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The official website of NFL | Todd - Gary: no Pedersen | Rugby Since the outbreak of Todd Gurley data in Saint Louis rams, the contrast between him and Adrian Pedersen (Adrian Peterson) has been heated by people since. is going to face the Vikings in Minnesota this week. Gregory also stood out for the first time to comment on the contrast. He commented: "I only played 4 games in the league, but Pedersen stayed in the League for so long. His golden age was far beyond me. glee is currently a few of the top runner who can hit Pedersen's first season's record. He is now the most player in the first 4 games of the league, and the only rookie has completed the performance of over 125 yards. , let's take a look at Pedersen's record. In the first 7 seasons, no less than 10 touchdown and 2097 yards in 2012, this feat is still less than 9 months after he just completed the knee surgery.NFL official website, exposure to last season was Payton dolphins coach Manning please, its comeback footb cheap nfl jerseys free shipping all nest June 25th news Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) the last season will actually be the second season of the last season? that's not the case. But Manning did reject a request from the former coach to let him back last winter. this is Manning's father, Archie Manning (Archie Manning) revealed. He told the media that Miami dolphin commander Adam Gass (Adam Gase) had been an offensive coordinator in Denver from 2013 to 2014. He was contacted by Payton, the first quarterback dolphin Taer Sill (Ryan Tannehill) after a season's reimbursement for a knee injury. Archie Manning also took out the message to support his argument. Gass is the first contact, Archie Manning said. He said, "Hey, No. 18, Tanneixier injured," he said, "I think he will be absent for a while. The first question I got in the morning press conference would be whether I would take you to Miami. How do you want me to answer them? Payton responded to the message, 'you tell them I might play, but I can't get out of the car for the next two weeks.' So he didn't agree. Gass did make a good attempt. When Tanneixier injured dolphins 8 wins and 5 losses, are competing for the American League Wild card. Matt - Moore (Matt Moore) is a competitive substitute that has led the dolphins to the playoffs for the first time since 2008. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.recently a NFL star may have lost his $100 thousand diamond earrings at Lake Georgia. The player is from Atlanta falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (Julio Jones), it is reported that he was driving on the lake water motorcycle bumped into other ships, so he fell into the water, he was successfully rescued but his earring was gone. has learned that motorboat drivers have searched the bottom of the lake many times but have nothing to do at the moment. unfortunately because of the Falcon training camp starts on Thursday and will continue until August 4th, and the first season the team's first match will be held in August 26th of the Arizona Cardinals, so Jones could not continue to participate in their search for earrings.The official website of NFL | rams Coach: Manning is still in the peak period | football has been playing with Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) several times in the long career of Geoff, Jeff, Jeff of Saint Louis rams. This week, two people will meet the twentieth meeting. Before the match, Fisher made no stints of praise to Manning. in the interview, Fisher said: he is still in the peak, still can play the best game. He has a lot of excellent teammates and is very good at the game. He almost never was killed, almost never made the wrong choice to beat him is too difficult. Fisher also evaluated the attack system of Indianapolis pony and Denver wild horse in the interview: I respect the pony of that year, their system is excellent. Everyone in the mobile, Marvin - Harrison (Marvin Harrison) on one side, Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) on the other side. The way of wild horse is different from the pony. They have found many excellent helpers for Manning. I think these people may be the best group of teammates in his career. The results are enough to prove their success. actually, the same year's Pony has provided Manning with a strong enough offensive weapon. But Fisher selectively ignored the problems, but repeatedly stressed the current lineup of the wild horse. Fisher said of course right, Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) has become one of the most proximal frontal terror in the league, de Maris Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) is the American League best receivers, Iman Nur - Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) also filled Eric - Dekker (Eric Decker) left perfect mi the vacancy. Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker) is currently only as a team after the selection, alternated. This season, Manning is still a hot candidate for MVP, but for him and his team, the ultimate goal is to win the super bowl.

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