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new England patriots abandoned Ken Dreher Tompkins (Kenbrell Thompkins) on Saturday. This action appeared in the NFL official player change list. The Patriots then upgraded the Ja'Gared Davis from the training group to the list of the 53 people's Congress of Davies. Tompkins last season as undrafted was the team signed a total of 32 times throughout the season, the ball 519 yards and 4 touchdowns. The 26 year old foreign player failed to enter the competition in last week's patriotic defeat in Kansas City chieftain. He only played 2 games this season, catching 6 times and getting 53 yards. It was a huge drop for Tompkins, who started the first week of the game. The team quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) in the past have said that Tompkins is one of his most trusted catcher. NFL official website reporter Albert Brill (Albert Breer) reported that Tompkins was told that if he could pass the player's bidding phase, no team wanted him, then the Patriot might sign him back next week. The patriot's catcher's lineup was a big question mark in the first four games of the season. The lack of able to complete the attack, extending the offensive position offensive weapons has become a major cause of the poor performance of the. Just a day before, Biliqieke coach Bill (Bill Belichick) for another team outside the same game over, did not enter the list of Aaron - Dobson (Aaron Dobson) the next two weeks due to Tom Brady will be expelled from Gillette still outside the stadium, and Jimmy Gallo still need to restore the Baltic right shoulder injury cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , all eyes are focused on the rookie quarterback Blissett who jacobi. Oh, rob Gelon Sikorski, due to a hamstring injury, the proximal end of the 2016 season we failed to play. The Patriots at Fox Polo on Tuesday in the training, Gallo Polo, linebacker - watt and he collapsed a surname Haitao were classified as restricted entry. , of course, for the Patriots, Gelon 'situation is disturbing, but more important is the depth of their. Now there are only third and final starter Blissett on the Patriot bench. You expected that they would introduce a new veteran to town. But because Gallo Polo appeared on the training ground as a restricted player, he had the chance to be a substitute player for Blissett, which also made the Patriot avoid cutting off a player for introducing a quarterback veteran. In addition to the consideration of lineup, Blissett is trying to seize this opportunity. When new England picked him in the third round of 2016, he didn't expect to get such a quick chance to play. Jacoby - Blissett, talking about Thursday's match against the Dezhou people, said: "every week is doing the same. No matter who is on his turn, it will go up to the best level. " ? a "Courtney Fallon (@CourtneyFallon_) September 20, 2016 the new England patriots current record is 2-0, but the strong challenge this week will be in the home court facing the resurgence Houston Dezhou team launched. Even with flexible mobility Bulisaite, face J.J.- watt and Jiadewen - rushed to clowney, a rookie quarterback is far from being a friendly test. If you can get involved 'glycopyrronium would be a great help for him, but no one can guarantee that he can play well for third weeks. From the NFL Network Courtney Fallon reporter an interview Thursday, Bulisaite sound is still relatively optimistic, he said Gelon in progress every day, and feel better. Blissett would be very welcome to his return.playoff history The history of NFL playoffs can be traced back to the first championship in 1933. The championship is the only playoff event in that era. Whether or not to enter the playoffs depends only on the regular season's performance. That is to say, the top two teams in the regular season enter the final championship. In 1933-1966, it was only when the rankings were flat to make a final game of the playoffs to determine the ranking. In 1967, the playoffs were expanded to 4 teams. When NFL merged with the American rugby league (AFL) in 1970, the playoffs were expanded to 8. The number turned into 10 in 1978 and became the 12 team playoffs that are now used in 1990. today's playoff game participation in qualification two Federation, the National Football League (NFC) and the American Football Federation (AFC) each of the 6 playoffs, the Federation of the 4 partition their division titles (the best record in team Division win the Division) can obtain the playoff qualification. The remaining 2 seats are called the wild card association in addition to record 4 division champions outside the rest of the team in the top 2 teams qualified for the. Because no matter how bad the performance is, only the divisional champions can get the playoffs seats. Therefore, sometimes some teams with better performances will not be able to enter the controversy of the playoffs. For example, the 2008 season 8 wins and 8 losses for San Diego lightning al West champion in the playoffs, and 11 wins and 5 losses for the new England patriots can not get playoff qualification. The 2010 season 10 wins and 6 losses of the New York giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers both in the playoffs is blocked outside the gate, and 7 - 9 in the NL West championship as the Seahawks entered the playoffs. when there are 2 or more teams at the end of the regular season, NFL has a detailed and complex ranking way to decide which team can enter the playoffs and the seed ranking order of the playoffs. According to the ranking in each record division record against the same opponent record - district record victory gold - Gold - and race classification data in different areas; draw: the mutual record - district record against the same opponent record (at least 4) - Gold - Gold race victory - score points, goal difference, array data. The results of the two teams are also the same according to the above two principles. seed displacement this may be the biggest part of the current playoff competition. At present in the first division championship playoff, according to the record of quality from high to low, occupy the 1-4 seeded wild card team, according to the record quality accounted for 5, the No. 6 seed. High ranking advantage is that you can get home court advantage (1, No. 2 seed can also get a wild card free week treatment). But the seed ranking has brought about a higher number of teams with worse performance than the better teams. For example, this year's playoffs, only 7 wins, 8, 1 draws, and the Carolina Panther because it is the National League South champion.The official website of NFL |: Carle Crabtree is similar to the style of football | faffe Oakland Raiders wide receiver, Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) and Derek Carle (Derek Carr) played one season for Carle, but his evaluation is very high, even compared it to the legend Bret faffe (Brett Favre). Clubb Terry said, "this guy is amazing. He has talent. We will talk about how to do better on the court. I have a feeling that he has walked ahead of us. He can control the offensive team and control the whole game. He is a sought after this, like old faffe, they have similarities. for third years, Carle has just entered the league which is a high evaluation, last season Carle performed beyond his rookie season, led the Oakland Raiders finished 7 victories, he surrendered a 61.1% passing rate, 3987 yards and 32 touchdowns and advancing 13 interceptions. The 2015 season of Clubb Terry and Carle cooperation completed 922 yards forward, this is his occupation career high second season, and the occupation career high 9 touchdowns, compared to 2013 and 2014 and Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) cooperation, Clubb Terry did the good thank you Carle. The 2016 season is a good opportunity for the Raiders to be able to get a gain in the west side of the United States.

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