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The official website of NFL, the Cowboys rookie running back Eliot anger brush 140 yards after blasting, the Chicago bears football nest Beijing time on September 26th at 8:30 in the morning, the NFL regular season third week night match ushered in the two branch of NL team contest: after two defeats the Chicago bears came to Dezhou away win negative Dallas cowboys. In the last 5 games of the two teams, the cowboy team was 2 to 3, and the last time was in the 2014 season, the cowboy 41:28 won the bear team. At present, the Cowboys won last week in Washington after morale masamori. The injury plagued bear team in this field will enable the quarterback Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer), to replace the injured thumb Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler); on the defensive end, Danny Wilson (Danny Trevathan) and Trevor defender also injured. starts, the Cowboys first attack. Rookie running back Eli cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ot, gathered in Iraq (Ezekiel Elliott) to 21 yards rushing. The rookie quarterback Dako - Prescott (Dak Prescott) led the team to the half of the bear team and finally scored 1 yards by Prescott. The cowboy team led the 7:0 early. The bears offensive group led by Heuer to get the first attack, three out. The Cowboys offensive team again, Terrence Williams (Terrance Williams) Prescott received the ball 17 yards. The cowboy team pushed to the half of the bear team, with the kicker Dan Bailey (Dan Bailey) hitting a 49 - yard free kick, and the cowboy team 10:0. After the attack, Heuer and three group bears out again. At the beginning of second, Prescott has 17 yards for the ball. Then came to the bear team half court, Prescott passed the ball to find Cole Beasley (Cole Beasley) to advance 29 yards, then Lance Lance (Lance Dunbar) punched the ball 1 yards, and the Cowboys widened the score to 17 points. The bear team that won the ball finally set up a successful attack, and the rookie Jordan - Howard (Jordan Howard) was 36 yards out of the ball. Heuer passed the ball to find out 22 yards from Alshon Jeffery. The last kicker Connor Barth (Connor Barth) hit a free kick 34 yards, and the score became 17:3. The score after the bears by surprise to attempt a 10 yard short gambling kick, and successfully get the ball; but bears special teams - Anderson Jonathan (Jonathan Anderson) ahead of the line (offside) foul, bears had to restart, and put the ball out of bigfoot. Prescott cross found Terrence Williams, has 12 yards. Prescott then took 12 yards for the ball. 〉six months ago, the rams moved away from Saint Louis to Losangeles. Recently, 40 players and coaches returned to Saint Louis to complete a flag football match. The campaign Isaac Bruce by former wide receiver (Isaac Bruce), he established the fund will bring better education and health habits at present to children in Saint Louis, Bruce hope this his teammates can get together to thank the fans for 21 years of support. Bruce explained, "all this is far beyond my expectations. Your friends are still around. It's a great feeling." , it is reported that more than 10000 fans arrived at the scene. During the midfield, Orlando Pace, the professional bowl offensive cutting, was awarded the honor of the professional bowl Hall of fame. (Orlando) Bracey said: "he is our MVP, so we want to thank him here in the midfield."even-even soccer equipment network England Bournemouth sports club to join JD company with the launch of a new team in the 2016-17 season second away, and before the launch of the red and black shirt and blue jersey with the home court, three Jersey together constitute the "cherry" new season Jersey puzzle. the new season second away shorts are black, pants edge inlaid with lime green broadside; socks are black socks, lime green.even-even soccer equipment network which is one of the best-selling jerseys PSG club in history, in order to make them more representative, PSG and Colette have been working again, was released called "Dark Light" (dark light) series. Which contains two pieces of special packaging Jersey in the 2015-16 quarter, Jersey packaging fully embodies the cultural essence of Paris Saint Germain club. ????????????2015-16???????????????????? At first this was introduced by the club in the French fashion store, which proved to be the best seller. The number of sales at first is 22000, but only a few pieces are left. continue to use the limited sale of the routine, if you want to have it better hurry up.

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