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after further consideration, the Minnesota Vikings have decided to running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) will no longer have the qualifications in dealing with legal affairs he played when present. Jean Peterson played in determining the local time this Sunday against the New Orleans saints game until two days later, the Vikings changed their Wednesday morning issued a statement explaining that Peterson will be placed in the exemption list (Exempt/Commissioner's / President allowed Permission list). This will make the Peterson unable to participate in any team activities in handling his legal affairs. Peterson didn't enter the list when he played in the match of the Vikings lost to the new England patri cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ots. He was accused of being reckless or negligent and he was injured. The decision to allow him to fight this week has led to a lot of criticism, including the Minnesota governor's request for a ban on Peterson. The statement meant that Peterson was unable to play before his legal affairs were solved. He will attend his first hearing on his charges in October 8th. The district attorney in Montgomerie County previously said it was unlikely to judge the court before 2015.tiger August 6th news the injury to let the 49 people feel sad for a while. After Malcolm Smith (Malcolm Smith) suffered a severe chest injury, the first round show Joshua Garnett (Joshua Garnett) was also absent for a month. According to NBC reported by , Joshua Garnett, the 49 member of nursing front, is troubled by knee problem (ACL is not predicted). She will undergo surgery and will be out for a while. manager Kell - Kyle Shanahan said: "I know he has a problem with his knee, although it will take time to recover, it shouldn't be too long." Garnett first started the 11 games last season. After his absence, veteran Zahn - Bidds (Zane Beadles) and Brandon (Brandon Fusco) will be responsible for the junior guard this off-season, the Carolina Black Panther has lost a defensive key player. He is not Josh Norman (Josh Norman), but Roman Harbert (Roman Harper). Roma completed a one - year contract with the New Orleans saints in June, and returned to the saint he had been in for 8 years. This shows that the saints want to transform their second defence, but this not only means that the second defense of the saints is affected. Black Panther coach recently announced the adjustment of the team: "he is now in the saint, and I will guarantee that they will make every effort to get the information they want. Luo Man is a smart man, so we have to adjust to the offensive defense, we need to change a lot. all this is not surprising, cam - Newton (Cam Newton) password could not be adjusted, if not adjusted Roman court easily judge the next attack Panther is running the ball or the ball.said that if Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) thought can be used for 17 weeks over the Miami dolphins to save his position when the dolphins Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller) 97 yards touchdown directly Ryan into the abyss. Miller third with 97 yard touchdown to help the dolphins 24 to 14 lead New York jets. The 97 - yard flush is the longest NFL since the Green Bay Packer's Ahmad Green (Ahmad Green) 98 yards in 2003. ball record in the league's longest is 99 yards from the Dallas Cowboys running back Toni (Tony Dorsett) was created in the 1982 game against the Minnesota Vikings. and 97 yards are also the longest career records of Miller, enough to keep Lane in the last game of the jet fleet. But in the meters Leda array, Gino Smith (Geno Smith) with a 74 yard touchdown pass narrow dolphins score.

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