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Heart to heart Beijing time on July 4th, NBA this summer frequent super contract not only make the fans shocked, also make the other North American occupation league players wangyangxingtan. Recently a Odd Photos circulated on the Internet, the total amount of the contract Stephen curry and Blake Griffin and Kell Lowry three new sign, was about equal to the sum of salary 20 NFL quarterback. new TV broadcasting agreement makes NBA enter the "age of crazy money burning", and the launch of new shirt ads also proves that NBA has established a rich channel for absorbing gold. A variety of factors in addition, from the last offseason, staggering super contract will emerge in an endless stream. At NBA, money suddenly "not worth the money". This momentum is growing in the summer of . July 1st free agent market has just opened, the Clippers will reach 5 year $173 million contract and super Griffin, setting a maximum contract last year Memphis and Mike - 5 years into Kanglida 153 million NBA history". bu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t Griffin's ass not muggy, "the biggest contract" in the history of the throne is easy to master. The warriors and Currie have reached a $201 million super contract for 5 years, and he has also become the first 200 million in history. at the same time, Lori in 3 years has left $100 million in Toronto, then the Odd Photos mentioned at the beginning of this article. The US media is amazed to find that the total salary of these 3 players is about 473 million 400 thousand dollars, which is worth 20 NFL quarterback salaries (473 million 900 thousand US dollars). No wonder previously reported, more than NFL players NBA players with high salary, regretted not choose basketball. The NBA players' ability to absorb gold is indeed not available to other professional alliances. (Chi Mei) statement: Sina Net exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint!Atlanta falcons running back Stephen main - Jackson (Steven Jackson) four biceps was injured in last week's game against the New Orleans saints, this week has been absent for two times training, multiple sources indicate that Jackson this week will likely not be placed in the active list. The Falcons have not officially declared Jackson a truce yet. this week the falcons will play against the same district rival, Carolina, which is also a life and death battle for the playoffs. Jackson missed the vacancy left by de Feng tower - Freeman (Devonta Freeman) and Jia Rodgers (Jacquizz Rodgers) - the two shared. of the two Freeman is expected to get more opportunity to play, last week Freeman had contributed a wonderful 31 yards touchdown to seal the victory for the team. When Rodgers and Freeman are on the court, the ground attack of falcons is more impacting. The efficiency of the two men is higher than that of Jackson, so Jackson can not play on the ground, which is not a bad thing.The official website of NFL | Eagle Fowles broken collarbone recovery was only 70% | still can not play football Although the performance in the Sunday night game in the National League East title battle, but Philadelphia quarterback Mark Sanchez hawks (Mark Sanchez) two will still continue to start the season, as the team's top quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) has not yet recovered. , according to local radio, was unable to play in the last 2 games, as Fowles had only 70% of the clavicle injury. And he wants to play this season, also can only hope that Sanchez in the next two games in the team into the playoffs. Fowles is in ninth weeks because of clavicle fractures were forced to leave with Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) similar to the last 6-8 weeks of injury, he need to recover. and after Sanchez took his place for him, it was once very robust, and it was rare to see the trump quarterback in the south. But the successive mistakes of the last few games and the loss of the game brought him back to the ruthless reality.Indianapolis pony's weak playoffs are expected to be further hit by the disastrous quarterback. Matt - Hassel Beck (Matt Hasselbeck) in his victory over the Miami dolphins in the game of acromioclavicular joint sprain, and Charlie - White Hearst (Charlie Whitehurst) in the game because of a hamstring strain was put in the injured reserve list. According to Chuck Pagano, the commander in chief, Hassel Beck was suspected of playing in the next game. main quarterback Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck) has been absent for the past 6 weeks due to kidney tear. However, it is not clear whether he will play in the face of Houston's season ending. Hassel Beck, a 40 year old, has been suffering from injuries recently. After winning the game, he said he had "not ruled out any possibility, but I was not optimistic about the seventeenth weeks of the war." NFL official Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Hassel and Beck were not likely to play in the game. Harris (Stephen Morris), who has never played in the NFL game, may play for the pony. Pagano said he is the only quarterback in the team, but that team trial free agent Josh - Freeman (Josh Freeman).

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