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is Dalton's Tigers time is coming! It is reported that the Cincinnati tigers have agreed to renew a new 6 - year $96 million contract with the main quarterback, Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton). According to the well-known media reporter Laporte (Ian Rapoport) disclosed that if Dalton can achieve the contract's playoffs index, the total amount of the contract will be as high as 115 million. Then the tiger team officially confirmed the news. in the contract after the completion of the tigers boss Mike - Brown (Mike Brown) is a good mood, "he (Dalton) in our body under a heavy note, because we believe that he has this ability." On the contrary, many tiger fans said they couldn't understand why the team spent a great deal with Dalton. Most people think Dalton's biggest problem is his weak arm strength and unsatisfactory playoff performance. In his first three playoffs, Dalton had only a pass, 6 times as high as the team, and the team did not win a victory. may be between the two, and Dalton is not really a top quarterback. But the current situation is that the tigers can't find a more suitable substitute. It is not so much as to believe the player who has brought them three times into the playoffs. In Dalton's contract, th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e most controversial is the full guaranteed, which is worth 17 million of the season. When the team and young players renew their contract, they usually do not give them such a high guarantee. although Dalton's renewal is controversial, it is undeniable that Dalton will be the main quarterback for the tigers in the next few years. The tigers have the youngest and most potential attacking players in the league. Dalton can grow with Green (A.J.Green) and Jones (Marvin Jones) as an indispensable force in the league.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?coach McVay has announced that all the first team will not play in the last pre-season game. In the two weeks, we should minimize the first time to play in order to better protect players. Outside Austin, the corner guard Webster and the outside guard Quinn are very likely to be trained from this week. The plan is to get them to play in the first week of the regular season. The injured proximal front Hemingway was diagnosed as a fibula fracture in yesterday's match and was expected to be absent for 8 to 10 weeks. The other start of the new season from the PUP (physically unable to compete) is the outside guard Dunbar. due to the main running of the Gurley truce, Brown and Davis almost all the number of running guards, Green in a limited time, the effect is not ideal. Brown can rely on their own to promote the number of general case in the front line, all close to 5 yards, also 5 missed the grapple to secure his No. two running back position. These two games of Davis are very flat in punching, but they can't repeat the first week's ability to produce large yards. But they provide great support for quarterback Mannion in catching up. The ability to hold ball in open area is still his advantage. Compared to Green, Davis has a greater chance to get a big list. The only problem is that as Austin comes back, the new rookie can't find a clear responsibility in the attack group. The attack frontline problem continued, and the two side of the right still couldn't make the team satisfied, but it had to be hoped for their growth. In the number of files, Eldrenkamp and Blythe were in the top two of the attack group, and the team was almost impossible to leave two people. In general, Eldrenkamp's performance was more stable, but the team did not give him a chance to prove his position as a center. and Cooper and Reynolds are the best players in the attack team in this game. Cooper's station and route are very rich, 2 times more than 20 yards in the 5 catch. When he was critical, he had two times out of hand, and he was so efficient at block. Reynolds got the touchdown for two consecutive games, though the array on the left side was still adapting to his new position, and there was a simple release, but it was enough to pierce the opponent's substitute lineup. As to whether he could still have the advantage when facing the second line of the NFL first level, he could only find the answer from the regular season. in the position of the near end front, Higbee shows several different lines in the limited time, reflecting the importance of the coaching team to him. But from the content of the game, Everett is better, and he has come to the fore in this near end. Hemingway's injury and stop will let the team leave Harkey in the battle, and the fans and the players will be comforted. defensive end Donald return yet, will participate in the regular season is still unknown. Peak Brock〉The official website of NFL | Bill boss: no plans to start Manuel | football this week last Thursday night race, buffalo Bill away defeat to Miami at 9:22 dolphin, Bill the game offensive performance slump, the audience does not have a touchdown. There are also public opinion after quarterback Kell Orton (Kyle Orton) level not first, whether should let Manuel (E.J.Manuel EJ-) to return to the starting. but Bill coach Doug - Malone (Doug Marrone) asked whether to consider replacing the starting quarterback when denied, he said: this plan, at least not think. He also said the poor performance is affected by Orton toe injury, Orton on future performance is still full of confidence. but people questioned for Orton is not without reason, since last week against Kansas chiefs for the first time after the attack has never had a touchdown, pale red zone attack efficiency that Bill fans very unhappy. But even if Jean Manuel returned to the lineup, Bill also will be worse, Orton from both the passing rate, averaging passing yards, touchdowns and steals than quarterback score was significantly higher than for Manuel to start Manuel is to give up this season.

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