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According to the NFL Network reporter Ian he reported that the Carolina Panthers kicker Graham will probably rate of - ganor (Graham Gano) using the franchise tag, and guard Andrew Schmidt (Andrew Norwell). Janot has spent six seasons in the Panthers, the current period of four years contract is coming to an end. In 2017, the tag value of the kicker was about $4 million 800 thousand, and this figure has been rising since 2012. Ganor before the contract is $3 million 100 thousand. There are few examples of 's use of privileged tags for a kicker. Recently, a player who got the label of the team was the Baltimore Raven's star. The two degree All-Pro player was Justin Tucker (Justin Tucker). After that, he quickly completed the 4 year contract with the team. At the age of 30 GANAL although not to the All-Pro level, but last season scored occupation bowl, kick the completion rate of 96.7%, first in the league. Nowell is the most popular free market one of the high-profile players, but the line member price tag is too high (at least $14 million), only cheap nfl jerseys free shipping reluctantly part of panther. Nowell accounted for 2 million 700 thousand dollars in 2017. The highest annual salary in the league is Cleveland Brown Kevin's Kevin Zeitler. He signed a contract with Brown for five years and 60 million dollars last year.was out of time for the red - skinned quarterback of Washington, Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III). According to the NFL news media, Griffin passed out physical examination, which means his departure statement coming. Griffin was selected for the second place in 2012. If he left the team, he will earn $16 million in the next season. In order to save salary space and Kirk - Cousins (Kirk Cousins) to perform well, nothing may happen next month. The general manager of the team said to this: "we will make decisions in March 9th. When I sit there, I need to sit down and talk with the coaches. He is a great player. He is also a good player. He can communicate with us harmoniously. That's a good thing." Griffin's rookie season led the red leather into the playoffs as a superstar, but the 2013 season suffered from a knee injury, but the poor performance in the 2014 season and bad physical condition continued.NFL's official website, Oakland Raiders will be officially relocated to Las Vegas, for football nest Is NFL ready to come to Las Vegas? I hope they are ready. According to people in the , the Oakland Raiders will submit a file application from Oakland to Las Vegas. After a year of planning, debate and bold action, the Raiders of the stadiums with years of poor conditions have made a firm choice for their future. The Raiders should formally submit their documents in the next few days, which will bring a new city to the NFL layout. The Raiders need the support of 24 team owners to succeed in getting the relocation permit. The vote will be held this spring. Oakland did not make progress in leaving the Raiders. They did not give a credible plan for the new stadium. It is only a matter of time now that the Raiders formally leave Oakland. , however, there are still unanswered questions, including whether the Raiders can reach the stadium building agreement with Las Vegas casino boss Sheldon Adelson (Sheldon Adelson). The original plan was that the Adelson family contributed $650 million, the Raiders spent 500 million dollars, and the local tax raised $750 million. , as for the rest of the team's boss, revealed that the Raiders were making progress, and the opposition was less than they had imagined. Although it is not possible to estimate how much support the Raiders can get, everything is going in a good direction. Mark, Mark boss of the Raiders, has publicly stated that even if the team can move, he still plans to continue playing in Oakland in the next few seasons when the stadium is still being built. And after that, if the owner of the team voted, the Raider will move to Las Vegas. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | red cannot ca. and cousins agreed | football The negotiations between Kirk and Kirk have reached a deadlock. According to the NFL official website reporter's report, the two sides could not agree on a long term agreement. It is reported that red skin may not be allowed to use the privileged label to keep Cousins, but this will make the team pay 19 million 600 thousand dollars. The privilege tag window will be closed in March 1st, and the free market will open for a longer time. The red leather is still available, and it is also confident of retaining the outstanding quarterback. At the moment, red skin hopes to continue with the next covenant with cosias, which has ensured that the young quarterback will be able to play longer for the team. Cousins's own attitude is not clear at the moment. , according to the experts, has reported that although negotiations between the two sides are not going well, the red skin will not allow kocessius to enter the free market. If necessary, the team will not hesitate to use the privilege tag. Not surprisingly, koxin will still be a red - skinned quarterback, but the content of the contract is worth looking forward to.

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