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The official website of NFL |2012 first show fifth year option and not a | football The deadline for the fifth - year option of the 2012 first round show is to be carried out. Let's look at the options of each team. The first round of the new show contract fifth years is the first round of the four year of the new show after the implementation of the new show, the team has the right to extend another year. The contract amount is the rookie of the top 10 ranks, the average value of the top 10 players with the highest salary, and the 11-32 rank is the average between the third and twenty-fifth places with the highest salary. If the player is injured, the total amount of the fifth - year option is guaranteed. Below is a list of first - Andrew - LAK (Andrew Luck), quarterback / pony, execution. No tickets for the God's favored one. 2, Robert - Griffin III (Robert Griffin III), quarterback / red, execution. Red skin is probably the decision to give Griffin the last chance to be a cheaper privilege tag. 3, T cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rent Richardson (Trent Richardson), running back Brown, has signed a 2 year contract with the raiders. Brown was traded to the pony, pony was terminated after the offseason with the Raiders signed a 2 year contract. Can I save occupation career. 4, Matt - Kali (Matt Kalil), intercepting / Viking. 5, Justin Blackmon (Justin Blackmon), wide receiver / jaguar. (it is still in the suspension period) 6, Maurice Keleiboen (Morris Claiborne), cornerback / cowboy. Note: the above three teams have not yet decided whether to execute it or not. 7, Mark Barron (Mark Barron), safety / sea,. No execution. Last season was traded to the ram, the goats chose not to carry out. 8, Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) in Tanzania, safetys / dolphin, executive. The dolphins hope that tanning Hill is the next Dan Marino. 9, Luke Qikeli (Luke Kuechly), linebacker / panther, execution. One of the best midline guards in active service. 10, Stephen - Gilmore (Stephen Gilmore), Kok / Bill, execution. Bill is now the top guard in the team. 11, East Tower - wave (Dontari Poe), defensive tackle / Chief executive. The best defense of active spike 〉the new England patriots win their fifth super bowl, but after the team for the team does not need to worry too much, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) still maintain a good competitive state, continues to lead the defense alliance, several free players only need to deal with is your contract. The team will be how to deal with free agent contract also can make nothing of it, but the team ran Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) said the initiative would like to stay in the 2017 season of patriots, he said: "I just want to make sure I can as a free agent once again return to England, I love this place, I love the culture here, I care of the players, and they are very close to me." patriots have never been a team that will work hard on the running problems. You can't even point out the depth of their run - out list. Because the performance of the substitute runner James White (James White) is worth the fifty-first Super Bowl MVP, while Dior Lewis (Dion Lewis) is the playoff killer.The Washington Redskins quarterback colt Mccoy (Colt McCoy) the end of the season. The team announced on Tuesday that Mccoy was put in the injury reserve list. Mccoy was injured at the neck of the neck after only 13 games in the 14 week of the game. At the present quarterback position, the red leather team is left with Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) and Kirk Kirk (Cousins) to cope with the remaining 2 matches. Griffin Sans will start the Philadelphia hawk on Saturday. The team manager has said it has not yet planned to add a player. Mccoy fought over the past three games, feeling more fluid than Griffin and Cousins on tactical execution and offensive organization. He started this season's 4 game score of 1 wins and 3 losses (not including seventh weeks in the field to win the 128 cousins) pass 91 times (91.1% success rate), with 1057 yards and 4 touchdowns, 3 interceptions and 1 rushing scores. on the other hand, Griffin III is expected to restore his state and prove that he can still be the leader of the red skin team under the system of Groton.Dallas cowboy season's journey ended abruptly in yesterday's regret, while the number of Pao Weide Murray DeMarco Murray will become the focus of fans' attention. However, Murray is not worried about this: "I am not worried about my future, we just lost a match, perhaps my life the most important game, so I don't want to talk about it now, just want to be together with my family, take a break." and Mendez Bryant took over (Dez Byrant), Murray will become a free agent in March, if a multi-year contract renewal of Bryant with the cowboys, they should be affixed to the franchise tag for Murray. This season, Murray led the league with a number of 1845 yards of propelling code, which is also the new high of the cowboy team. Murray missed some games in the first three years due to ankle, foot and knee injuries. But he suffered from hand pain this season and insisted on competing in every game.

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