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The official website of NFL | Ron - Rivera: the Black Panther do not get enough respect | football Rivera Rivera, the head coach of the Carolina panther, recently said his team has not received enough respect from the outside world this season. Rivera believes that most people don't think the Panther is a candidate for the super bowl, in addition to 14 - 1. He said, "I am not satisfied with this. Although it is a joke, you have already won 14 victories. Why do people still question you? When you lose a game, people question more. People think we should have been 8 to 8, and it seems that people need to pay more attention to us. Rivera Gerrard - Mccoy for the previous (Gerald McCoy) speech - Newton (Cam Newton) emphasized MVP deserved, because he can do little more rely on record to receive this honor. I think this is the comment of the apology, and I don't think we deserve to be criticized. We will do the best, we will show our strength and look forward to it. news: Coach: Jonathan Stewart will return to 17 weeksThe official website of NFL | Dallas Cowboys won't trade team running back | football Dallas cowboys with No. five selection of Iraq gathered at the Seoul - Eliot (Ezekiel Elliott) but this is cheap nfl jerseys free shipping not to say that they will exchange their veteran running back. recently, the vice president of the team, Stephen Jones (Stephen Jones), has made it clear that Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) and Alfred Maurice (Alfred Morris) will not be traded at least for now. Jones said: at the show conference we received a call to deal with our running guards, but we were not interested. in fact, the team's coaching team agreed that Eliot did not have the starting strength. Gary Brown (Gary Brown), the running coach, said: Eliot needs to compete for the job, which is a good thing for the team. Eliot didn't complain about this. He said, "the rhythm is faster now, and the tempo of the game will be quicker. I may be a bit tired and tired before, but now I can go on, I will be fully prepared every day.Saint Louis ram's first round rookie Greg Robinson (Greg Robinson) finally completed her career first in the 49 matches with San Francisco. In the game, he served as the left guard, and was responsible for the location of the Safford Roger (Rodger Saffold) to adjust to the right, instead of four games in pass protection extremely struggling Dioan - Joseph (Davin Joseph). rams offensive coordinator Blaine Schottenheimer (Brian Schottenheimer) for the evaluation of good rookie: "you see his performance, this is very good, he is in progress. Last year, we recognized young players' growth time by some young players' performance. Especially for some children, they learned very little tactics in school. I still have to say it again. Greg will be a very, very good player in the league. " Robinson was famous for his strong open skills during the University, and the Auburn University's demand for him is also the defensive frontline player to beat his opponent. These tactical arrangements have inadvertently affected the level of his pass protection, which makes him no longer a rule after entering the league. His weakness was also exposed in the pre - season.The official website of NFL | Guolian civil war 49 | football giant lore Beijing time, at 8:30 a.m. on October 12th, 49 people in San Francisco came to New York to challenge the giants. The competition was very fierce, the score of the two sides rose alternately, and the last time even staged a killing and an anti - killing. Total score: 49 people 27:30 New York giant. Both sides of the opened the attack and the first section failed to achieve a free kick from each other. After entering the second quarter, the giants took the lead into the break the deadlock, star quarterback Eli Manning (Eil Manning) led the team to run with, steadily, finally pass to running back Sean - vering (Shane Vereen) completed a 2 yard touchdown. The 49 person is still in the state, and 2 minutes less, and was shot by the giants. Fortunately, in the first half of the season, there was 3 minutes when 49 people finished a shot again, and the score was closer to 6-13. At this time, Manning opened the unique pattern, promote each other to the red zone from the 20 yards in just 3 minutes, but the last few seconds touchdown was challenge cornerback Trevor Bullock (Tramaine Brock) - Main steals, 49 people escaped unharmed. in the second half of the 49 finally wake up and stop the giant wave of offensive, quarterback Nick Colin - Capet (Colin Kaepernick) is the first international security - Boulding took over the veteran long (Anquan Boldin) to succeed, then continuously used brute surface propulsion scored the giant red zone, finally still by Capet Boulding 4 yards short of Nick wing array, to chase the score 13-13. Since then, the group began performing defensive moments, but Manning finished Pactrometer, open again matchless, less than 3 minutes in the last wave of advance, under the interference of short throwing star Odell - Beckham external (Odell Beckham), the latter by the defender and the speed into the end zone to complete a 17 yard touchdown. The game in the fourth quarter, 49 people also continue to promote the pass and move not resigned to playing second fiddle, Nick Capet, and finally by the road pass to Garrett - Crick (Garrett Celek) completed a 5 yard touchdown, tying the score again. And the giant team quarterback Manning still good state, but unfortunately in the last few attacks in the red area failed to reach, 3 points shot end. the last 2 minutes and 44 seconds, 49 people spent just half a minute, 5 ground push 1 passes, then attack to the giant in front of 4 yards, 2 minutes after the official suspended, the main running back Carlos - Hyde (Carlos Hyde) sudden strong middle touchdown counter ultra 4 points left in the game, at 1:15. The giants quarterback Manning want to win more consecutive passes forward, by the end of 84, near the end Larry - Dunaer (Larry Donnell) in the 2 defenders holding under 12 yards receiving touchdowns! The last 17 seconds, 49 failed to organize an effective attack, regret to leave. 〉

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