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Seattle Seahawks show again defending champion level rule level strength, they in the National League semi-final completely suppressed the Carolina Panthers visiting. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? In the game, the Seahawks in the face of the 3 file 8 times pass, quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) no one missed, he passed 8 in 8 with 199 yards, 7 times the first harvest, 3 touchdowns. Pete Carroll, the coach, evaluated Wilson, "it's a dreamy night, and we almost overcome every difficulty. I'm excited about Russell, and he can do everything. 3 times 3 files, it's hard to imagine. " Wilson's quarterback score was 149.2, the fifth highest in the NFL playoff history. "S cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ometimes, I think I'm born for that," Wilson said. "I'm always ready to face this situation. In fact, when you get ready, everything will come and you won't be afraid of any challenge. some media believe that the 4 teams that are still in the league have the best 4 quarterback of the league. Wilson needs to continue his efforts to prove that he is worthy of the title. This week the opponent will be the Green Bay Packers, Werwilson and eagles are looking forward to once again into the super bowl.Bowling |4, |4 month 14, "Gold Bottle Cup" bowling champion won the crown April 14, 2013 high point "Gold Bottle Cup" bowling match - champion King guard 625 April 14, 2013 high point "Gold Bottle Cup" Bowling Competition - runner up Liu Shiwei 621 points April 14, 2013 high point "Gold Bottle Cup" bowling match - Fan Chunping 600 points in the season high in April 14, 2013 "golden bottle cup" - runner up 595 bowling game April 14, 2013 high point "Gold Bottle Cup" bowling match - fifth Chiang Zhong 595 minutes April 14, 2013 high spot "Gold Bottle Cup" lucky winner - Wang Jumei 523 points 's next high point "Gold Bottle Cup" bowling match will be held at 19:30 on May 19, 2013. Welcome all of you to join the . reprinted from Sina micro-blog????????????L?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The team trained second times this week on Wednesday local time. As far as the training is concerned, it can be said to be mixed. The team, the quarterback Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers), took part in all the training for two days in a row. After he suffered a back injury, will not play the rumor collapse of itself. Rivers himself said, "the back does hurt, but it's not serious. I feel good now, I'm looking forward to the game this week. I believe we can win and go to the playoffs. " despite the fact that Rivers is not injured, the situation is not so optimistic for the top runner Ryan Matthews and Ryan Keenan Keenan. Two people were absent from training for two days, and the team did not reveal their specific circumstances. Mathews is plagued by an ankle injury, Alan suffered a broken collarbone return undecided. whether or not Mathews and Alan can come out this week, the team believes they can find a way to win. Last week's victory showed that, and Rivers was looking forward to a hot hand and a reduction in passing misses. At present, they have put their destiny in their hands, and everyone is looking forward to the next victory.Ohm Youngmisuk ESPN Staff Writer Brandon Ingram knows what it's like to make adjustments to shooting technique and trying to add muscle and mass to his body frame during the off-season. Here's what he would tell Lonzo Ball if Ball has to do same this summer and how he thinks Ball is the head of the Lakers offense.

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