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The official website of NFL | before 49 people running back Gore eventually settled in the pony | football the Indiana Colts in trade for Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson) 2 years later, finally found a heavyweight running back to replace Richardson. ESPN reports, the Colts announced Tuesday that they have a running back with the former San Francisco team of 49 people - Frank Gore (Frank Gore) reached an agreement. It is reported that the agreement for 3 years to reach 12 million US dollars, of which 8 million 500 thousand is the guarantee. and Gore had with the Philadelphia hawks is the outcome of the negotiations 7 million 500 thousand guaranteed, but after careful thought, Gore chose the colts. , 31, Gore no longer has the speed of the outbreak, but he and Ma Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) become the only two players in the last 4 seasons. And his pass protection and short code capabilities will help Andrew Luck (Andrew).The official website of NFL | Pierre Paul and the giants signed a one-year contract | football Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-P cheap nfl jerseys free shipping aul) returned to the New York giant. less than a year after the amputation of the right index finger and other fingers was caused by a pyrotechnic accident, Pierre Paul returned to a place he never wanted to leave. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported on Tuesday that Pierre Paul would stay with a giant in a one-year contract. According to reports at , Pierre Paul rejected the other team high price. JPP???????????Wy?????Y????????????????? He may not want to accept a contract with a low salary at the beginning for only 8 games in full health and only 1 escapement. He did not want to leave New York, and it had become another home for him. Pierre and Paul were the first round of the giants in 2010. Pierre Paul was 27 years old, although he will never be able to copy in 2011 16.5 sacks, he showed himself is one of the league's top defensive player to punch the ball and defensive end position of the real appearance of the choice of all three. will be fun for Pierre and Paul next year. In the year of the 2014 contract, he got 53 escapement for 12.5 times. He did not sign a giant's privileged label contract before the accident, and in the end he had to get only a shrinking contract because of the accident. now, he's going to face a key season again. In addition to a few exceptions, the giant General Manager Jerry Rees (Jerry Reese) does not usually offer a high price for second contracts for the players selected by the team. this decision can make defensive coordinator Steve (Steve Spagnuolo) Genuoluo spa in the next few weeks of the free agent market in a little easier. The giant needs to make up for the bad defensive frontline of the last season. J Pagano Lo's creativity has made the team brilliant in several games, but he may prefer to have more good players in the next season.tiger tiger July 7th news when Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) was a high school student, he got the chance to attend the Manning pass College in Louisiana, and he was shocked to learn and train for four days. Inspired by this experience, has been holding one of his one day pass training camps every summer since joining NFL. But now, he wants to do more. on Wednesday, he announced that he would collaborate with former teammates Jack Jake Heaps to create the Russell Wilson quarterback college. Wilson has high expectations for his new college. He will go to China next week to participate in a joint campaign by Nike and the Alibaba. As part of the trip, Wilson said he would be looking for a venue for a quarterback training camp that could be held next year. Wilson said he had trained with 8000 children in the previous pass training camp, while Hipps had taught 60 children in his pass college alone. On the company's official website, ranges from $125 to $300 for the course of learning. The participants were between 10 and 22 years of age. Wilson said he would not stay in the training ground with his students all the time, especially during the season, but he would have other ways to keep in touch with the students.the 5 year contract with the team's 5 year contract will expire at the end of this season with the New York giants' Antrel Rolle. He wants him to stay in the team and retire here. Rolle hopes to continue to play for the giants next season and hope to play for another 3 years. This week he's going to be 32 years old, but he thinks the 2015 season should be a wonderful year for the giants, and the age is not a problem. "I never worry about my age," he said in an interview. "I never worry about my age," said in an interview. I can see that the coaches say I'm completely out of age, even in training, compared to any 32 year old player. Other players may have to think about age, but I don't have the problem at all. " The League is not starting safetys Birol older, may not be able to prove his point of view. But with so many years to come, the giants will be signed back to Rolle at the same time to the safety position to make an upgrade. is hard to predict future progress at present. The giants may have actions for their coaching team, including defense coordinator Perry Perry (Fewell), and salary is also an important factor for free players. So there are many changes in the sixth seasons to see Rolle in New York.

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