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even-even soccer equipment network Adidas to join the German champions Bayern Munich club today jointly announced the team's 2017-18 season of New Jersey, new navy blue jersey chest into the Red Cross with bright, twenty years ago to the history of the club as a tribute to one of the classic home court jersey. for Bayern fans in Munich, one of the two Jersey 1997 to 99 season home court is the history of the club Jersey's most popular, is that Giovanni · (Giovane Elber), Alberta; Hassan · Salihamidzic (Hasan Salihamidzic) and Vicente Lizalazu (Bixente · Lizarazu) and other stars active in the stadium in the 1980s, the older fans on 1998 Alberta after break the Wolfsburg team door wrapped in Stadium on the edge of the carpet in the classic scene to celebrate memories. in Adidas released a video, senior design director Jurgen · Rankean (J rgen Rank) describes how to get inspiration from twenty years ago that classic jerseys, so as to create new jersey. details, New Jersey has a classic rib V collar, shoulder with a striking white Adidas three stri cheap nfl jerseys free shipping pes. The later Bavaria slang "Mia San Mia" is equally indispensable, meaning "I am me".The official website of NFL | crow coach patriot replacement tactics: This is cheating | football Biliqieke new England patriots coach Bill (Bill Belichick) brains came up with a four line formation, which makes the Baltimore crow coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) in the Patriot United 35-31 win after the semi-final cry foul. in response to the fierce Raven pass impact in the first half, the Patriot changed the lineup in the third quarter, put 4 shield players on the kick-off line, and put 1 players who failed to catch the ball. Harbert believed that the Patriots should have been punished for the deceptive replacement used in these attacks. It was never done before, Harbert said. This kind of substitution is illegal, and I believe the (Alliance) will make some adjustments to deal with such things. in the 1 attack, running back Sean walling (Shane Vereen) until that moment to remind myself not to catch the kick-off qualification. We want to have the opportunity to identify who is the legitimate catcher, Harbert explained that because of what they do is declare who is the legitimate catcher, and Tom (Brady) (Tom Brady) will immediately array, we realized in the column in the front line who attack before kick-off. This is the deceptive part of the change. This is obviously a deceit. Harbert then said again. After that, the referee told me that they would give us the opportunity to identify who is the lawful catcher. They probably should have done that in that attack, but they really didn't understand what happened. I have to take the initiative to apply for a foul to get their attention, so they can understand what's going on. Patriots will not be punished for the new tactics they invented this week. Even if the competition committee in support of Harbert and finally announced this illegal tactics, Biliqieke can enjoy this tactic to help him achieve maximum reversal in team history.The official website of NFL | dolphins running back Lamar Miller wants to renew | football When is open for more than three weeks in the free agent market, rumors and reports about the players who are going to enter the market will begin to appear. can expect many reports in this period to focus on the Miami dolphin Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller). , one of the top runner to enter the free agent market this year, Miller, 24, will lead a number of teams. Dolphins may become the first team to offer. according to local media in Miami, a team in the team said that the team would certainly want Miller to return to the team next season. But the problem is how to return to the salary. Miller's age is of course good for him. He was 3 and 6 years younger than other free - agent runners, such as Doug - Martin (Doug Martin) and Matt - Forti (Matt Forte), respectively. Miller do not want other people that have experienced so many times to hit his ball 230 times less than martin. dolphin fans have been dissatisfied with the team's use of Miller over the past few years. Many coaching teams think Miller is too thin to be the real main runner. Will the new manager, Adam Gass (Adam Gase) change the idea? Would Miller want to return to the dolphins and share the time with Jay Agayi (Jay Ajayi)? Does Miller need a new start? according to the bidding situation, Miller may seek a contract with an average annual salary of more than $5 million or even up to $7 million. The dolphins are cleaning up the wage cap space to renew their contract with a family like Miller. And as for Miller, he has a big dream.all looks, the Cleveland Brown show Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) is a huge mistake. in addition to a large number of field factors, Manzel can only have a quarterback on the court that can not help Brown. Recently Brown clearly had a wise approach to Manzel's affair, and it was reported that Brown had cancelled a $2 million 173 thousand guarantee that had to be paid to Manzel. The main reason why can cancel the salary is Brown's decision to dismiss Manzel in March. The reason is that Mot Manzel chose to go to Las Vegas in the 2015 season instead of playing in the training field of the team. is now the former Heisman winner and completely lost their security, probably the rest of the $1.99 that he can finally work shirt a fortune.

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