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new subject field of Jersey continued on a shirt in the overall design style. The red shirt at home matches the details of green and white. This design originated from the jersey of the Indonesia national team in the 50s of last century, and green came from the army's clothing at first. Continue to wear the Indonesia shirt emblem, a chest shield Garuda bird.The official website of NFL | before the Raiders Coach: I do not consider to take charge of | football although the Raiders have appointed Toni - (Tony Sparano) of the team sparano interim coach position, but public opinion has been that Jon Gruden (Jon Gruden) is the boss Mark - Davies (Mark Davis) in the eyes of the genuine person. Recently, Gruden guest ESPN Mike in & Mike personally program that will not consider to take charge of. when a coach job vacancies, the number of friends, experts and analysts, well-known blogger will mention my name, so I think I am very grateful to them. Gurdon said in a playful tone, but actually, I am currently focused on commentator duties, and will not consider any team coming back to play, let alone now the season has finished 1/4. R cheap nfl jerseys free shipping aiders this season, averaging just 12.8 points in the bottom of the league, four Mexico, coach Denis - Alan (Dennis Allen) not surprisingly fired. Groton was 38 - 26, two times in the playoffs, and never had a record of less than 50% a year in 98-01. To be traded in 2002 (you're not wrong, is being traded to the pirate Raiders), not only in the 2002 season of the super bowl by Gruden led the Buccaneers turned on, and then no one wins more than half of the season, in the meantime, the team has replaced 7 coach. Perhaps, to find a right direction than the construction team advised Gruden mountain is more important.The Arizona Cardinals this week against Atlanta falcons results, not many people expected, the Cardinals eventually lose 18-29 losing streak. Compared to the loss, even more than the Cardinals fans worried problems. The cardinals in the first half even injured 3 players, which also indirectly affect the outcome of the game. 's main runner Andre - Ellington (Andre Ellington) injury directly affected the team's attack. In the second quarter of the game, 10 minutes and 19 seconds left, Ellington was hit by his opponent in a pass protection and had to leave early. Ellington himself said: "the injured part is a bit swollen, I am not sure the specific situation, but also need further examination." security guard Mathieu (Tyrann Mathieu) - tylan in a second day hold the injured in the escape. After the injury, he persisted in several defenses and was unable to leave the field. After receiving a X - ray examination, Mathieu revealed his finger fracture: "a fracture of the finger, but I don't think it's the same. I will try to go on, but I may have to wear a protective device. " right guard Paul - Fanaika (Paul Fanaika) in the second quarter with 2 points with 53 seconds left ankle injury, there is no specific injury report. The injury plagued the Cardinals again face the challenge, injuries to key players also cast a shadow over the impact of the division title of their journey.The official website of NFL |2015-16 tenth power list | football season 's 2015-16 season came into contention in the second half of the season. The future of each team's playoffs became clear. There there are three teams unbeaten. For the wild card game team also began to enter the final stage. And the team at the end of the team has begun to pay attention to the draft. After nine weeks of , patriots still lead the list, but Duhem - Lewis's season reimbursement is not good news. Last week, the second of the wild horses were accidentally lost to the pony this week, leaving the ranks of the unbeaten team and falling to fourth. The tiger rose and came to second. While the Panther tenacious hold the packers paratelum counterattack, continuing his streak. The rankings were finally squeezed into the third one. The two lost packers continued to rank fifth. This week, the rest of the Cardinals or sixth. The division ranked the Vikings beyond the wrapper to seventh. Losing the Falcon has fallen to eighth. I do not know whether they can come back to rest for tenth weeks in eleventh weeks, to ensure a wild card game tickets. The Steelers narrowly beat the Raiders, in the wild card race for slightly ahead. But the re - injury of the Big Ben was more or less overshadowed by the victory. The Steelers, Raiders still stay in the ninth and tenth position. giant defeated the pirates in this week, continues to lead the Hawks half wins, a first name. On the list, the eagles came to thirteenth. Bill defeated the same opponent after the dolphins from the area, Midland and semi wild card race wins distance, ranking rose to fifteenth. The same record of the ram in the National League wild card race race behind 1.5 wins, ranking dropped to sixteenth. Mustang pony beat is temporarily secured to the top spot in the US, ranking rose to eighteenth. The team behind the team won the most three victories. But because of the different division title record, ranking twentieth red, twenty-eighth of the people in Dezhou, twenty-ninth of the thirty-first Titans and Jaguar still retains no small playoff hopes. And after the second half of these teams can successful counter attack, seize the wild card game top promotion division. And other teams, such as no wave of victory, the hope of the playoffs was basically disillusioned. below this week's detailed list: 1. new England patriots 8-0 (-) 2. Cincinnati tigers 8-0 (+1) 3. Carolina Panther 8-0 (+1) 4. Denver wild horse 7-1 (-2) 5. Green Bay Packer 6-2 (-) 6. Arizona Cardinals 6-2 (-) 〉

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