49 run (LaMichael James) from the training squad promotion team. James has a chance to get into the list of Thursday's games because the team's offensive backcourt is not good at the moment.less than eight months after the Miami dolphin was traded to Cleveland Brown, Jamar Taylor Jamal decided that he would remain in Brown in the future. Brown has renewed the contract with the 26 - year-old horn for 3 years, with a contract worth of $15 million. Taylor would have been a free agent after the end of the season, but he will now stay in Brown until the 2019 season. He will probably partner with Joe Hayden (Joe Haden) until that time, and the two corner guards are still having a 3 - year contract. Taylor started 10 games in 11 games this season, making 2 copies of his career and 40 grabs. After played 3 seasons for the dolphins, Taylor was traded to Brown in April this year. Now, he will be the cornerstone of one of the most vulnerable positions in the rebuilt team.

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