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Tennessee Titan announced a renewal on Tuesday with kicker Ryan Sakap (Ryan Succop). According to NFL Network reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo reported that the contract for five years, the value of $20 million, including $7 million 500 thousand security deposit. Sakap will earn 8 million 250 thousand dollars in the first two years of the contract. last season was Sakap's fourth years in Titan. His free kick completion (35) ranked fifth in the league, 136 in the league, ninth in the league, and fifteenth in the additional points. Only one free kick attempt and additional score shot were blocked. In the hands of a free kick for more than 20 kicks, Sakap is sixteenth with 83.3% free kick completion and an additional score of 93.9%. let the Titans to keep him in the 40-49 area code is zacapu performance. Sakap tried 20 times for a free kick in this range, 16 times. San Francisco ranked fifth, second only to 49 people - Robbie Gould (Robbie Gould) (17/18), Baltimore's Justin - Tucker crow (Justin Tucker) (11/12), Kansas City Chiefs Harrison Barker (Harrison Butker) (10/12) and the Losangeles rams Greg Zuerlaien (Greg Zuerlein) (12/12). Sakap is 31 years old this year, and if he enters the free market, he will become the most popular veteran kicker with Graham Cano (Graham Gano).When is in power in NFL, as in the US government, you can't make everyone like your approach. So what do people think of Roger Goodell (Roger Goodell)? , acco cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rding to a NFL survey, showed that Godell's support rate was 28%, 42% were opposed to him, and 30% were neutral. Worse still, when asked whether the chairman felt good or bad, 19% of them were satisfied, 40% of them were bad, and nearly 40% said they were not sure. what about the president of the United States, Barack - Obama (Barack Obama)? According to the survey 47% of the people support Obama, 50% of the people against, 3% of the people are not sure. Of course, Goude's support rate is higher than this year's congressional support rate, which accounts for only 16% of the support.Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist common ground, the term first appeared, it was proposed that people admire a founding father of a country, Zhou Enlai of Premier Zhou at the Bandung Conference, this is his complex relationship, to solve the complex contradictory way of thinking and behavior patterns of the One principle runs through it all.'s dialectical thinking mode, but also practical examples. Why does say this word at the beginning of this article? That is because to talk about the business model and team building strategy of all NFL teams today, "seeking common ground and saving differences" is the first adjective I can think of. A high degree of commercialization of the American Football League, the previous occupation of the road for nearly 100 years to go down, predecessors trees descendants cool, is not only the business model is mature enough, although the team's tactical system but lack of success, contention of a hundred schools of thought, so what the imitator public, unless there is a revolutionary innovation, in a broad sense, NFL team played almost all the weak points in the execution of the pros and cons of coaches and players. last season, the most successful division of the league is the western area of the United Arab League and the Western League of nations. In the way of seeking common ground while reserving differences, the west side of the United States is the two excellent quarterback, plus the chieftain defender and the Raiders. But it is common in the National League West offensive group + defense group first-class water, and then the way west country differences, 49 good Seahawks and hit the pavement attack, the Cardinals is love long, different attack types, but the defense seems not too bad, but just the points standings last season, the Seahawks and 49 people, and the Cardinals rams ranked first in the league, third points respectively, seventh and thirteenth, the ranking is just last season in the National League West record list is consistent, it can be said that this is a "defensive destiny" partition, so today we continue to use the method to discuss the differences of China. The characteristics of four Defense League west. similarities 1, paying great attention to road defense look at a set of data, on the season 49 road defense, the Cardinals first, fourth, the Seahawks seventh rams ninth. This season, the Seahawks second, 49 third, fifth cardinals, rams fell behind. It can be said that the road is in the defensive team the team four. some friends will ask, not all said NFL has become a passing League, what's the use of the road defense? There is nothing wrong in this, but at that time the data of 1970s, each team averaged 31 points ball, 27 ball; but today, averaging team rushed the ball 27 times, and 40 years ago at least 4 times, but now the number of passes up to 35 times, more than 40 years ago 8 times this, understand it, just because the more offensive rhythm attack more and more quickly, but the attack did not reduce the number of road. The road defensive intention is in the initial file do not throw too much code number, and then in the third to guard the pass, with sacks and steals made mistakes. Automatic playback switch automatically play [Costa] goal attract double cross knock feed cake Gonzalo Higuain come straight to the point before the next city is loading ..; Tencent sports news Beijing time in March 15th, relying on the goals of Gonzalo Higuain and Mattu Edie, Juventus successfully defeated Atlanta, and got the expected three points. However, the game appeared in the ironic scene, Bbe Nadia was torn shirt in the opposition box opponent fight when looting. Benatia's shirt is torn "Robe" this scene appears in the eightieth minute, when Mattu Edie scored for celebrating, Juventus fans cheering a mountains and seas are whistling, many fans also noticed between Bbe Nadia and Delong "wrestling", even the Juve President Agnelli is not busy celebrating, but pointing to the Atlanta area. in slow motion, Gonzalo Higuain ball, Bbe Nadia inserted into a small area to live in order to get the point at Juventus defender, Williams super pulled his shirt, even in a circle around Bbe Nadia. Juventus defender tried to get rid of the defense, but to get rid of the latter in Delong waved, then back down to the ground directly to the Bay nadia. Delong and Benatia each eat a yellow card Delong's action was so hard that Bbe Nadia's shirt was tore straight in half. The referee had just sent off Atlanta defender Mancini, this is mercy, two people were given a yellow card. Quite funny is that Tony Nadia wearing exposed in the back of the yellow shirt collar. This decision allowed two people have some dissatisfaction, Williams and Chiellini trying to argue for beta Nadia defense. Bbe Nadia had to return to the bench for a shirt and reminding his central defender to remain calm. After the game, the Juve manager pointed out, "Bbe Nadia risks a red card, but he soon calmed down. He is an excellent player and a lovely young man, but once the blood boil, he becomes difficult to control. I told him to keep calm. When you lead 2 to 0 and the game is near the end of the game, you have to move your head. " (Obail)

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