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Eze (Ezekiel Ansah) - Kiel Ansari Tuesday removed from the injury list, did not participate in combat training on Wednesday. After the pre - season shoulder operation, the lion hopes to gradually stabilize his state. Jim - Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) are not allowed to attend Friday with Oakland coach Ansari Raiders game, but the coach think Ansari had a good rookie season this year, won't have what problem. "He will be fine at once, but we need patience and everything will be fine." lions in 2013 first round pick Ansari, rookie season started 14 games 12 times, with 8 sacks, a mistake dropped the ball defensive line is too many to count, the new king. The coach is eager for him to return.The official website of NFL | Dallas Cowboys row to the world's most valuable Forbes | football team ???????????-??????????????4????????????????????36????? cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ??????????????????????????????20???????????????????????????????2016?????????????T?????????? According to the rankings, the cowboy was worth $4 billion, up 25% from last year. according to Forbes, the average value of the NFL team is 2 billion. So the cowboy is 2 times the average NFL team. The average value of the top 50 teams in the world is 2 billion 200 million. So, the value of the cowboy is almost two times that of this number. why can the cowboy rush to the first? Because the cowboy's operating profit reached $270 million in 2014, the luxury seat income reached $125 million and the funded income reached $120 million. The next two sets of numbers are NFL first, and the first group is the first in the world. , let's not forget that the cost of jeans is being higher in the new training base than that of their AT& and T arena. (AT& the T ball hall is already the best stadium of all NFL). Their new training base for $1 billion 500 million, which includes a 16 storey Hotel, an event / Conference Center, a member of the club can only enjoy, multiple training venues, restaurants and retail shops, office space, and an underground parking garage, and a new 12000 seat indoor arena. after the cowboy, is Real Madrid and Barcelona, as well as New York Yankee and Manchester United. In the past 5 years, both real and Manchester United have appeared in the top 5. altogether, there were 27 NFL teams in the top 50 list, compared with only 20 last year. The Patriots ranked sixth, second in the NFL team, with a total value of $3 billion 200 million. Red (eighth, $2 billion 850 million) and giants (ninth, 2 billion 800 million dollars) are also in the top 10.The official website of NFL | Romo and LA will participate in the Manning brothers latest commercials | football do you remember Eli Manning (Eli Manning) and Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) in 2013 and 2014 ad funny rap? The series, known as DirecTV, now appears to have an expanding trend in the Manning group in 2015. The advertisement publisher said, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) and the Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Clark (Andrew Luck) will participate in the signing, the latest series of commercials will be completed this summer. Said news conference: 2015 ad besides Payton and Eli we also selected Luo Mohe Clark, Manning brothers and they will participate in DirecTV advertising and marketing. we are now looking forward to what new surprises DirecTV will bring to us.One of the truth of 's modern life is that everything is beautiful but no one is satisfied. Although a lot of Green Bay Packers enjoy the wonderful performance of Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), you can always find some people complaining about something. last week there was a packers fans to write "Milwaukee sentinel" attacked the deceptive slogan Rodgers uttered before kick-off in the game down. and the letter got the reply that Rodgers himself made in a relaxed way on twitter. Rodgers said he would often read something stupid, but he was amazed at the criticism of his article, and he was accompanied by ridicule animations of the author of the article. In addition, Rodgers also taunted the author to write his name into Rogers. looks like Rodgers had a good offseason. ??????????????????-??????Jordy Nelson???????????????-??????Eddie Lacy??????????????????????g???????????????????????쨢?????????????????

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