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The official website of NFL | wilfork if at the end of war loss million dollars | football holiday has a week ahead of the Patriots locked AP first position, is likely to be part of the main holiday arrangements in the final round of the match against Bill, but spike wilfork reasons must play the game. The reason for is that in the contract terms of vifco, there is an activation clause worth 1 million 250 thousand of the bonus, which is that weiflock can play in the defensive number of more than 70% of the Patriots and take part in the semi-finals of the Federation. Although the patriots have got the Federation to ensure that the Federation will participate in the first semi-final qualification, but this season, wilfork currently in the Patriot de cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fense played 1031 file 764 file (74.1%), if not the last fight, is likely to drop below 70%, you will not be able to activate the clause. so the Patriot fans are likely to see the leader of the defensive team appearing in the regular season.buffalo Bill rookie wide receiver Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins) in rib injury after the first resumption of all training programs, he was injured in the match second weeks of pre-season against Pittsburgh Steelers game in. Bill coach Doug Maloney (Doug Maloney) said: "there is no limit now, he can recover all the training programs." Watkins sidelined on Saturday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, in the last week of training, he can only participate in the limited training. The release of the restrictions on his training was a good sign. Bill's plan in the preseason last game to send the main attack group acting tactics, including quarterback Manuel EJ- (EJ Manuel), the main players will be in the week before the season match last game against the Detroit lions game debut, but this Monday Watkins until better. Watkins's comeback was not surprising in the case of Maloney's dissatisfaction with Watkins about his injuries last week. [related news] [new show] all-around warriors - Sami - WatkinsThe official website of NFL | Vikings signed wide receiver Charles Johnson | Rugby on Saturday, the Minnesota Vikings from Cleveland Brown's sparring squad signed wide receiver Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson), Viking season new attack Coordinator (Norv Turner) - Turner's last season in the Brown administration, quite familiar with Johnson. Brown last year was Johnson from the Green Bay Packers team sparring sign, but unfortunately Johnson tore the anterior cruciate ligament, the season. Charles - Johnson's stature and speed are good, but the Vikings sign him more because he is more familiar with Turner's attack system. And if Ronnie - Smith (Rodney Smith) is unable to fight because of the injury this week, Johnson will replace it. so far this season, the Vikings took only three and received a pass, are Greg - Jennings (Greg Jennings), a DERILL - Paterson (Cordarrelle Patterson) and Jared Wright (Jarius Wright) - yunus.Bowling |2017 Guangzhou grand World Bowling Club yuan moon friendship Championship (January 9th) Huang Hongye won the championship 2017 big world yuan moon friendship game (January 9th) serial number name first second third fourth points deduction total bureau bureau ranking 1 Huang Hongye 20823524522124 93312 old Zhu 217246212189 86423 Wen Jianhua 20120619222424 84734 Li Xiyong 21118818621440 83945 old standard 213197202226 83856 Li Long 202225180228 83567 clocks to build a 224214193200 83178 Zhu Jingtao 200249175202 82689 Chen Zhiqiang 19619520320424 822910 Wang Hongbo 199205201214 8191011 little Ning classmate 196191237192 8161112 Meng Meng 171235223185 8141213 Takeda Youngmin 198224173218 8131314 Chen Liyan 19219019221124 8091415 star 187187209215

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