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regular season tenth week race day and night ushered in a civil war in the National League West, the Arizona Cardinals away Seattle seahawks. The first three games, 2 wins and 1 losses lead the seahawks. The season is over c-hawks wings to the cardinals in the National League West playoff winners. This year the Seahawks could replicate the scene last year, century will witness the scene of a court attachment. 4 - 4 Seattle Seahawks this season in peril, proud of the defense "Ao detonation Legion" the beginning of the season performance has been poor. Once the grand offensive line in the League of Nations has been fragmented, the All-Star Jimmy Graham, who spent the most money this season, has not yet set up a chemical reaction with quarterback Russell Wilson. This season Russell Wilson is also a flat, even though it has 1878 yards, but only 9 touchdown were accompanied by 6 times. 8 games already was sacked 31 times, too much loss of offensive yardage and opportunity. While the main horse running back Sean Lynch this season because of injuries and poor play, but running back Thomas Rauls bench performance is good, and the pavement Werwilson jointly carry the banner of the attack. Near - end Graham has only 450 yards and 2 hits this season, which is far less than expected. If the game, Wilson and Graham can establish a good chemical reaction, the Seahawks offense will cheap nfl jerseys free shipping be easier. 6 - 2 in the Arizona Cardinals season continued strong National League West firmly secured the top position, compared to last year's disabled full camp, this year the Cardinals is old is new again, quarterback Carson Palmer this season to play very well, 2386 yards passing yards and 20 touchdown pass is the Cardinals this year continued to attack the main reason for the high. Palmer's good partner star took over Larry Fitzgerald's last season, 55 hits and 706 yards and 7. But it has sunk for a long time at running back Chris Johnson this season in the Cardinals coach Bruce Arians under full occupation career in spring second, currently 141 times the ball ran 676 yards, ranked third in the standings at the ball. It is no longer a dream that CJ2K wants to break through a thousand yards this year, if it can be healthy. And in the same Arians under Michael Freud and John Brand this season to play pretty well, which will cause great impact to the Seahawks defensive midfield. This season, the Cardinals defensive continue to maintain a high standard of proof, and anti run scores were in the forefront of the coalition. To the cold Seattle, this time the Cardinals will hopefully win.Goodwin (Marquise Goodwin) - Maxxis 2013 by Houston in the third round of Dezhou election, in fact he is also an athlete. is his excellent speed, Buffalo Bill dished out an olive branch to him, hope he can replace Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin). remove the injury, Goodwin NFL completed 24 games to finish 20 receptions at his training goal is to prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games will be preparing for the project, long jump, Goodwin is not for money but so choose, but if they pay the same salary, he will choose track and field. Goodwin said in an interview: "I would choose athletics, football is my life, this is not the track for me, I can play to earn a lot of money, but the future can harvest a lot of money, but this is not to say that I do not choose to track, I'm in the security NFL income." Goodwin and Bill completed a $2 million 850 thousand contract for 4 years, the allowance is 600 thousand dollars, in fact ancient Devin more talented in track and field, but NFL can get more income, so only temporarily to prepare for the Olympic games. Bill now hopes Goodwin will be able to perform well in the new season, and he himself says he will return to the team after the Olympics., the Lakers released an official statement announcing that they will retire from Kobe Bryant's 8 and 24 two jerseys in the Beijing time against the warriors in December 19, 2017. Kobe will become the tenth retirement shirt in the history of the Lakers and the first player in the history of NBA to retire two shirts for the first team. also decommissioned two numbers, and Kobe's greatness doesn't have to expound too much even great as Jordan, once in the bulls through number 45, 23 and number 12, but the Bulls only retired Jordan's No. 23 shirt, and shark O'neal had two numbers to be decommissioned, they were 34 and 32, but those two numbers were decommissioned by two different teams from the Lakers and the heat. the Lakers' retired shirt numbers and Jerry - West's No. 44 shirt 13 Chamberlain's 13 jersey for a single 100 point record and Elgin - Beller's No. 22 shirt Goodrich's No. 25 shirt Magic Johnson's No. 32 shirt day tick Jabbar's No. 33 shirt James worthy Jersey No. 42 Wilkes's No. 52 shirt the story of Kobe changing number why does Kobe change the number? The answer is different. , according to the reason Kobe himself revealed, was because he had 24 hours a day, and he wanted to cherish every minute of his time. This answer is not far fetched to a workout to "see the 4 o'clock every morning in Losangeles". however, from 8 to 24, the city determined clearly there are other factors. First of all, after the rape case in 2003, Kobe's reputation once slipped down. It is obvious that he wandered from Jersey sales to James and Iverson only fourth or fifth. So he also wanted to change his name from scratch. , secondly, when it comes to number 8, it's hard for people to not think of the Lakers court that he founded with O'neal (micro-blog) a few years ago. He chose new numbers to rebuild his own glory. finally, of course, there is one reason, but also the most controversial reasons for the fans. That is, Jordan's jersey number is 23. Although Kobe didn't want to admit it publicly, the choice of number 24 obviously contained the meaning of surpassing the NBA legend. but this is another story. No. 8 or No. 24. No matter what the shirt is, the soul under the shirt has only one name - Kobe &mi〉{"averagePoints":14.2,"playerId":13983,"percentChange":0,"averageDraftPosition":12.1,"percentOwned":99.8,"fullName":"A.J. Green","lastPoints":3.7,"pointsSEASON":226.8,"seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"The Bengals' 2016 season was marred by injuries and Green was caught up in the onslaught. After posting at least 1,000 receiving yards during his first six seasons, Green caught 66 passes for 964 yards and four scores in 10 games in 2016. He finished an NFL-best 70 percent of his 10 starts as a top-30 non-PPR fantasy receiver. He's finished top-nine at the position in PPR during three of the past five seasons, but has missed a total of nine games due to injury over the past three seasons. Green turns 29 years old this year and remains one of the best and most heavily targeted wideouts in the league.","seasonId":2017,"date":"Fri May 19"},"positionRank":10,"totalPoints":226.8}

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