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Water polo | Chinese diving star WuHan Railway Station | / Bonan Taiwan Qiu Huo ending double win Cleveland Beijing news October 2nd 361 2011-2012 Chinese diving Star Series (WuHan Railway Station) and the London Olympic trials final this afternoon. Shanghai World Tour champion Huo Qiu Bo to score 473.25 points won the men's 10 meter double gold medal, Xie Si / Chen Aisen and Zhou Lvxin / Wang Jiankai field won silver and bronze medals. men's double 10 meters platform is the big play of the WuHan Railway Station. Just get top cross combination of bright world tour event in Shanghai on the (Shanghai) / Qiu Bo (Sichuan) showed great strength, the six round after a total of 473.25 points for the gold medal just smile. The fourth 207B, with a 3.6 degree of difficulty coefficient, also got the only 102.60 percent over the whole field. Before round, the Guangdong team, Chen Aisen Xie Yi once occupied the top fourth, but the jump 207B appeare cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d more mistakes, the single round only ranked fifth, although the last two rounds of two people struggling to catch up, jump by fourth, we can only accept the reality of the runner up, the total score of 458.40 points in their. Zhou Lvxin / Wang Jiankai of the Navy team won a bronze medal at 450.60 points. The result was 22.65 points from the winner of the champion. (Beijing) / Zhang Yanquan (Guangdong), one of the biggest favourites to win the title, was in a poor state, ranking only 447.36 points in the fourth place. Guangdong's Zheng Zhiqun Ke Huanzhong, Sichuan's Yang Jian / Yu Aiyang, Beijing's Li di / Wang Anqi, Navy, pine / Xian uminari in fifth and eighth. The WuHan Railway Station / event is also one of the London 2012 Olympic trials. The competition is carried out on 4 men's and women's 3 meter boards, men's and women's 10 meter diving platforms. The women's 10 meter double gold medal was won / Chen Ruolin Wang Hao, Luo and Qin Kai and Wu Minxia / Hezi won the male and female 3 meter double crown. , at this point, the WuHan Railway Station is all over. (finished) chart: the players are in the competitionThe official website of NFL | Wisconsin running back Gordon announced in the next | NFL Draft The third grade this season to punch the ball top NCAA College at the University of Wisconsin - Gordon ran Wei Melvin (Melvin Gordon) on Wednesday morning in the Dan Patrick show that he will participate in next year's NFL draft. Gordon's decision is not surprising, by virtue of his great progress this season for 2336 yards and 26 touchdowns and made in the cover and the ball, the final selection in the heisman. Gordon is expected to be the first 2 runners in next year's draft, but whether it will be taken off in the first or the second round is still a problem. Because in the last 2 years, no running guard was picked in the first round. Gordon is 6 feet 1 feet tall and 213 pounds. The 2013 season and the new England patriots rookie James White (James White) shared the ball and took 1609 yards to get the ball. He was rated one of the most shocking players in the United States, 7.6 yards each time, and ranked first in the 40 runners with more than 195 shots. University football statistics website data show that Gordon has 10-20 yards of punching balls, 54 times, 20-30 yards for 31 times (second times, 12 times), 30-40 yards for 20 times, and 40-50 times for 16, leading the race across the United States, while the 9 ball with more than 9 yards is also ranked first. The 86 team's total team number is not as good as he is. although some questioned his ability to fight, and NFL media analyst Daniel - Jeremy (Daniel Jeremiah) and bucky Brooks (Bucky Brooks) to him very highly. Although he was restricted by Ohio Avenue defense in the big ten division (Big Ten) Championships, Jeremy still said he had proved his talent. Last month Jeremy had also written about him when I had a chat with the consortium.Following the steps of Real Madrid and Bayern, many of the teams of the major league of America used this kind of recycled marine materials. In the weekend, whether the local shooter Cyle Larin can beat David David Villa is also one of the highlights. Each of the uniforms is made of 28 plastic bottles from the India ocean. That is to say, more than 600 recycled marine garbage can be used in a game. The concept of environmental protection is to play an important role in playing an important game.Handball | led by Liu Xiang Xinhua News Agency 2010 Chinese | top ten athletes | hand Association December 26th, Xinhua news agency, 2010 China sports top ten athletes: the upper left: Liu Xiang, Sun Yang, Wang Meng, Lao Yi, Zhou Suhong; the lower left: Lin Dan, Shen Xue, Li Na, Jiang Wenwen / Zhao Hongbo / Jiang Tingting, Hou Yifan was. Xinhua News Agency

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