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The official website of NFL, the Panthers defensive striker coach Pembers said unabated, brave football nest defensive end Julius - Pembers (Julius Peppers) as a free agent this offseason return old panther. The people here still have great hopes for him. Pembers's position coach will be Eric Washington (Eric Washington). Washington left the bear team in 2011 to join the Panther, and his last year in the bear team caught up with Pembers's first year in Chicago. Washington's official website said, these years can be said not brave Pelosi perth. Julius looks seven years ago when we met, he is still full of go players. Both the physical and the mobile - these have not changed much. He has no aging. Pembers had only 56% defensive kick off in the packers last year, but he was able to harvest 7.5. It seems that he still has high output capacity for 15 years of war. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.'s analysis of the Baltimore crows in recent games, several potential counterpositions have made this weekend's game interesting. is expected to be the new England patriots cornerback Darrel ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) on the crow team wide receiver Steve Smith (Steve Smith), Lives took over the outer marker for any natural ability without too much worry. but on the other side, the Patriots Brandon Bronner (Brandon Browner) and may Tor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping re Smith (Torrey Smith) frequent confrontation. But according to the analysis of this season, it may be a very bad link for the Patriots. On the surface to make big cornerback mark Torre is a very good choice, but there is a very serious problem: foul. Tuoleiben season in 11 was a foul opponents fined 229 yards to lead the league. The figure was almost two times the second - place Jordi Nelson (Jordy Nelson), Nelson was fouled 6 times, and the opponent was fined for 129 yards. The Browner, is the largest League defensive player fouls. The 5 ball interference and 4 defensive people he has. therefore, the course of the duel Bronner and Torre, the referee will always pay attention to the foul invasion, the main component of penalty code estimation may account for the number of code.in Michigan, Ann Arbor, a real estate office conference room, 44 more than 6 feet are crowded together to listen to the burly chap executives explain to them the real estate transaction process. is a completely unfamiliar field for many NFL players. Most of them may be started from the high school only focus on one thing and had been for the past half life. That's - Rugby. however, in the next few days, they will not sweat to prepare for the next season's training camp, instead of the University of Michigan Ross School of management (University of Michigan s Ross School of Management ") of the real estate market, franchising and product innovation in the classroom. These courses will teach the players how to negotiate business, read the balance sheet, and make business plans. For the players, this is another "rookie training camp" to help them start thinking about their retirement from rugby life. active players have plenty of reason to sign up for such a "rookie training camp". NFL players can earn their high salaries in the next few years compared with their peers in the age of one hundred thousand dollars to millions of dollars. But after the end of their white horse career (the average length of the NFL player's career is only 3.5 years), many players have begun to make ends meet. Even if they care enough to go to the savings, many players in the League before leaving no law to save enough money for retirement living expenses. , "we are trying to figure out how to make good use of every asset we have, so that we can maintain and maintain long-term growth of wealth, and finally make it unnecessary for us to keep working in nine to five hours in our remaining youth. Eric Kashi (Eric Kush), said a 26 year old player went fir ram. He and his wife, Stanford Bnnie (Stephanie), participated in the 4 day course at Ross college with a language therapist. His wife said the college opened a variety of courses and gave them a lot of choice. (Julius Pepe Mars (Julius Peppers) of Green Bay Packer and his model girlfriend Claudia Samp Drew (Claudia Sampedro)) , according to a report published by the National Institute of economic research last year, that nearly 16% of the NFL players have submitted bankruptcy applications for Twelfth years after their retirement. Ed (Ed Butowsky) Mrs. Bhutto Khodorkovsky, the severity of an occupation to advise athletes wealth management advisers in 2009 in the "Sports Illustrated" published an article revealing some NFL players face the problem of the economy. He wrote: the data showed that, excluding the top 10% of NFL's total income, the remaining 90% began to face a certain form of economic crisis after five years of retirement. in 〉The official website of NFL | offensive attack injury has become the biggest worry | football playoff pony Indianapolis pony at the close edge of the position of the wounded Dwayne - Alan (Dwayne Allen). The online defensive position was also wounded by Jerrell Freeman (Jerrell). But over Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) in playing a groin injury. But the biggest danger lies in attacking frontline, which will affect the performance of quarterback Andrew Luck and other offensive team players in the playoffs. The pony opened the tenth set of attacking fronts this season in the regular match against Tennessee Titan. And they are still changing the set. Javier - Nixon (Xavier Nixon) in December 21st against the Dallas Cowboys game to replace the injured Gus - Qielilusi (Gosder Cherilus) served as the starting right tackle, he showed that bad coach chuck ppagano's rookie Jack Mouhot - the left guard (Jack Mewhort) to this position. A.Q. Xie Puli (A.Q. Shipley) served as the starting left guard. During the match against Titan, the pony used 8 different attacking fronts. played a good role in attacking the front line against Titanic, and only allowed the opponent to get 1 hits. But the pony knows that it doesn't work if it's put together in the playoffs. We have a lot of different combinations, Pagano said on Monday. We have a good attack front, they have to make a good start for our attack, and we have to protect the quarterback. The first week of the regular season against the Denver team and the Mustang when using the same offensive tackle and guard may be very slim (they have used 3 different starting center), because the right guard Hugh Thornton (Hugh Thornton) since when has been injured right shoulder against the Titans wore hanging belt. Due to a groin injury missed two games before the Qielilusi will return to training on Wednesday, this can let Mouhot back to the left guard position. Due to the high ankle sprain missed the past three games at Joe (Joe Reitz) should be able to return to training this week and planned to catch against Cincinnati tigers in the playoffs as the starting right guard. so the goal is to keep the attack front in a healthy condition and face the tiger. Feeling optimistic and hopeful, these are the ideas, Pagano said. It would be good if we could get back to the players healthily and that would help us and improve our strength.

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