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The official website of NFL and Mario - Williams | dolphins reached 2 years of contract | football Miami dolphin, the first step in the off-season season is to strengthen its defensive line. On Tuesday, the US made a 2 year contract with the former Buffalo Bill's defensive end Mario Williams (Mario Wiiiams). is reported to be worth $17 million, plus a reward portion of the total value of $20 million. spent the past four seasons in Williams. Bill spent the first 6 years of his career in Houston and Dezhou. In the first three seasons of Bill, his quarterback game was two digits. Last season, he finished 15 games and only handed 5 quarterback. 's next season's dolphin defense will be very scary. Williams plus Damm Suh Ndamukong, who restructured their 114 million dollar contract with the team.The official website of NFL | Payton Manning: next season is not a farewell tour | football Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) in his occupation career years not only to figh cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t a season. , the Denver Mustang quarterback, met with reporters on Tuesday. He talked about the next season he had to fight after he was 39 years old: I don't think it was a farewell show. I didn't want to answer the question about how old I was, and Manning said that after he said he was in good condition. in training on Tuesday and Manning were seen passing exercises, this Mustang is organized for the first time training new coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) new offensive tactics. Payton emphasized that the team is still in a learning stage, but said he is enjoying the process of studying the tactics manual. The new tactics will not be quite different from those of some people before. Kubiak at the NFL annual meeting last month that he plans to retain some old offensive tactics, the tactics to help Manning achieved astonishing 131 passes touchdowns in the last three seasons. we don't worry about whether Kubiak and Manning can adjust the attack team. The problem is that Payton's body can withstand 16 game schedule -- not to mention again the two season., Manchester United's next season's New Jersey style has been exposed many times on social networking sites. Among them, the Footy Headlines, a website that has revealed the football team's jerseys in advance, said that the robe of Manchester United will be "brand new" next season. according to the exposure of the picture, Adidas designers from Manchester United's founder, Manchester railway workers get inspiration, in the red shirt for the first time has increased the black stripes. In the past, even the red elements of Manchester United were usually white, and black elements were less. Of course, there was also one of the V words on the chest. , and ADI's new Manchester United Football design, seems to indicate a red and black combination of the shirt next season. This is in accordance with the Manchester United football is considered the new shirt style design, red color, with black lines, and the New Jersey - agree without prior without previous consultation. however, as in the past, the New Jersey spy released, usually causing fans tucao. The red and black new shirt of Manchester United was criticized as "like Nike". this is not random, the super fans will feel familiar to this jersey spy, is 2016 Nike Guangzhou Hengda home court Jersey? in recent years, the hook football shirt design "repeated Tucao not take heart", is a template design.The official website of NFL | Carol: Thomas will be in the Super Bowl lineup | Rugby Seattle Seahawks defensive core, safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) is currently in poor condition. He was absent from all training on Thursday at the local time, although he returned to the training ground a day later, but he only took part in a small amount of basic training. The fans were very worried about the team's last line of defence that could be restored to health before the Super Bowl began. , on Friday, Carol, the coach of the team, expressed his opinion on Thomas's injury in the interview. It's nothing. Earl did experience two bad days on Pete. He was very uncomfortable at that time. But it's all over, and we believe he can get back in a very quick way. I think the current injury will not affect his appearance and performance in the super bowl. Thomas was injured in the National League final with Green Bay Packers, an impact that caused his shoulder injury. Speaking of Thomas's training program, Carol said: we will give him time and he will get better and better in the next few days. The team will gradually increase his training to ensure that he can meet the Super Bowl at the best. also makes the Seahawks fans worried and cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman). He collided with his teammates and sprained his elbow in a run. Carol revealed that Sherman had almost completely recovered, and he took part in all the training this week and was in good condition.

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