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recently, former member of the Jonathan - Martin line dolphin (Jonathan Martin) in social media released a shotgun and bullet casings photos, suspected bullying content that is one of the leading causes of campus shootings. Martin had previously said he had been bullied at school and in NFL. The photo tag he published included Miami dolphins and his high school. In particular the @ teammate Mike pouncey (Mike Pouncey) and Ricci Yinkaonituo (Richie Incognito), two people have been accused of bullying of Martin. police act immediately, saying that the safety of schools and students will be the first priority. After questioning Martin, the police believed that Martin did not pose a threat to the society and did not detain him in the police station. Martin is now receiving psychotherap cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y at the hospital. Martin was the two round of the 2012 dolphin and announced his retirement in 2015.The official website of NFL | people in Dezhou took over: I will support each | football quarterback in lane Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) as Houston quarterback of Dezhou people, Andre Johnson (Andre Johnson) was mediocre, and the two people failed to erase the spark. Now, Dezhou people have announced the use of Ryan Mallett to become the first of the next game. Can he help Johnson get back to his state? last week, Johnson finished only 2 times, a total of 12 yards. For the team to replace the quarterback, he has his own idea: I think Malet is a good quarterback. Of course, Fitzpatrick, too. Whoever comes first, he is my team-mates, and I will do my best to support him. I feel comfortable with the two of them. Dezhou head coach Bill Obrien (Bill O Brien) hopes to prepare for the future of the team ahead of schedule, replacing the quarterback will be the first step of his second half of the season. Generally speaking, Fitzpatrick is quite satisfactory, but the team expected to have a surprise to the quarterback. Time will give an answer to whether Malet can be the one that the people of Dezhou have been looking for.Pat Shurmur has got second career coaches in her career this month, and only 9-23 in Brown's two season. This is a chance for him to make his name. , another former Brown boss is not too eager for this opportunity, coach Brown for two years, record 10-22 Mike Patin (Mike Pettine) recently became the packers defensive coordinator. He said at Wednesday's conference that he did not think it was a backlash. According to , in Brown's two years, his body and mind were "hard hit". "as a coach, the lack of real interaction with rugby is unbearable." Patin said, "I always put teachers and principals and coordinator and coach analogy, the coordinator will be in charge of 90% football, 10% team management, distribution manager will in turn. I don't like that. " served as the Seahawks team Patin consultant in 2017.The official website of NFL | Raiders veteran: can I play one more year | football is currently in the league, only 2 players from the 1998 draft, one is Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning), another is the Oakland Raiders safety Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson). Like Manning, van derson also said in the near future that he hopes to be able to continue in the next season. was asked if he would stay in the League next year, and van derson answered: no doubt! I always think it depends on my physical condition, and now I'm good. But I don't want to think about it at the moment. There are 5 games left in this season. That's what I'm concerned about. Although was 38 years old, Woodson was an eye - catching player this season, a double leader on the field of the raider's field. I never thought I could work in the League for 17 years before. I don't think I have the ability to be 40 years old, but who knows? I feel good now, I know my own situation, I believe I can continue the game. All I have to do now is to go all the way to the rest of the game and see what is going to happen at the end of the season.

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