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The official website of NFL, a handsome ex pirate Jean Gruden, football coach has no intention to return home every time a team manager is vacant, the name of Jon Gruden will appear in the rumor. , the coach who once taught Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay pirates and led the pirates to win the Super Bowl in 2003, has been linked with Losangeles rams in many reports in the past few weeks. But Groton, who is currently on the ESPN Monday night contest, said he was satisfied with his current job on Wednesday. you know, I like rugby. I've said this countless times, Groton said. I just want to say I'm very satisfied with what I do now. I now put all my energy on the game of preparing the cowboy against the lion. I can't wait for our last week and one night match. I have a lot of choices now, but I have no intention of coaching. I really like what I do now, and I feel like I'm really close to the best. I've got a lot of fun in what I'm doing. although the rumour of Gurdon's return to teaching is usually a concern, the chief position in the Losangeles market is heavier than before. Just like a year ago, the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping New York giants boss position is the same. This is a super team in the super position. The ram captain will be one of the most popular positions in professional sports. If there is anything to attract Groton, the lights of Hollywood and the deluxe who are going to be built are possible. but apparently that did not attract gall. Atlanta falcons offensive coordinator Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) or the new England patriots offensive coordinator Josh Macdaniels (Josh McDaniels) are more likely to be the rams coach. Maybe the pirate defense coordinator of Tampa Bay, Mike Smith (Mike Smith), is also possible. and ram manager with big names, such as Gruden or University of Michigan coach Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) or the Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) are now publicly denied to coach the ram. has no doubt that the goats still want a big coach to be a candidate. But Groton said he wouldn't be the man. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.San Francisco 49 main player Michael Crabtree Michael Crabtree has been underperforming this season, the data are not satisfactory, and the playing time is also limited. The position of the top player in the team has been replaced. And he will become a free player after the season. In a regular interview this Wednesday, a reporter asked if Clubb Terry would return to 49 people next season. He looked depressed. He said, "it depends. I don't want to talk about this now." Clubb Terry returned from injury this season, and his competitive state was in a great decline. He couldn't get rid of the defender on the court, and the ability to get rid of the ball was almost zero. Only 6 matches in 15 games were over 50 yards. The 49 person coach Jim Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) once highly praised Clubb Terry's catching skills, and they all won in the history of NFL, but Clubb Terry has slapped Harbert on the slap face this season. Sluggish performance, more serious injuries not low-key personality, let it may not return to Crabtree 49 team.'s fifty-second super bowl is considered one of the best Super Bowl in history. according to the data, this super bowl is already the best in history. Philadelphia hawk and new England patriots attack a total of 1151 yards in advance. It is the largest number of yards in a single match in the history of NFL, which is more than the 1950 Losangeles rams' 1133 yards to New York Americans. In the 1151 yards including patriot quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) made the pass for 505 yards, he also broke the Super Bowl passing yards record kept by themselves. Brady also became the first in the history of the playoffs passing yards over 10000 yards of players. The Patriots made 33 points in Super Bowl history has the highest score of the loser. let's not forget Nick Fowles (Nick Foles), which gets the Super Bowl MVP. Fowles passed 373 yards and ranked the top five in Super Bowl history. as the game early into the open game, this game from the Super Bowl history of the highest total score only 1 points. Considering the free kick game kicked and touchdown additional points, we could see the birth of a new record. and perhaps the most striking figure is that two teams add only 1 kicks. we didn't see overtime, nor did we see the biggest reversal in the history of the super bowl. But these figures show that we watched a legendary game.After being cut off by the Philadelphia hawks last week, Cary Williams hopes to place her foothold in a team that has the strength to compete for the super bowl. Williams, NFL according to the famous media people Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) said, no surprise, after Williams and the New York jets and the Tennessee Titans exchanged, or have a strong interest in joining the Seattle seahawks. , the 30 year old Williams, was in the golden period of his career, and a large part of the reason he was cut off by the Hawks was due to the high salary. Because if the Hawks choose to leave Williams, his salary next season will not only reach 6 million 500 thousand dollars, but also occupy the salary space of the Hawks 8 million 170 thousand dollars. takes into account the existence of the most feared corner guard Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) in the league today. I believe that most teams will put the main attack points on Williams next season, which is undoubtedly a great challenge to their ability.

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