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In order to win the Asian Games women's handball | as an opportunity to prepare for the Olympic qualifying | Asia | hand Co Luca November 2010 National Men's and women's hand in the Guangzhou Asian Games, the national women in Asian Games champion, this is the first Asian female hands will China champion, breaking the Korean female hand 20 years of the 5 Asian Games champion monopoly, made a historic breakthrough. Cai Zhenhua, the deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, said: "I am most delighted that the Chinese coach has won the handball Asian Games champion, which tells us that Chinese players are capable of playing handball. Cai Zhenhua said: the handball will be a long way to achieve good results at the London Olympics, and this victory will improve the morale and confidence of our handball team. November 26th, the women's handball final at the Guangzhou Asian Games was held at the Guangzhou workers' Stadium. Chinese team in the first half of the second half of the situation, the second half to play the momentum, the final 31:22 victory over the Japanese team to win the championship. Since the 1990 handball entered the Asian Games, the first five champions have been won by the South Korean team, the Chinese team broke the Korean women's monopoly of the championship. The good news is China wo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping men's handball team coach Wang Xindong is through the posts, this has been achieved in just two years time, this fully shows that Chinese handball is capable of. The national men won seventh in the Asian Games, and made some progress compared with the last Asian Games. In December this year, the national beach women hand participated in Oman at the second Asian Beach Games, the team also won the Asian Beach deliver the goods, the women's champion. 2010, China Handball Association throughout the year a total of 13 competition events, including the men's and women's Handball Championship, the National Men's and women's handball championships, national youth men and Women Handball Championship, the national beach handball championship, national handball championship and the national high school students amateur handball championship. In order to provide more training opportunities for the sports team, the association reformed the competition system in 2010. The National Men's and women's handball tournaments and the national youth men's and women's handball tournaments are divided into two stages, and the final scores are calculated by two stages. The competition system reform has added the competition field to the sports team, and has achieved good results. , at the same time, give full play to the function and function of the association's competition committee, improve the competition function, compile the competition manual and guide, and further standardize the competition procedure. for the promotion and popularization of the handball Handball Association, actively carry out small ball activities, the national handball championship held in Beijing Yucai School Pupils in July, participated in the 35 teams, the number reached more than 400; the national middle school amateur Handball Championship held in August in Shandong, Weifang, participated in teams of more than 60, the number reached more than 800 people. , at the same time, the reserve base summer camp is also in August.Anhui Hefei in an | Bowling bowling ground in support of the Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau, Anhui province Bowling Association, Hefei Ann bowling has a grand sail! The investment arena over tens of millions, 28 professional Brunswick fairway, professional and Fantasy Entertainment in two regions, the United States Kegel top down oil, let you play a more stable performance. Professional ball hall design and installation, professional service team, give you a new feeling!NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?NCAA is the abbreviation of National College Athletic Association, the college sports alliance. As the first sport in the United States, rugby is naturally in it. College football is basically NFL, and the match time is the same as NFL, and every Saturday is on time. There are roughly 4 pre - season, 12 regular and 1 BOWL GAME games in a year. The university rugby game arrangement is not much different from the NFL. They are all playing 1 games with the opponents in the division, and then playing with the opponents outside the area. The schedule is quite helpless, and many teams may not be able to meet once in 50 years. The news that we can now know about rugby is basically DIV-A, A level, TV will be broadcast, and these schools are the top of the country. There are few messages at the AA level, and they don't have to be introduced. DIV-A has 11 partitions, plus 4 independent teams. 6 of them are BCS partitions, and the teams in these areas can qualify for the national championship race. Namely, ACC (the Atlantic coastal zone), BIG EAST (Dadong District), BIG TEN (big ten league), BIG 12 (big twelve alliance), PAC-10 (Pacific 10 school district), SEC (southeast area), another team is BCS team, NOTRE DAME University of Notre Dame. They are also qualified to compete for the national championships. In the BCS partition, the following partitions are re - partitioned, ACC, BIG 12, SEC. It was divided into 2 areas, and 2 teams in the 11 games were finished, and the best 2 teams in each area were divided into the division Championships. The winner will represent the partition in the BCS BOWL. non - BCS partitions are: Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Western Athletic. The teams of these divisions do not mean to be unable to compete in the national championship competition, but because the difficulty of these teams is rather low. The voting of the association will never consider them entering the national championship. Last year BOISE STATE, they are WESTERN ATHLETIC division, after the 12-0 season. In the end, after negotiation and voting, they made a historic entry into FIESTA BOWL and the big 12 champion OKLAHOMA. It is also a start, and we can also know that the team will be able to ensure full victory to enter the BCS BOWL competition. The most interesting thing for people who know most about NCAA FOOTBALL is the BOWL GAME, a bowl game. There is a difference in it, too. Since 06 years, NCAAF has replanned the BOWL GAME, dividing the bowl into BCS bowl and non BCS bowl. Non BCS bowl〉

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