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before the draft, the Cardinals has never hidden their longing for the future. Not only a large number of potential trial team quarterback, also from time to time that want to find Carson - Palmer (Carson Palmer) successor. but they ultimately did not choose a quarterback, the Emirates and Dezhou people traded to the Cardinals ahead of Patrick Ma Holmes, were cut Hu (Patrick Mahomes) and Deschamps (Deshaun Watson) - grace watson. The Cardinals will temporarily put aside the idea of choosing talented quarterback, linebacker Hassan Reddick (Haason Reddick). general manager Steve - Caim (Steve Keim) recently showed Reddick's expectation on the show and explained that no new quarterback was acceptable to him. "I have been carrying out the idea of undemanding since I became the general manager." "This alliance is indeed the most important of the quarterback, and everyone needs the young blood that lays the foundation for the future," Caim said. But at the same time, it is not possible to make a strong choice. If your soul doesn't cry to you, "it's him," the choice may make the team hard. Caim said the team felt that there were "four to five quarterback" in the draft next year to meet the requirements. But they want cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to win, may need to pay the cost of the Cardinals victory high draft picks.The official website of NFL | ram citing health concerns sacked rookie receiver Sasse | Rugby Saint Louis rams rookie wide receiver Budd (Bud Sasser) Sasse ended his short career in ram. As the 6 round of the new rookie this year, he was cut off by the ram on Tuesday local time. According to the official website of NFL reporter, Sasse exist heart problems, the team found that in the last month with potential causes. in recent weeks, Sasse accept a large number of inspection, the team also provide help for him. Finally, Sasse is still not able to obtain health certificates, which makes him unable to get the game license. This Tuesday, the ram just Sasse signing, although unable to stay in the team, but he is still able to take a $113 thousand signing bonus. in college, Sasse eye-catching performance, single season 77 catches for 1003 yards and 12 touchdowns. I hope he can recover as soon as possible and return to the game as soon as possible. At present, there are 4 rams team wide receiver: Kenny (Kenny Britt), Britt Austen (Tavon Austin) - tahon, studman - Bailey (Stedman Bailey) and Blaine Quirke (Brian Quick).The official website of NFL | Falcon announced that Coleman will become the first week of the first | football running back Atlanta will play in the tournament week night Falcon and the Philadelphia team, hope Thai rookie running back Coleman (Tevin Coleman) can play a more important role. Dan Quinn, the Dan Quinn, announced on Tuesday local time that Coleman would be the first to start the first week. Deonta - Freeman (Devonta Freeman) which is regarded as the team's starting running back, but due to a hamstring injury he missed the entire preseason. Although Freeman said in his recent interview that he had recovered to 90%, his injury still affected his plan this season. despite Coleman's appointment as a first week first, the team's number one race is still not over. Freeman still has a chance to prove that he is the best ground attacker in the team through performance on the field. During the pre - season, Coleman held the ball 12 times in the last two weeks and took 58 yards. With the joining of Kyle Shanahan, the ground offensive of the falcons was widely appreciated. Although the attack front is still struggling, the team is confident that the spark can be wiped out in the regional cover system.Beijing time was played in the Third Battle of the London race in the 1:002017 season of October 23rd. The Arizona Cardinals at Twickenham Stadium against the Losangeles rams. This is the Cardinals running back Adrian Pitt this season second team embarked on the British mainland, before he and the saints at Wembley against Miami dolphins. Both sides of the first section of the show their performance in the red area of the other side, but they have not been able to turn the push into the score. The difference lies in the kicker, RAM "leg thunder Zuerlaien stable shot for 3-0 leading rams. second, Losangeles rams still haven't found the effective method of array, Suoxingzuerlaien still trusted, 33 yards shot, the score was 6-0. The ball changed hands, a short Cardinals played very fruitful, but the rams defense group to give sufficient pressure to press the Cardinals abruptly shot in the distance. Punt again when the Cardinals SWAT concentration problems, could bring the ball at the one yard line, but watched the ball into the end zone to form the array (Touchback). The group is not easy to prevent the Cardinals defensive back and punt, Palmer pass was intercepted, Sergio Marcus Joyner ram safe return to the Cardinals red zone. With the starting position so wonderful, super running back Todd Karli a clever Dodge, go left to take assigned array, leading the rams 13-0! the last two minutes of the first half wave of the ram with a freely flowing style of writing pass, 4 different players came to the Cardinals sister array area within 10 yards, athletic ability is not outstanding quarterback Jared GF chose to punch the ball beyond all expectations to complete touchdowns, leading the rams 20-0! behind so many Cardinals unexpectedly was stolen away! Time is tight and heavy task, but the leg thunder always trustworthy. A 53 - yard shot scored the first half of the goats' 23-0 lead. third, the Cardinals uninterested, RAM didn't just took two shots to score. In section fourth, "RAM in a flagrant way walk face time, road defense alliance seventh Cardinals but also how to stop the advance of ram. Red zone, rookie receiver Karp GF left screen pass, using the number one external Sami Watkins blocking people out of neutral, calmly into the end zone, this round of attack and ram from 7 points. with backup quarterback Mannion kneeling table, score 33-0. Losangeles rams rewrite the record of 5 wins and 2 losses, with the National League West first entered the holiday week.

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