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Water polo | zhouke cup first "Golden Dolphin" Zhejiang national fitness standard swimming finals series of activities held in Hangzhou in order to fully implement the "national fitness regulations" plan, promote the implementation of the "national swimming exercise rating standards", and constantly promote the masses of our province swimming activities, sponsored by the Zhejiang provincial Swimming Association zhouke cup first gold dolphin Zhejiang national fitness swimming standard series Finals held in Zhejiang sports activities in Career Technical College gymnasium today. to participate in the finals. The unit is the first batch of 26 "national swimming exercise rating standard" promotion units, more than 200 gold dolphin athletes adult group, middle school, primary school group group, in four strokes, 10 standard; the 50 meter medley relay, line throwing game. in 2013, the golden dolphins spread all over Zhejiang, and all the swimming clubs in Zhejiang province were well received. In 2014, the swimming sports management center of the State Sports Administration launched four great people's projects, the Golden Dolphin "national swimming training grade standard" on cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the list. Compared with the professional athletes rank standard that focuses on competitive proficiency test, the standard basically covers all the people who exercise, and is closer to the actual physical exercise. Even the highest level dolphin, the difficulty is not too big. In this regard, Jiang Binbo, director of the office of the National Swimming Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center said: we want to create a "as long as everyone can swim, can pass through the atmosphere, to stimulate public interest in customs clearance by swimming exercise, prompting them to actively participate in the challenge, harvest swimming health and happiness. After 2 years of implementation and promotion, has been involved in the number of dolphins in the country more than 500 thousand. Jiang Binbo said that the future will strive to create a "standard" Chinese mass swimming exercise "the guardian system, spread nationwide. The Golden Dolphin national competition will be held at the end of next year. The gold dolphins from all over the country will be selected by the region and will eventually gather in Beijing for the summit. [Zhejiang Swimming Association]Beijing Olympic handball | China sports delegation lingjiangfu officially unveiled (Figure) | hand Association Beijing 2008 Olympic Games China sports delegation's award suit China News Agency Beijing (search bar) July fifteen (reporter Shen Chen) Beijing Olympic Games (search bar), the Chinese sports delegation won a formal appearance for fifteen days. This will be accompanied by Chinese athletes boarded the Beijing Olympic podium clothing design team from Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, is a Chinese Olympic Committee after a year and a half, from home and abroad more than 2000 entries selected and completed. officially unveiled the Beijing Olympic Games Chinese sports delegation lingjiangfu overall design gorgeous atmosphere, not only embodies the spirit of the China athletes, but also very Chinese characteristics and a strong sense of the times: the main colors of red, yellow and white flag on the source, with distinct symbolic meaning, the overall jacket treated by red and yellow and white the color gradually formed a kind of visual effect is excellent fluidity; design pattern on the classic elements of the Beijing Olympic Games followed: auspicious clouds pattern, but the designers of the bold use of asymmetric design method, make up the auspicious clouds to create rhythm, tension, visual effects, a symbol of good luck, a punchline. the past Olympic Games Chinese sports delegation lingjiangfu are decided by the internal design, Chinese Olympic organization, this time, in order to make China athletes the best show style, in the local Olympic Games to create a truly belong to the Chinese lingjiangfu, China Olympic Committee as early as two 00 February seven start design contest, open call to the global Chinese clothing design award. Over three months' collection has received over two thousand pieces of design works from home and abroad. After experts' selection, the works from Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology won the competition. this is the first time in the history of design we take the form of public assembly organizing the Olympic Games lingjiangfu, to listen to public opinion, the director of the State Sports General Administration, benefit by mutual discussion, equipment center Chinese Olympic Committee Director Ma Jilong said.According to NFL famous media Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Freud (Michael Floyd) local time in Wednesday's training left three finger dislocation. He will be at least four weeks or more, and may be absent from the team's first battle against the New Orleans saints in September 13th. Freud is the number one foreign cardinals in the array took over, his absence will give offense is not a small impact. After Freud's injury, he will take the place of John Brown (John Brown) in grade three. He will temporarily replace his position with the veteran Larry Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald). Freud last season regressed, a total of 47 receptions with 841 yards and 6 touchdowns, as the 2013 season kiloyards performance. Earlier this week the team coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) have expressed dissatisfaction with Freud, said the urgent need to get rid of the old habit of playing extremely Help | Press | Advertise on | Sales Media Kit | Interest-Based Ads | Corrections | Contact Us | Site Map | Jobs at ESPN 2018 ESPN Internet Ventures. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Your California Privacy Rights, Children's Online Privacy Policy and Interest-Based Ads are applicable to you. All rights reserved.

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