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even-even soccer equipment AC Milan 2015-16 new network kit that uses the unique design of the red stripes on the chest, inspired by the iconic Rossoneri stripes. The AC Milan 2015-16 stadium shirt, which was officially launched in July 25, 2015, will start in the friendly international Milan friendly match against the same city.The official website of NFL | Chicago bears tight end Bennet | try trading football , according to people familiar with the Chicago bears are ESPN and proximal frontal matru Lawrence Bennet (Martellus Bennett) agent together to find the proximal Feng himself satisfied with the potential transaction at home. Bennet in the bears have a contract, but the former occupation bowl proximal wing in the season throughout cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the offseason training through the stop training way to win a contract for himself, but ultimately did not succeed. last week, the Ryan Pace and John Fawkes (John Fox) both avoided the questions about Bennet's future in Xiong. I at the end of last season and he talked to Pais in the camp said NFL test. I haven't talked to him recently. He really has a contract at the moment. Some of us are going to have no contract, so that's what we care about right now. When was publicly questioned about his role in the team, Bennet was put into a reserve list of injuries due to a rib fracture in December 8th last year. Last season he finished 53 ball 439 yards and 3 touchdowns. In the 3 season the bears in the next 29 anniversary with Bennet completed a total of 208 catches for 2114 yards and 14 touchdowns made.The NFL website will | saints receiver Morgan into the reserved / suspended list | football 's brief but rich career in New Orleans Saint Morgan (Joe Morgan) may come to an end. This week the team announced that he would be included in the reservation / ban list. The team did not give any reason for the decision. , the 26 year old Morgan undrafted rookie to join the alliance, in 2012 he was ushered in the outbreak of the season he the ball size up to 35 yards. But Morgan only played a few good times don't last long, good game because of knee anterior cruciate ligament injury had to say goodbye to the season. Finally he took 10 catches and completed 379 yards and 3 touchdowns, with good results. During the period, he had finished 80 yards of the ball. So far this season, Morgan has only played for the saints, without any data. Morgan himself responded to the matter on twitter, but he was obviously unaware of the team's decision. He said he was just like everyone else and couldn't understand why the team made the decision. We will continue to pay attention to the matter and wait for the official explanation.Matt Hassel Beck (Matt Hasselbeck) chose to retire after 17 seasons, but he won't leave everyone for too long. Hassel and Beck announced their retirement on Wednesday, and he announced that he would be a ESPN guest with his brother Tim Hassel Beck (Tim Hasselback). Hassel and Beck are always entertaining as a player. the end of brilliant career in Tennessee and Indianapolis as the Titans pony's backup quarterback, Hasselbeck is very easy to forget how good a player in the Seattle Seahawks when. He was selected for the three time in the 2005 season bowl occupation, led the Seahawks into the super bowl but eventually lost to Pittsburgh steelers. Hassel Beck with mobile ability, ability of passing accuracy and flexibility of the West Coast offense led by Alexander Haiying and Sean (Shaun Alexander), Walter Jones (Walter Jones), Daryl Jackson (Darrell Jackson) and Robinson (Koren Robinson), with a lot of points. Hassel Beck was one of the best quarterback in the first ten years of the century after the 6 playoffs, 5 of which were in succession.

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