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The official website of NFL | Hall of fame linebacker singletery served as defense consultant | rams football Mike (Mike Singletary) - singletery regression NFL. , the hall of fame defense and the top 49 people in San Francisco, on Tuesday, told Chicago media that they will work for Losangeles rams in the new season and serve as defense group advisors. has been out of coaching since he was the Minnesota Viking coach from 2011 to 2013. Before that, in 2008 to 2010 served as 49 coach 18 wins and 22 losses record in the 2010 season, 1 games left the team when he was fired. From 1981 to 1992 as Chicago bears star singletery was the bears defense core, help the team to win twentieth Super Bowl champion and linebacker is one of the most devastating and most dominant in the history of NFL. Singetary's teaching career is not equal, but in the ram he will work with a group of excellent defenders.giants coach Ben Mcadoo (Ben McAdoo) the job is one day become in jeopardy, the sackin cheap nfl jerseys free shipping g of Mcadoo, 7 games left to save some face has become increasingly high voice. but Mcadoo himself did not like to make an opinion. At the post match press conference on Sunday to 49 people, Mcadoo told reporters: "it doesn't matter at all." After , a reporter asked him if he had to adjust his situation in the team, and Mcadoo was obviously annoyed. "what's the situation?" "We need to make a good analysis of the video and prepare for the next game," he said. Our opponents may be one of the top competitors in the League next week, and the 'situation' can't help anything. although the giants got the opportunity to challenge the strong team next week, Mcadoo's chances of continuing to teach are getting weaker and weaker.NetEase sports May 2nd report: New York, USA, May 1st, 2017 New York Metropolitan Museum charity evening Met Gala red carpet star glittering, a crowd of stars, supermodels come to the scene. The new England patriots star Tom Brady and his wife Giselle ndchen also attended the event, said he will travel to China Brady next month. of the new England patriots star quarterback, NFL history of the first star Tom Brady said in an interview, "I will go to China next month, I am looking forward to feel the Chinese culture, contact the local customs and practices Chinese." Brady said. A lot of fans looking forward to the Brady take his wife to come Chinese ndchen. in August this year will be 40 year old Brady, in the 2000 NFL draft, to pick 199th by the new England patriots in the sixth round of elections. The 2001 season, Brady injured Drew Bledsoe became the starting quarterback, opened his legendary career. In the twentieth Century, the Patriots had little sense of existence on the super bowl. In 1985 and 1996, Aigo has scored two times super bowl, but missed the final champion, but all these clouds are coming away with brady. since 2002, Brady led the Patriots five times won the Super Bowl champion, became the highest number of athletes won the super bowl and the super bowl, he again won the MVP individual honor, was elected fourth times MVP and made him go beyond the legend and San Francisco 49 people own four Joe Montaner common to keep the three times MVP record, create new history. From this moment, Brady thoroughly laid the greatest quarterback position in the history, to know that he have half a year to 40 years old, this achievement is amazing. this article comes from: NetEase sports responsibility editor: Li Lin __NS6422Lang Mai 2014 series open 8 month competition finished successfully, Qin put the first crown! | BowlingThe 2014 Series tournament Longmarch bowling tonight ended, Qin put in three sets a total of 595 points to win the championship, and runner up respectively: Zhang Wei (583), Gu Chengcai (583 points). The fourth to ten are: Feng Xiaobing, Wang Jie, Lin Jianfeng, Chen Shaomin, Zhang Rui, Zhao Ruihua, si. Congratulations to the winners! Shanghai Longmarch bowling 2014 Series tournament match the competition date: August 16, 2014, Saturday (third Saturday of each month) DateofThisTournament:Aug.162014, Saturday (3rdSaturdayeachmonth) match next month date: September 20, 2014 (Saturday) NextEventDate:Sep.192014, Saturday No.Name name number 〉 1st second /〉Game2ndGame3rdGame3 1stGMHC GameTotal Rank note Note13A2 Qin 22418318859520119A2 Zhang 19021018358320217A2 Gu Chengcai 19017721658320317A1 Feng Xiaobing 16519820656920418B2 21117717356110519A1 18018519556020621A3 Wang Jie Zhang Lin Rui Chen Shaomin 18315022155410814B1 17017821055820715A2 Jianfeng Darth 15417321554210923A1 Zhao Ruihua 190184166540101020B1 199191145535201124B1 Shen Xiaoming 167173193533101224B2 Borui AI zhe Ho 190149171185281013 under the age of 18 21A1 193188147528201416B2 179157190526201513A1 203160161524101621A2 Liu Shenyuan Ren Wei He Pengfei Cai Hongfu Ding Tianbao 157188157502201822B1 1891711475072017 lucky 16B1 208163131502101919A3 144172181497102015A3 Qigao Song Li Weijun Zhu Tao 1〉

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