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has another week to be a super bowl. The new England patriots against the Seattle Seahawks, the two teams is the strongest league teams, regardless of who claim the championship will be a great game. Super bowl is a special game, not a powerful side will win, there are a lot of great teams in the history at the end of the super bowl. 10, 1988 Cincinnati tigers regular season 12 wins and 4 losses that year, the tigers took no offense to revolutionize the way to super bowl. But in the face of San Francisco 49 people when the offensive group is panic, only a touchdown, but they are still in the leading 16-13. Unfortunately, Joe Montana was in 49 people and finally killed the tiger with 20-16. 9, 1978 season Dallas cowboy After the 1977 season, the cowboy team ended the 78 - season regular season with 12 - 4. Super bowl against Pittsburgh Steelers, once in 35-17 behind, finally to 35-31, but ultimately did not have enough time to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping claim the championship. 8, 1969 season Minnesota Viking In the last year of the merger between AFL and NFL, the Vikings were 12 - 2 in the regular season, and the super bowl against the chief of Kansas City. In the game, the Vikings scored only once, and the attack and defense were not good. Finally, 23-7 lost the game. 7, 1983 season, Washington Red 14 - 2 in the regular season, and the defending champion red skin wanted to win again in the 83 season, and the Super Bowl faced the Losangeles Raiders. The red skin team was backwardness, only got 1, and finally 9-38. 6, 2004 Philadelphia Eagle then the eagle with 13 wins and 3 negative end of the regular season, the super bowl for the new England patriots. The eagle was backward throughout the field and rebounded slightly at the end of the year, but eventually it was 24-21 no enemy to the Patriots. 5, 1984 season Miami dolphin with the most powerful passing attack at that time, the dolphin ended the regular season with 14 wins and 2, and was successful in the super bowl. In the face of one of the strongest teams in history, the dolphins once took the lead of 10-7. But the 49 were doing very well at both ends of the attack and defense, and the dolphin was finally defeated by 16-38. 4, 2001 season Saint Louis rams was 14 - 2 in the regular season, and that year's win was much higher than the Patriots. But Biliqieke tactics and the second half of the key shot make the rams with 17-20 defeat. So far the ram has not recovered from the loss. 3, 1990 season, buffalo Bill regular competition 〉Roger Goodell, President of NFL, has not seen any public appearances since last month's pretrial hearing of Tom Tom (Tom Brady). On Friday, local time, Godell attended a press conference on the hall of fame and talked about his views on "the gassy door". Godell said: "fair and good faith in a game is the most important, and this is what we have been trying to maintain, and the rules are equal to everyone. My job is to let the players and coaches go to our fans and partners to understand that this campaign must be carried out under the rules and regulations, which is part of our values. to ban Brady, Godell did not want to talk about, said all over to the legal process. He said: "first of all, Brady is a great athlete, but also a brilliant young people. Secondly, we just announced the result of punishment last week. Now we are still in the process of litigation. We need to prove that we are actually punished according to the rules and regulations. We have been discussing this punishment for a long time, and the final decision is based on the content of the labor negotiation agreement. "extended at least one year for Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) in the days of the Saint Louis rams. according to all the reliable news that Fisher and the current general manager are going to stay in the next season. shows that Fisher's performance is 25, 35, 1, but the team is always struggling, and this situation has not improved in the past 4 seasons. This was the same season, but with a strong defense and a sharp run, the team was able to finish 5 - 8. whether Fisher is walking or staying, or applying the old saying: "all this is not about what you know, but you know how to deal with these problems."Courtney Cronin ESPN Staff Writer Mike Zimmer had high praise for former Vikings RB Jerick McKinnon, said he didn't know how much he was going to command in FA (4 yr $30 million from 49ers) but that "he's worth it." Despite being smaller, Zimmer believes McKinnon can be a lead back and praised the skillset he developed in Minnesota. "He hit the hole much better last year, accelerated out, good in pass protection even though he's a smaller guy. Great guy. We're going miss him."

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