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if the Oakland Raiders to interim head coach Toni sparano under the leadership of the season has improved, they must overcome the danger of losing key defensive players difficult. As the saying goes, the roof leaks in the night rain. The injury ravaged the Raiders but bad news pouring. On Wednesday, the team announced that midline Nick Roach would be put in a list of injury reserves and announced it this season. loge in 2013 filled all defensive numbers with 112 grappling, 5.5 escapement, 4 forced balls and 3 recapture. But they were absent in the first four weeks of the pre - season injury in August 22nd this season. And the contract he signed is by the end of 2016, and next season loge's annual salary will reach 2 million 800 thousand. So far, he hasn't recovered from his concussion symptoms, and more likely it might have affected his career. The Raiders have signed the Philadelphia hawk's line guardian Cheaney Chaney (Jamar Chaney) as the alternate replacement of Meyers Bracey (Miles Burris) from the weak sid cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e line guard. And because Bracey served as middle linebacker, defensive coordinator Jason taafe (Jason Tarver) in charge of the pavement defensive League ranked second last year, even if they have a round rookie Khalil Mike (Khalil Mack) on the strong side. Raiders season key players list:earlier this week, Cleveland coach Brown Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) said that he could feel, not as starting quarterback Jonny Manzel made appearances (Johnny Manziel) suffers in the path of growth. On Friday local time, Manzel responded to the statement, saying that the coach's speech was inaccurate. "I don't think he's right," said Manzel. Though I have been the core of my team in the past few years, I have participated in every attack and completed every competition. Now, the situation and identity are unfamiliar to me. Although the situation has changed, I have not been plagued by the situation, and I do not think I am in trouble. I will continue to compete and try to have a chance to play, but that doesn't mean I'm struggling now. " Manzel believes that as a substitute can help him grow fast. He said in an interview that the most important thing at this stage is to learn, and the status now helps him to better understand the professional sports and understand his work. Manzel said he was able to feel that he was progressing, and he was looking forward to becoming a qualified first quarterback.NFL is responsible for industrial policy and government affairs, senior vice president of Adaofo Burch (Adolpho Birch) has informed the NFL players union al Jazeera TV in December America reports mentioned doping players will be surveyed in July. said the birch NFL program in the Green Bay Packers linebacker Julius peipers (Julius Peppers) and Craig - Mathews (Clay Matthews) and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison (James Harrison) the first day of the three training camp each interview with them. The former packing line guard Mike - Neal (Mike Neal) is currently a free agent, so the interview with him is scheduled for July 22nd or before. stressed that NFL Burch survey was conducted as the Al Jazeera documentary "let people pay attention to serious problems related to these players may be in violation of NFL/NFL players union on improving drugs prescribed." At the end of May, the NFL spokesman said the alliance was planning to sit down and talk with the four players at "sometime next month." The plan was delayed because of the lack of cooperation between the NFL players' Union. The former Denver wild horse quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) - the most noticeable player in the report - was not included in the survey, . As a retired player, he is no longer a member of the players' Union. Manning has strongly denied accusations of his use of human growth hormone (hGH) after neck surgery in 2011, or to improve its performance.The official website of NFL | ponies David Richardson: Brown gave me | football this week the Indianapolis Colts will face Cleveland Brown, the game for the team running backs Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson) must have a special significance. Richardson was very disappointed when he talked about the previous transaction: I was shocked, without any warning, and no one had talked with me about this. When I know this, I have been traded. in October last year, Brown traded on the first 3 rookie Richardson, who had only 17 professional experience, to the pony. After changing the East, Richardson still can not find the rhythm, the state is still depressed. He was also subjected to a lot of criticism and doubt. Richardson, who was about to face the old host, spoke out in an interview: they gave up me and I would do my best to beat them. I see this game as the last battle of my career. Although Richardson but his performance really A fighting spirit soars aloft., worrying. Over the past 3 weeks, his ball size is only 2 yards in the Colts after joining the data is only 3.1 yards. Richardson himself doesn't care: a lot of people think it's a mistake to choose me, and as they think, I'll prove myself in the next 4 weeks.

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