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The official website of NFL and Brown, rookie cornerback Howard - Werwilson knee injury in rugby nest Cleveland Brown's fourth rookie this year may have announced that he will miss the 2017 season. Wilson Wilson (Howard Wilson) fractured knee bone in the team's first rookie Mini training camp. Hue Jackson, the chief manager, said he would be absent from a large amount of time. Wilson said in the team statement that he would be operated on. When asked if Wilson would be reimbursed for the season, Jackson just said he would not. Brown chose Wilson to make up the corner, so his loss would have a huge impact. The depth of the lineup after the first Hayden - Hayden (Joe Haden) and Jamal - Taylor (Jamar Taylor) is a major hazard for Brown. at any time, it's not good when you want to see how a player you selected can lose on the first day of his contribution to the team. Jackson said. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Haiying do the worst of money Eisner's ready | football Seattle Seahawks for cam - money Eisner (Kam Cha cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ncellor) the strike has already done the worst, but according to the Seahawks players revealed that the new season, they are also not ready to the team and the occupation safety bowl of the absence of the game. I don't think he would have played with us this season, one player said. The team will penal his salary until he concedes. has signed a four year contract before signing the top contract with his teammates Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) and Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas). At present, he has three years left in his contract, and his salary is sixteenth among the players in the same position. If he continued training in the regular season, chylor would lose 267647 dollars for every game he missed. a team told ESPN. It was a double loss for him, and another team said the team had continued to prepare for the next game, whether or not chylor was out. From the point of view of the game, we are prepared in accordance with the situation he is not in the team. One player said: we will win when he is out of play and it will hit him. coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said Monday the Seahawks received other traded money Eisner request but has no intention of negotiating a deal, and if the chancellor does not appear in the second half of the week, 2014 voted rookie Duhem - (Dion Bailey) will be the first Bailey. at the same time, Thomas said that although he had not yet fully recovered from shoulder surgery, he would play on the first season of the season against Saint Louis rams. He has been limited to training, he did not take part in the pre - season and had not been hit or caught before the new season.The official website of NFL | Seahawks in the League for seventeenth weeks in the top | football strength in the past week, several excellent quarterback team regretted to say goodbye to the playoffs, but after several crucial campaigns, there were one or two more teams who locked in the playoffs. The following is seventeenth of the strength list: 1, Seattle Seahawks with Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) personal Lianpao came with terrible defensive intensity, Seahawks scored 5 game winning streak, from the playoffs once emergency to occupy the National League West title. It is worth mentioning that in the past 5 weeks, their opponents average winning percentage of 71.7%, can be regarded as the most difficult in the history of the NFL's 5 game winning streak. 2, new England patriots In the face of the worst New York jet fleet in the same area, the scene did not show the difference in the ranking of the . Last week a decrease of 1, but the important thing is that they won the first American League and the first round of the playoffs bye. 3, Green Bay Packer looked at the Tampa Bay pirates at the end of the League at a time. But in the end win, facing the Detroit lions showdown this week. 4, Dallas cowboy after blasting Clark Indiana colts, Toni Romo also quietly entered the candidate list in MVP. 5, Denver Broncos in Cincinnati night 4 interceptions, Payton Manning let his fans for his cold state in winter than last week's leave no stone unturned, a decrease of 3 6, the Detroit lions 7, Pittsburgh Steelers 8, Cincinnati tigers 9, Arizona Cardinals 10, Philadelphia hawk 11, Indiana Colts 12, the San Diego team lightning 13, Houston Dezhou 14, Kansas chieftain 15, of the Baltimore crows 16, Miami dolphin 17, buffalo Bill 18, San Francisco 49 team 19, Saint Louis ramsThe official website of NFL | flutti believe Doug Brady can reach 40 years old | football Doug - Flutti (Doug Flutie) in NFL has been lucky to be able to hit the 40 year old, but he believes that Tom Brady (Tom Brady) no doubt can do. On Monday, he said in a telephone interview, "there is no doubt about it." There are some similarities between seems flutti and Brady, a former player is not high, but the latter did not go up, but flutti think better Brady, you will not see the new England patriots perform some reading running tactics, which ensures a longer occupation career. In 2005 flutti patriot retired, he was 43 years old, he said: the 90% quarterback is a psychological battle, make a decision, read the defense, choose the right way to attack the ball get the best protection, this is all, Brady can do these, he is very focused, his ball is very accurate so, his age is not a problem. he can play until he is 40 years old. As long as he thinks, of course, many things are unknown. I hit 43 years old, and then I chose not to continue because of some injuries. In fact, I still can pass and move, but I was defeated by inner fatigue. Brady is 37 years old this year and has a MVP performance this season. It seems that 40 years old is not so far away from him.

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